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Three days in Valley Loire Valley, or's approach for drive by train / by bus

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Tell please, and these forward tours accented only summer? And winter as to visit castles? Me especially like Chenonceau and, Duke of Bordeaux. Ah this as least.
And can be whether this do in one day? And if there is no the where better stop on night, in Relais de l'Octroi?

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Team bus-that's slander plies with April on September, so that such option not passes. In Chenonceau minutes` by train or intercity by bus from Bourdaisiere. In, Duke of Bordeaux churchgoers team bus from Relais de l'Octroi, only he does freeze not about of the castle, and in village. Can, is worth take hosts from Bourdaisiere or from Relais de l'Octroi? As you with languages?



Right, um, means will have on their own. If by train on Chenonceau the from parizha yes what station need to go? If we going to travel from Relais de l'Octroi, i.e. whether aozmozhnost to visit although would these two of the castle without overnights? I so understand that on greater count not worth. With languages progress has been slow, currently under development Conversation on level as pass and the restaurant. Or all same is worth house were incredibly friendly, after all in Relais de l'Octroi, too, there is castle and can can be something even grab?

D'Amboise. Me, too, handsome,. And can whether we enter inward or this, too, available only in year period? Did castles interesting since only summer, why such a discrimination?

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Alenna wrote:

If can be, like would clarify couple of moments: 1 - as you unerringly Vendome? Carody has booked a 2 hotel, in camping on CHAMPION And his and here is thinking about taking. 2- audiogidy vary in themselves castles or you have were with a on iPad? Thank you

Sorry, missed questions. Can already and moot now, but answer:
1. Unerringly Vendome in - - became on Bukinge characterized by as "cozy, authentic, with original interiors." In deeds this simply the old house, remodeled under unerringly, on this quiet the street. Undoubted pros: The cost of, proximity to Vokzal and Bus station, park Preband, old city, shops and cafes. Cons: A bathroom, in which with hard can be orient, clueless egg the old furniture, ban on being welcomed food in issue (under emotional outburst during there is couple tables available for this affairs). We only was camped between here before, so all inconvenience were on the Side.
2. Audiogidy in castles. Recommend borrow in Chenonceau, Ambuaze and Relais de l'Octroi, the rest not Drie Stoepen (like and are not taking). In Internet nothing find Horton not broke a.



People! Podskajite please:

1. Will be able whether I in one day to visit castles Chenonceau and, Duke of Bordeaux and ah and castle in the Relais de l'Octroi (and even better add there and D'Amboise.)
2. Can whether go inward (speech goes about mid-December)
3. If need a the night the where better bated breath to enter in all these castles.
4. And even a question real quick, not am sure as is written Relais de l'Octroi e.t.c. letters, site OK\ Afghan offers Blois, this it?

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1. Me seems this malorealnoy of Revelation. Even adjusted for year-old bus-Naveta 3 of the castle in day - many. And you have still will problems docking route.
2. All governments cited castles work today year, output in December only 25. Clock work cut compared with summer.
3. Territorially all these castles, Perhaps, closer to Relais de l'Octroi. Further - learn your chosen timetable bus, trains, that time, drop on of of the castle roughly 1.5 hours. Personally me seems problematic "dobiranie" until Shambora, I not illustrate, where there by a public team bus does freeze. There is, of course, option taxi.
4. This it

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Thank you large for answers. Truth in anybody until what is becoming clearer with hard. Until understandable only that right it venue break on two days. Where in the first need fall into, Duke of Bordeaux and explore castle in the Relais de l'Octroi, and in the second Chenonceau, D'Amboise. And tour.? Until quite not understandable how I finish my poopoo with station to desired castle and from him then to another.% -) And in what order their distribute. And if take hosts from Relais de l'Octroi, then where precisely I can its order? And can be whether choose to were are interested me castles? Help orient please o.o.



In Relais de l'Octroi railway station and bus station near. Castle Relais de l'Octroi – minutes 10 on foot. Site of the castle Sam town comfortable, can be become-watch.
From Relais de l'Octroi trek shuttles buses # 2 in, Duke of Bordeaux.
As far they stop from of the castle – not know. Homilies watch on cards shared
School-here Site of the castle
Castle of the-Lyusse (, too, in town D'Amboise.)
Railway the station D'Amboise. On the opposite Bank Loire Valley, on foot until Royal of the castle go minutes 15-20. Town D'Amboise., too, very grassroots.
Castle Chenonceau: Schedule and prices tour are looking for on site turofisa Bourdaisiere
(Check days weeks!) or on site Relais de l'Octroi. But, me seems, for 1.5 days implement Your plans realistically and without organized excursions

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Me seems, subject better shifting from narratives in "France": Content reflects not so much the impression, how many concrete advice and recommendations on planning such a travel.

PS O. Quickly administration Forum worked! :)

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Purely practical notes

In late April 2013 th I again proved in Valley Loire Valley. I like anew visit already familiar seats. Weather, truth, in late April proved quite not a warm - higher 20 fringes degrees for entire week tenure not was walking up, mostly unrelentlessly around 15-16 fringes. The French themselves say, that in this year Spring have them strongly, almost on month, of retarded.

Relais de l'Octroi-

"On Loire. Has broken on 2 parts of: 3 days in Relais de l'Octroi and 4 days in Tour player. From Moscow zwabial EyrFransom in 07 :2 5 morning, perenochevav in Sheremetyevo in comfortable kapsulnom hotel, that at the top line Aeroekspressa, in 09 :2 0 were in Parisian airport Charles de Gaulle, where on RER 'e with a transfer on subway have got over in the train station Montparnas. Tickets on TGV Paris - Sen-Pierre de Corpse were bought in advance (40 the euro on nose). In 12 :1 6 sat across, in 13 :2 8 profits. Bought tickets until Relais de l'Octroi on Electric Train TER and about three near to in Apart-unerringly Appart 'spread-betting firm Blois 2 •.But I would gave all three.

Apart-unerringly in Relais de l'Octroi basis for negotiation Bukinge on tariff nevozvrat (money raised their with maps immediately) - 59 the euro for double clock. Resides unerringly on this quiet street in 5 minutes out on foot from the train station, until castle Relais de l'Octroi -, too, 5-6 minutes. Unerringly a modern, without of refinement in registration of the (and la - Ikea), numbers and bathroom room (souls) indeed prostorye. Studio is equipped with kitchenette corner - stove stove, refrigerator, microvawe oven, coffee machines, the entire Indispensable UN utensils. From cons - there is no kettle, drier and tea cups of (only by the coffee), a dish and washing machines. Wi-Fi directly in issue. Unerringly in good able, increasingly new. Photos on site accurately reflect picture numbers. Unerringly offers whole, but I hard stand the pick food, so - if not were on the field in a while, fed on a themselves. Big supermarket resides in immediate neighborhood (meters 400) - need to to move bridge through OK / Afghan path left from the hotels. Gond?r?c?k not round-the-clock, on the evenings and in Sunday no one there is no, however problems for of introduction this not creates: Coming code from reduces doors and code from safe, where lies envelope on your surname with the key from numbers.

Page on Bukinge: … 63fd707eX1

Program tenure in Relais de l'Octroi was standard. In the first same evening's got to go around the entire town. Hours three on him (if without of the castle and museums) well enough. On next day on a circular bus ride before. I in, Duke of Bordeaux and Chateau of Cheverny, in park which were blooming brata - call these do amazing the tree of so, accurately not know. In bus ride was sold out. The - as much as 11 passengers!)) By the way, not't forget in ticket office castles pressing ticket bus - this gives the right on discount in value of input a ticket. On return visited castle Relais de l'Octroi. Wanted to was go on evening lighting show, but something zalenilsya. In the third day with morning traveled on TER 'e in D'Amboise., where immediately same sat across have Theatre on team bus in Chenonceau. On halt almost simultaneously with us has drawn still one the Russian couple. Me curiously - read the whether they my contribution 5-year ago, for - without false modesty Orgeat, that this I was discoverer in Internet in Russian language this highly cozy relocation) Travelling in Chenonceau from Relais de l'Octroi or Ambuaza vkrugolyak on TER 'e – inadequate loss of time, yes and money, however,, too,. Chenonceau increasingly so same stylistics. In cellars of the castle, where cuisine of, wife rolled off mad - perefotografirovav increasingly and the entire) Bus same have returned in D'Amboise., where were crazy in eat meat castle, we went for a walk on dozer and obelis cakes in the very famous shokolaterii, where still sell sweets manual work with entitled "Pushkin."

On the fourth day on the morning have retreated in Tur.


Stalled on four night in Apart-hotel S & # 233 ;j ours & Affaires Tours L & # 233 ;o Nard well Vinci 2 •. Basis for negotiation Bukinge on tariff nevozvrat - 51 the euro clock on nose. Location: Directly about station. Windows of our numbers stopped working on streets, but I not remember noise, although the bottom - movie theater. Our Number was in the second abroad on latest floor (with a balcony), far need was undergo through upward mobility on 2 th floor and forth to the next to the lift on corridor past room for lunch. Have elevator is worth machine gun (water, beverages, PB & Js, couple-Triad species raw materials second dishes for microwave stove), that helpful under later my arrival or in Sunday, when supermarkets not work. A good supermarket, incidentally, is in 5 shadowing Walk on Tiananmen before station from Left, on the side pavilion bus station. About numbers be much more widespread not d: A new, net, curious to a spacious, a modern, mini-cuisine of, set of latent gel-shampoo-soap. And here was kettle!)) Of cons: Not bed, and sofa-bed. Truth, with with a thick, present mattress. Sleep conveniently, but deserving - zarraza, when you flip over) Perhaps, for someone will swing pereferiynoe location hotel from historic Bourdaisiere - minutes 30 walk until Tiananmen Plyumro and minutes 20 until of the cathedral Sen-Goten. Truth, until utterly a glorious buildings Municipality, have which on Sundays in for entire day ?oieo quite-??? rich little flea, and which opens here chief shopingovogo the promenade - just nothing, minutes 5-6.)

Ctranichka hotel: … mp;lang=ru

Kind of with balcony of our numbers on roof down-governing:

Aside from celebrations and shopping in Tour player, kultprogramma included trip on district. In past sending of an we Bank 3 days in Tour player, where traveled in Relais de l'Octroi / D'Amboise. With that charter locks and watch castles under Tours not managed. On this time saw many new. But for number of not raced to, deliberately disastrophy by planning increasingly in nenapryazhnom pace. In one day traveled in Loches, in the other - in Samyur. -these castles not particularly interesting, pustovatye they, but superficially very are good, yes and Tents sudbu. Truth, the historical Samyur from station strongly dalekovat - go miles and a half from known village station on’the bridge through the Loire (however, there is beads). But what chic kind of on castle with rivers! Given, that virtually immediately on preceding in Samyur began a strong rain - impression from cities was strongly oiled, wet strashshna!)) On returning from Samyura in Tur, where just dripped on it, found, that umbrella over left in TER 'e.)) projectlons on the coming days in Alsace, far we have retreated with Loire Valley, were on this expense a disappointing (fortunately, were not realized), so charge seek umbrella. Tour - not Venice, where at the first same drops of with the sky everywhere emerge said with umbrellas on price from 5 fringes until 10 the euro. In the first same well usual on first glance trade the center of the umbrella over obnaruzhilmya, but on price 229 the euro.) Purchase such a have an umbrella in my plans not was part. As and buying other - on 20-30 the euro (these umbrellas homes.)) But here I remembered pro as something on the eve orfamily raggedy Monoprikh (this something like our "Family names"), where and our comprehension creation Chinese craftsmen on well bearable price in 7 evrorubley. Umbrella over, Orgeat however, in the ensuing trip almost that and not needed,)

Still we traveled in Aza-unt-gem of, amidst, Yusse and Chateau de Langeais. With, ca?ac,, en masse, in one day. On public vehicles Yusse at all virtually principal parameters of thermodynamics in any time year, and in April so even and problems with amidst: Need to doezzhat on TER 'e until Savonera, where Stamping 2.5 kilometers on a highway (ah, or take here bicycles rent). So, to not do come, I took online day hosts, okhvatyayuschuyu all these 4 of the castle: Aza-unt-gem of and amidst in the first half of days with unconstitutional hour logom on lunch and Yusse with Chateau de Langeais in the second half of days. Minibus departing from turofisa (on opposite side Tiananmen before known village station) and here same is returning. The price - 50 the euro on nose (+ discount on input tickets). All castles and superficially remarkable, and very interesting within.

Tour-reserved by other customers from Bourdaisiere:

Here is, exactly, and increasingly this time. Speed TGV into us in Strasbourg, but this already quite a different history.

PS / Valley Loire Valley – utterly a remarkable region France. Here touring and touring. There there is even many what cabinet. So that in the future I here even'm going to go up. First, need to Bohemia in Angers and allow on castles of in immediate neighborhood thank Ilona Ose so much him. Second, need to Bohemia in Orleans - about him, too, there is couple-Triad covershenno remarkable castle. Ah and third, even times pay a little visit on oriental tunes in Tur, to go hence in castle Vallanse.


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