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Flower village Ivoire.

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To read jointly with Switzerland on these August 2010. Continuation of.

Flower Street village Ivoire. on assemble). on persistent.

Ivoire enters in the number of “most beautiful villages France. ” And this well also. The entire village is drowning in better. Ivoire received its first prize in national Sally among the most or villages in 1959g. Later he also routinely received many rewards for that historical environment and greening.

From parking was visible marina

Village okrazhayut fortress Wall. Through gates we comprised apex

Ivoire in 2006 noted its 700-anniversary.
Strategic position ‘ Ivoire on Bank Lake has attracted to him attention notation in Amedeya V Great, who took office a fortified post Ivoire in 1306g. In for half-century village Ivoire played an important military role, that gave its residents certain freedom in 1324g. Later, when the entire this area was busy berntsami, allies France and Geneva with 1536 until 1591gg, village has lost defensive shafts and its military significance, castle was burnt and remained without rooftop in for 350 years. For a long period Ivoire fooled with it in obscurity, he became simply village farmers and fishermen. But then was restored castle, strengthened gates, ditches and buildings.

Under a balcony angular buildings pulled up next an angel. Other dwellers ‘ Ivoire until not was in sight. Village still Slept.

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Special charm of Ivoire national football team attaches castle, in him not broadcast, and looks he labels.

Cabinet members – Secretary castle …

… and poured to a small Milford, where were yachts and boats



Only starters waking up to graze – does anyone remember that after, swans … Who something else dodremyval on Bank or squarely on water

Tourists still and in speak of not was, like sit down on this a bench and enjoy besmyatezhnostyu this morning

Harbour surrounds wooden the flooring and we on him have become circumvent the its. With different points more likely 3 star hotel the handsomest kind of on castle, on ??? on Bank might.

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On a small poon slept does anyone remember that after and Greenshanks

And couple swans already methodically pins snovala there-here

Around was quietly-quietly, only stretching masts pozvyakivli on breeze



For homes vidnelsya Spiel church considered. Pankrasa. Church the old, still 11 century, but the existing Spiel dates from 1854g. And has traditional lukovichnuyu form of, that characteristically for the region Savoie and Piedmont in 19v.



The sun tried cut through clouds, oschupyvaya rays watery murmured

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castle, in him not broadcast, and looks he labels.

And why renovated, if not broadcast :question:





Not throw away your old boats – they can useful for formalizing the your day-care services

From Lake upward be moving away several mazy streets of, an enticing for a in floral dreams made.



Streets in’– on absolute negation on one drawn, but until what same all pleased its eye!


You are here » Together around the world » Narratives: France » Flower village Ivoire.