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Ah, carnival, wondrous moment. (Nice the)

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Ah here is and came the such coveted vacation. And not simply vacation, and the intelligent and is a painstakingly crafted, ….
Over time I concluded, that touring abroad simply so – already bored. Means that? Means – the terrible tourism. Blue dream about Venetian a carnival show until so and remains dream, but there is after all and other carnivals. To example - carnival in Nice, yes still on time ensuring consistency with festival Market for Lemons in Tennis Club Solaro Sports, and this city I affectionately call and irremediably fell in love still 3 year ago, when we with friends drove around on Provansu.
So, given: Nice + Menton, ah and until heap the rest neighboring cities and Tents the Cote d'Azur Bank in during 10 days. Base Nice – because as I you lazy and schlepping up with chumadanom in embracing one another in one thing face me not with hands.
Method trial and poorest perebiraniya options choice fell on unerringly “Gounod ” (rue Gounoud, 3) in Nice – ravnoudalennyy as from English the promenade, so and from the train station. The general impression – unerringly the old, but with representing a qualitative repair in very luxurious district. As we with the hotel razminalis about pay – this separate pestnya, that detail debated in topic “Questions affluence hotel. ”
And here is, almost four hours by air and I in Nice. Free Shuttle service flies me from line at 2, far arrivals Aeroflot, in terminal 1, where leave buses in Nice. Travel bureau hidden so, that trait two with run off the hill certainly, but nose not forget that stuff …. And here is I'm ruining the brain aunt, which says exclusively French Way of Crisis, their the near English, in an attempt to claw from under it school-local bus. On aid comes nice the blonde, which accommodating rastryasla potryasennuyu auntie on maximum – map Nice and Monaco …. School-she has are lacking as class, but on advice turn in cash office bus station, I'm laughing as a hyena – there I already put out some feelers and nothing not discovered, except one an unpleasant especially – tickets on buses 99 and 98 from eraporta in Nice are sold not have driver bus, and in ticket-office – ah this is so, resistor notes for those who meets in Nice.
Couple cigarettes on warmer sunshine the Cote d'Azur Bank, team bus until station, meters 800 in side English the promenade and here is he my unerringly. On good and for is worth couple, which I spotted still in bus ride, because as mushshina passion as look like on Yegor's Beroev, and cheerful a boy-receptionist tells them pro carnival. But here is and my turn, I would brush passport and hear in the answer – are a good day, madam Irina. Obradovannaya native speech, I, uh, fall asleep receptionist diverse questions, on all get answers and in top the key from numbers and here is I in his a burrow. On french measure – well itself enormous Number, yes still and for me one. Bathroom so simply is indecent a spacious. And in top – own this balcony.
Quickly'll disassemble suitcase and a little skip then aaao on streets – a carnival side march of already began, and I still not under affairs. And here is the first same a bummer – place of a carnival torch fenced in high billboards and see something can be only in a small crack, yes and the exit on promenade muted … uffda, Aw, that's sad … the back ways vygrebayus on made dance Massena, zastavlennuyu upper stands and what a confetti

And as enchanted of walking on sounds music, energy with hand gardens Albert Napoleon I used And here luck smiles – with prigorka in sight promenade and a carnival side march of. Now task find strategically the right place, where are visible not only the top of who buy tickets viewers, but and themselves participants carnival. Those who Daniel makes it in the Moscow metro, me figure – quietly, no one not just cut loose, vtirayus in the first ranks such same as I free loaders and'm course click, elevation …

And there ??? there is on that watch. In this Year the carnival devoted appear in London, respectively very many sports subjects, and perishing King carnival so and at all suspicious look like on 2 … My the impression – ticket to tribune all same better take, can be and on standing room place, otherwise zamuchaetes erase your others’Laura: Backs of heads from there.

But here is current day march of is coming to an end and participants vigorously and life-affirming. Spill out with La in its same tiny reservation in gardens Albert Napoleon I used But emotions them even not have receded and carnival continues squarely on the streets.

Warm the sun Lazurki suddenly hides behind the nabezhavshimi is unknown where clouds and I understand, that Godliness I excessively frivolously and you will aaao in unerringly teper. On road get a few steps in Karefur, very aptly situated on my the street and suggested a zatavarivayus kharchami – seek place for lunch already late, all closed … France – and these all said.
A little bit of a sogrevshis and when she saw pictures, again vygrebayus on streets – ahead shifting parade on made dance Masena.

And here is I'm a match to Tiananmen and understand, that and here freebies, not will – Square ringed with scented upper stands and held all those same billboards. A little bit of a poprygav with fotikom, understand, that nothing good from this not will, solve the try pass to gardens all the same Albert and withdraw on excellent for people-watching – footage although would palaces in podsvetke. Said – done …. And here is it happiness – care are full such same places freebies: Are shooting each in friend and all surrounding confetti and a sticky ditsiest bitch, akin to colourful example … “I don’t, too, accrues on full and in anybody beats only one thought – only not in photo camera!

Such to shestviyu, I understand, that in defile participate, for rare exceptions, virtually those same masks and the Muppets, that and day, and this already not so interestingly …. Uvertyvayas from motley tinsel and confetti, 'm getting out. From crowds and of walking in unerringly. On road enclosed still generating about this the Nighttime literary shop, buying returned looking and of walking home humanity or the impression.

Conclusion: Carnival very cheerful and absolute, but to go on him better in companies, with big …. And even better – with children, them accurately like: Ah when still can be with impunity to shoot in adults and each in friend any sign ditsiest bitch and under this squeal from fame only? I would, too, with large gusto podurachilas with friends, and so accounted for to accept participation only in another joy of the. Even there is no, not so, not to accept participation, and with joyful swear I will scream dodge. Of maneuver for festivity … Boor very ironically was observe audiences,: Local accept active participation in a carnival show – now cheering for masks and dolls, they take pictures with them, fall asleep their confetti, are shooting the very a sticky ditsiest bitch …. Foreigners share clearly on two categories – either with Garibaldi's officials zhmutsya to a homes and seek to wanting withdraw from this violence of, either with child spontaneity captured in the general joy of the. I not am nor to those, nor to other – I simply'm picking up happening and'm absorbing in themselves this atmosphere holiday …. Yes, all same indeed in every adulthood lives a small child, which lacks holiday … At this fundamental withdrawal of and ends my first day in Nice ….
Derzhitsya will'II definitely, but only in Moscow - me desa their not in than process. And pictures is obtained - kilometer!
Wanted to zvIzdu give - themselves on plyazhe- so derzhitsya not want boot. Ah ca it and correctly - what people while understandably frustrating. Although there is no, can already be

• continuation of should •

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Irisha, you not napping there, and we here! And happily meeting the beginning of yours confirming stories with! Luck! :D :flag:
• interest cause and march of and bottle looking. :love: *



GALI wrote:

• interest cause and march of and bottle looking.

And zvIzda but aplyazhe



Марфушечка-душечка wrote:

A pictures is obtained - kilometer!

Ur! :jumping: Love Your catalogue!



Марфушечка-душечка wrote:

here freebies, not will – Square ringed with scented upper stands and held all those same billboards

I.e., this specifically done, to without ticket cannot be as should watch carnival? Strange, and me seemed, that such spectacle always free, either for viewers.



Interestingly something as!
And derzhitsya then, too, very want watch :flag:



arrivals Aeroflot

Burzhuinka :whistle:

who Daniel makes it in the Moscow metro,

Not, not burzhuinka :D
And what you not has bought itself ticket on 7 days on Nice? Thinking not nakataesh?
Buy it itself spray this frothiness and you got to mingle in ranks as they celebrate the :cool:



Марфушечка-душечка wrote:

ca it and correctly - what people while understandably frustrating

Nope! Nipravilna! :nope: We let us for you rejoice at and forget modicum on five minutes about how, that for window! :rain:



Ironically. That will further?



GALI wrote:

interest cause and march of and bottle rose

Gyyyy, this in what sense? Maids in hotel's reabsorption consider, that have them a soft-spoken alkgolik Brandhorst - every day in the trash wastes a bottle of :D

Julia wrote:

i.e., this specifically done, to without ticket cannot be as should watch the carnival? Strange, and me seemed, that such spectacle always free, either for viewers.

Ah is obtained, that so :dontknow: There are two opportunities not pay for ticket - greeted and accompany masks already after torch, but need to be ready, that such smart - it in Mythbuntu control center. And here perishing - who the first embarked, moreover and slippers.

Мирина wrote:

A what you not has bought itself ticket on 7 days on Nice? Thinking not nakataesh?

Nathin 'not I'll scribble - I all three days was coming out feet me going confidently ,-selective itself allowed on hill Vezelay on would rise)


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