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Authentic Spain: Linux was

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Heard a new joke nicely: "Those who has survived 4 month winters, fifth month - in gift"? And this Hochma was born not on Kamchatka, not in MMC Norilsk Nickel, not on Khakas Abaza (city), where avgustovskimi stroyotryadovskimi manyanami we kutalis in dense double Ekaterinburg. If perishing such black jokes emerge in our Hroznyi - means, people indeed seriously very tired now from made already traditional for almost two-thirds year black-and-white-wet-cold of stagnation o.o..
And not accidentally, that my a new narrative pro Spain, as and earlier, again begins with weather. After all this trip, traditionally opening our a new season wandering, is not simply another voyage - this leap from winters in summer. "Summer?" - suspicious-skeptical ask madridtsy, result uh, tying are wool scarves under what + 8. "Summer, summer!" - happily nod with these-- we, he unzips his warm jackets and well, sticking away in bags fur gloves off and Knitted hats - "If Snow there is no - means, already summer."

Although justice sake of need to say, that present summer increasingly same not broke a. Moreover, this was, perhaps, one of the most cold our Ispaniy: With winds, infrequent anyway sun and even - frightening say! - saturated :huh:. Truth, rains had "at times and jobs" and truly us not capable, but umbrella not only constantly was our Sputnik in as a traditional "wand-otgonyalochki" rain, but sometimes been used and on more direct and natural appointment. That OK, Spring - she and in Spain Spring, and April here - at all one of the most unstable in weather sense months in year. In any case compared with Moscow, where in mid-April not yet melted snow, the salons Spain with zeleneyuschimi; dress with and blossoming oranges looks simply a fixer.

Madrid already on tradition becomes our base on one night. Every the Spanish journey begins not what uneventful - almost equally: Shifting reported earlier the, madridskoe subway until hotel, and on the morning - on train or on team bus - and in new seats! In this time us and fulfilling Linux was, tierra extremena- the brink that is "on were marginalized" traditional-related travel routes. Here rarely come there just "on path", here, if to go, then to go deliberately and deliberately. Although known and even prominent points on a map Extremaduran very many. Far nor strengthen - common either in national patrimony Spain (or take higher - all of humanity, testament to and guarantor of what is "the seal" UNESCO), either, as least, "simply" in momentous for countries place, so or otherwise the inclusion in history. Ah who, to example, today although would times not heard (except individual representatives generation a Pepsi, of course) names great adventurers (essentially, bandits, but after all great!) Hernan Cortesand Francisco Pizarro, putting the end of the the most ancient god civilizations Aztecs and Maya? And who from traveling on Latin America not faced to as citing behalf of Sacred Virgin of Gvadalupskoy? And after all all these names are, in cynical modern languages, watch brands for watch amateurs precisely this area - Extremaduran. However, much detail about the entire this - in its time and on his place.

At all thought about Extremadura I have emerged very long. The first me attracted Merida, precisely thanks to it I wondered for the first about how, that Spain, too, was Roman and that theaters and amphitheatres here hardly not more, than in the most Italy. However from-for his location Merida raze not wanted fit nor in one of my planned routes, and to go here specifically was too having - as on money, so and on time. Then was attempt to spinning attending Caceres to trip in Lisbon from Madrid, but Lisbon as something quickly did not erupt until self-trip, and Caceres, too, was delayed on Snoop future. But, as usually, plans, administrators us, proved much wiser, than those, that we build we themselves. Apparently, Linux was not tolerated a so bringing relations to itself and otmetala prevents attempts explore its with walk it in and coalition with than something even. And defeated. However, we particularly and not resisted, and very are happy, as increasingly in late all turned out - we look all major attractions these seats (though in a whole their, of course same, much more): Caceres and Trujillo, Merida, Yucatan, Mexico and Badajoz, Plasensiyu and superznamenityySacred of the Virgin of the in Guadalupe and even visited, let and purely symbolically, Portugal, Cassady's in a small border town Elvas, Portugal.

Engineer a route, frankly, was very not be easy. Modicum distances here and relatively small, and buses drive, and trains trek, but school-have them such, that opportunities for maneuver remained not so perishing and many. And attending Guadalupe is, which, essentially, is the Mediterranean on the boonies -, even stronger restricted the possible options. In end was been decided enter in Extremadura (Spain) and Myslivny from it on public vehicles, and within take advantage of farmed machine.
Ultimately routehave thus: Madrid - Caceres - (Elvas, Portugal) - Badajoz - Merida - Trujillo - Guadalupe - Plasencia (Caceres) - Madrid. On increasingly pro everything - 5 incomplete days (though conditions shares "Aeroflot" "had been given" us another, sixth day, but his we used quite for the other goal). So, go! :flag:

Joining: Ola, Espana, hola, Madrid!

I very love Spain. Those who familiar with my narratives of previous trips, not doubt, affirmed, that this is not empty words. If would I have was uncanny ability, I became would "singer" Spain, I wrote would about it novels of, I composes would pro it odes and other verses of. But. Fate was anywhere hold out on me thus a gift, and me account for content with only koryavoy and unromantic regard, its love to this country.

I very love Spain. And than more I discover its history, than more comprehensible become me tapestry projects, here for century events, than more I uvyazayu in the study of Spanish language, the more rate close and native is done she for me. There is no, I not demand from it mutual love - too neravnoznachny our "weight categories." But me enough and moreover, that Spain, this desmond tutu-ey senora (about, perdoneme, senorita - cannot be forget, that we have deal with madam, does age which simply is indecent!) allows me love its, as enforces Westerners allowed forbade the to commit sake of them hero stuff and follies. And consequential voplozheniem this soizvoleniya has become a new two-year multiviza - thank you sinorite - visa your targets Spanish consulate for adopted decision!

I very love fly back in Spain. This procedure precisely thanks to its of repeatability has become almost ritualized, and from moreover - very relevant. For me Spain begins with Arshavin subway: Precisely here, on pink line, next from nuit, hearing on facilities familiar announcement. proxima estaci & # 243 ;n, I feel, as with me subsides vanity arrival, you will have and passport controls, fatigue from 5-hour crowded flight and'm feel themselves "as homes." As homes - because me already increasingly well accustomed, because another, announcement and advertisements stopped be for me kanji and have become ponimaemymi, because in psyche I feel resonance with this place, this country and its people. And when we are emerging from subway and first time inhale a warm smells evening cities, smells, in which whose ways are strange (on contrast with our April) nameshany aromas burgeoning wreath and comprehensive when uspevshikh disband flowers. There is no, madridtsy never this not figure and not assess! They are so are accustomed to this, so looked closer and prinyukhalis, for them this so in order things, that them it is difficult truly assess all the Wet another conventional (for them) of spring Arshavin the evening. But we, believe me, can assess this and enjoying these in full least.

When Bono, are you in Madrid, especially between fairly late prilyotom and early leaving, very it is important correctly choose unerringly. With one hand, want wanting prove in offense,. Rolls things and withdraw on streets, enjoying sense of, that you again in Spain. With the other - on the morning, perhaps, will the road each minute, so desirable ordained rapid and convenient traffic from hotel until Bus station or railway the train station. Quite ideal option was would even early the beginning of hotel lunch, that for Spain is by no means characteristically. The whether deal in Switzerland: Breakfast with at 6: 30? Morning there surprise no one. And in Spain he rarely begins previously 7.30 am, and under setting out 8-hour by bus or by train this already fatally. In this time me it helped, that I remembered about such a the form of urban transport, as Hauptstrasse (cercan & # 237 ;as). There is no, I, of course, knew about their existence of and even periodically enjoyed they, but view their as a means of movement in city of why something not whatever. And this changes very much: Some areas, remote from stations, become very close to them, if there there is the station cercan & # 237 ;as. So we chose unerringly Celuisma Florida Norte, situated on Principe Pio: And from airport relatively not far and conveniently to go, and until Mendez Alvaro, where is "southern" bus station Estaci & # 243 ;n Sur, where would depart our team bus until Caceres, just 7 minutes (for comparisons, on subway, according to as much as half an hour of exercise). Ah and the availability of early (with 7 morning) lunch dovershilo our choice.

Despite the, that in unerringly we toured in midnight, resist the --none a bit stroll before nightmare was difficult. More precisely say - impossible. All the more, that evening (or already night) stood very a warm - so warm Spain in this trip have us already then not was. We I to category: Ancient Egypt temple Debod, podarennomu Spain government Egypts in 1968 in a badge of gratitude for Japanese aid, come under untangling churches Abu Simbel from floods. And then - to Tahrir Spain with fountain-in the monument marking, to the dedicated bringing it to miguel Cervantes and his famous leadership, where even were are visible traces Easter outdoor event, projects, here on the eve. We were several disappointed those, as they were a looked in night both facilities - frankly, we have counted on more spectacular spectacle. Perhaps, peak of illuminating account for on evening time, and at night insurance is something like the desk, you know, and because very weak lighting? :unsure:

And meanwhile clearly season lie down sleep - through any something 5 hours in hotel already should was begin breakfast, immediately after which us confronted the road on bus station. And fresh its feet and clear heads on the next (more accurately, the already on this day) us were very incidentally.



savl wrote:

Heard a new joke nicely: "Those who has survived 4 month winters, fifth month - in gift"?

Not, not listened, prikolno :). And for Peter need to add even on one month. :D

savl wrote:

"If Snow there is no - means, already summer"

Even need to, to were weed and note pages. :music: That so here is:

savl wrote:

the salons Spain with zeleneyuschimi; dress with and blossoming oranges


savl wrote:

in as a traditional "wand-otgonyalochki" rain


savl wrote:

If would I have was uncanny ability

Here you clearly're being modest :rolleyes:. Your narratives very interestingly to read!

savl wrote:

than more I uvyazayu in the study of Spanish language


savl wrote:

inhale a warm smells evening cities, smells, in which whose ways are strange (on contrast with our April) nameshany aromas burgeoning wreath and comprehensive when uspevshikh disband flowers.

've given, close eyes and felt. Or evoked the? As same want, to feelings were real, not imagined! But nice, when, vosprinyav whose something the impression, can be descending in this perception spring Festival!

The beginning of very impressive, await the continuation of :).



savl wrote:

I very love fly back in Spain. This procedure precisely thanks to its of repeatability has become almost ritualized, and from moreover - very relevant. For me Spain begins with Arshavin subway: Precisely here, on pink line, next from nuit, hearing on facilities familiar announcement .proxima estaci & # 243 ;n, I feel, as with me subsides vanity arrival, you will have and passport controls, fatigue from 5-hour crowded flight and'm feel themselves "as homes."

Nor add, nor turn it down, on 1 100,000 100,000% share and support! :flag:

savl wrote:

We were several disappointed those, as they were a looked in night both facilities

And me in September nightlife Debod impressed, truth we slightly before midnight there came, can by night stronger ones was :dontknow:

With neterpimeyshim look forward await the continuation of and photo :)



Thank you all for comments! :flag:

Day 1 - Caceres

Journey began on bus terminal with Estaci & # 243 ;n Sur, where buses companies AvanzaBusare embarking on side Extremaduran. At all move on Spain on on buses should strive with many points of view, and in primarily - economically (tickets, typically, are worth cheaper, than on train, with often this difference highly is considerable). But here have one thing BUT, one "underwater a pebble": Sometimes case it is difficult determine bus / Walking company, caught back transportation between right basis points (ostensibly universal site often it turns out not thus perishing and universal). Of course, if the right you route and timetable there are have s most famous (not thankful say - the largest - simply not know this) firms ALSA, then the problem disappears, not mellow naturally occur. Yes and with a second on popularity carrier AvanzaBus, too, increasingly, consider world well. Both companies and reach for decent have, and buying ticket through staff (for long routes affordable, for 3 months before trip) on its simplicity not conceivably have with unpredictable procedure pay on railway the Award that. However in Spain there are many and other, more local and local of bus firms: Sepulvedana, Samar, Cevesa - only some of them. And there is even Leda, Mirat. All and not to list. But deal even not in their numbers: Poorly the, that often simply impossible to know, who precisely plies between right you basis points A and W. And even google here not always helps, the more, that some trails sometimes "are switching" from one companies to another (to example - Madrid-Guadalupe).

Often ask, is worth whether in Spain buy tickets on bus ride in advance. Me it is difficult give an unambiguous and adamant the answer. With one hand, I even nor never not traveled not what in full of nursing, but even and crowded more, than half bus ride. With the other - increasingly once case first time and not want, to this happened in the most the inconvenient moment. Especially with such detail trips, as this case have us. Yes and thus pleasant tidbit, as choice cozy seats (for example, in the first a range of not for driver) not worth neglect, especially under distant crossings. In general, I personally prefer all tickets buy proactively, if such opportunity there is in principle. Precisely so I and was sent, choosing team bus in as a entrance transport in Extremadura (Spain) from Madrid. An alternative option - train - sovereign liege on reason of later arrival to destination (prices here razlichalis is insignificant, and discount have the Award that on this direction virtually are lacking).

As and have ALSA, under purchase a ticket AvanzaBus through their site immediately posed as electronic ticket, with which can be (and need) the morning in team bus, bypassing the till and other ofisiny. Ticket a personal and formally is valid under the holders document, but with such bureaucracy in Spain us to meet until not avea.

But us leave "technical" the details (which, not rule out, for someone will useful) and so we go in path. After brief spell (just something 4 hours sleep) night and rapid collections we very soon proved on celebrity bus terminal with before already waiting us by bus (if it comes I was sick for "Spartak", I would made "lyrical" retreat even on couple of the paragraphs of about brendovoy colorize the AvanzaBus, but, fortunately readers, I fan CSKA, so will make kind of, that not observed such a units :rolleyes:).

Path in Extremadura (Spain) so same plain as and roads in Castilla y (derive exception with perspective scenic beauty accounts for the road from Madrid to Avila mountain top) - particularly look not on that. Views attracted a only aistinye nests and their long-legged inhabitants of, conquered to emerge roughly through hour path. Oooh, these storks! :cool: How many lost would without them those seats and cities, real watch brands for watch amateurs which have become these His create on cherepichnykh is homes and kolokolnyakh churches! How many charm disappeared in would Avila and Segovia, Zamora and Burgos, not e. here on every turn huge twittering around "might" with vozvyshayuschimisya over them black-and-white cruise and dlinnoklyuvymi the margins! But such a number of storks, as in Extremadura, we not yet saw nowhere. Nedaremno slightly whether not half of souvenirs in Caceres, Caceres and Trujillo contain aistinuyu symbolics in the most different options - these miraculous birds, so talk collectively referred to as summer canard Spanish word cig & # 252 ;e nas, deservedly so have become one of the main logos Extremaduran.

Meanwhile weather for window not produce garment: Madridskoe the sun has been replaced cloud as it spread, then large cloud as it spread, then large and dark cloud as it spread: '(. To the same even from bus was in sight, as gnulis under aspirations wind wayside trees and shrubs. And when we poured's its feet on the first stopping, then immediately understood, that of a replay of warm Arshavin the evening, which we enjoyed even on the eve, remains only dream. But odors. :cool: Even on bus terminal with air blagoukhal from white-pink and-yellow flowering trees, name which I even not know.

From Madrid to Caceres neblizko - 4 hours hour with two short stops, so on place we profits already about noon, near to in hotel near local Plaza Mayor, had lunch, on their as usual, menu the language diaat prices with easy for information of turistichnosti (truth, guilt, destination of in kit lunch, brought whole bottle, not have become "menzurit" on theTaurasi. That, however, in Extremadura is by no means is tradition). Ah and then, got all dressed up on full program (about fix nor never not hotela), took umbrella-vyruchalochku and traveled examine city.

Caceres (with netlabel on A) - city never small, although and not the most big in Extremadura (deceptive is Badajoz). But his monumental quarter(Barrio Monumental), sake of which here and tourists come from around the world and thanks to which Caceres fell in YuNESKOvskiy list, quite low and even for very detailed exploring much time not requires. So those who wants to visit Caceres "mimoezdom", can boldly divert on him 3-4 hours.

In Caceres, Caceres there is no supertopovykh attractions - contemporary Middle Eastern cathedrals, powerful fortresses, discernible Arab heritage. Nevertheless, in helpfully the World commons UNESCO city was is incorporated one of the first (before, than, to example, Cathedral Sevilla, Venice and center Paris). The main must see is monumental quarter - part of medieval cities, firmly rooted in 13-16 centuries and the 12 virtually without changes.

History Caceres - capital Upper Extremaduran - largely is similar with history the entire Spain: Romans, West Got, Muslims, Christian Christian reconquest of Spain. From Moors (often in the context tenure in Spain words "Arabs" and "Moors" are used as synonymous with, however this a few ???. The Arab was the first half of Islamic Raj, by engineering spin-offs from Syrian Umayyad caliphs, and later, in late 11 century, their had replaced Moors - African Muslims: There and other almoravidy and almoady. Precisely their descendants founded Granada the emirate, the fall which ended Christian reconquest of Spain) Kaseresu had perestroennye after Romans powerful urban Wall with 30 towers, surviving virtually without changes. And "golden age" cities came in late 13 century, when here have got over many wealthy aristocrats with north peninsula, conquered erect palaces and Villas, which today and comprise the groundwork monumental quarter. Later, in 15-16 centuries, to building were connected conquistadors, returned from American wandering razbogatevshimi (of course same, so was lucky far not all). By the end of 16 century the old Caceres adopted virtually the very kind of, which can be see today.

"Vizitnaya card," Caceres - kind of on urban wall, tower Bukhako (Torre quo Bujaco) - one of thirty Arab towers and arch destined (Arco quo La Estrella), U.S already in 18 century on place existed here previously New at the Gate:

Unfortunately, on Placa Mayor as times before these so iconic and symbolic place gromozdilas some pristine construction, clearly not public him the goals of (this was child workers minikarting). Of course, effeminate forget, too, cannot be, but to do this in the damage national (and in this case - and global) cultural commons clearly it is not good. Me always surprises and resent, as negligently belong Europeans to similar, whether zabanennaya "on ears" ARENA in Verona or chief entry in monumental quarter one of the most medieval cities world.

And this Arco quo La Estrella with other hand:

By an accident arch, we get stuck in most present Middle Ages:

The Spanish Middle Ages, reminds us banner:

Ah yes, and in Middle Ages are outfitted with New print (philately):

Than not balcony of Juliet? :yep:

Almost all buildings, as well as and roads, we have uploaded stone yellow-brown color of. Write, that this stumbling especially spectacularly plays under sunny rays, however see this us not managed: That-that, and the sun in this day was in deficit. Remained MTM could console themselves although would lack of rain.

Church considered. Maria- chief the Yasukuni Caceres. In 1957 she received status sokafedralnogo (the second is in Kore) Cathedral:

On tower Cathedral can be rise:

One of urban palaces wears name of the famous an- last emperor Aztecs. And not sake of beautiful name: Palacio of Toledo-Moctezumabelonged ever son native daughters an, column married for estremadurskogo conquistador and the context with him in Spain. Here is, incidentally, domestic courtyard this palace on:

And this -considered. Paul (Convent of San Pablo) and his Belfry:

Church considered. Matthew (users with quo San Mateo's):

In the center of the old cities on Tiananmen considered. Georgy(Plaza quo San Jorge) resides museum with considered. Francis, Church which is framed, as hour, two white towers and dominates over salient on elevated position,.

Exhorts entry in Church talks the staircase, the people which can be see sculpture the most saintly, so familiar an and not only them:

Personality considered. Georgyis much more popular in world, than this can be to imagine. And she far not so "seemed" Russian Church and Orthodoxy in a whole, as this may seem. Considered. Georgy, often referred to as Sacred George, is considered saint Greece, Georgia, Serbia, Poland, Lithuania, Portugal and of England, in Spain - Catalonia and, aragon. And this not believing numerous cities, in including which is worth and Caceres. But here is a genuine delusions, the embodiment of draft make religious bigotry is peg way of the snake to musulmanstvu, victory over which symbolizes sculpture in Caceres, Caceres (for those who believes this absurd until impossibility of, let me give you saying: En tourists from various countries, San Jorge,s & # 237 ;m bolo quo la cristiandad, Lucho with the Dragon ( s & # 237 ;m bolo quo la Asset musulmana) y Acabo with the, reconquistando la ciudad quo C & # 225 ;c eres). This is all the more did, that Islam, too, esteems considered. Georgy under name Saint George or Don River (Russia). However, me whether tell about how quickly belief turns into fanaticism, love in law, and forgiveness - in punishment - these is filled with the whole story humanity and, tragically, my favorite Spain in especially. As quickly god Isabella's and Ferdinand from God-liberator transformed in God, of the exorcist Jews and try to on conducting sort from God Kubara-day inquisition their same Christians, out not American in laws power prederzhaschego of Catholicism. As perfectly said Porthos (the very, one of three of the musketeers are): "We kill these poor Huguenots, increasingly crime which consists only in is, that they sing French Way of Crisis those the most Psalms, which we, the French, we sing on-Latin." This could prove movement bad joke, if would not number of blood and of mourning, which brought on land "believers" from behalf of their gods. My God, deliver me from Your own ministers. Whether damned religion, having destruction, pain and death, whether accursed god, which from-for their haunting vagaries of to keep people and's loving hearts. Against such a God I rebelling, such god I announce war and d fight with him until the end of life. And not result God prove in power such people:

In many countries religion separated from state. This, of course, well, but how better became would the world, if would was able finally to separate demonstrated from of law, from psevdopatriotizma, from morality - from all, that not contains true God, God love and forgiveness. :no:

However, let us will agree to a reduced subject. And that can better approach the for this, than so lovely us storks? :cool:

Brands, apparently, well are sold:

A special interest Caceres represents for places and connoisseurs of varying degrees a?iee:

Except urban walls, from Moorish Raj in Caceres, Caceres remained traditional Arab bathhouses(their can be see in free museum in Casa start Veletas). Why something me very likes their visit, although within they little than differ alone from other. Unfortunately, contrary all advertising and information avenues in hothouses in Caceres, Caceres absent water, which did their (judging by photo) so picturesque and a collectivity distinct from other other:

And increasingly-??? Spring! 8-)

And this simply a handsome house:

Even a few churches, name which I accurately not remember, but, think, readers forgive the me this:

Ending of old cities, we decided withdraw for his limits, to watch Caceres with hand. However do this us managed only with the second attempts: The first has impeded rain, increasingly-??? launching, when he was already not so afraid of. We've spent his in cafes on Placa Mayor for deeper cups so beloved me in Spain way. with apartamentoand made purely from guilt. As usually, we took white and red, and here is white us messages very underwent: With very pleasant flower aroma and so same repulsive expression, "chemically" flower taste. Not know perishing, that this was (me said, that the very wine from Valladolid), but nothing such a us not your visitors nor until this, nor, fortunately, after.

Meanwhile, rain stopped, and we have taken second attempt to see panoramic kind of Caceres, on this time-old successful. As and many cities-fortress, Caceres was built on hill. However this hill quite not is felt with hand a new cities (from stations). And here is when we began climb down to anonymous River, In monumental quarter with southeast the east, we saw, how cool Caceres (in this case - in sense terrain):

And, of course same, this in sight with hand:

On the evening we again took to Placa Mayor in the hope watch evening automatic highlighting old cities or although would the most meaningful his seats. Unfortunately, us anticipated disappointment: Nothing, except "the desk, you know" from lighting we not saw. Even ", uh, signature" kind of Caceres - Torre quo Bujaco and Arco quo La Estrella not podsvechivalsya as something on its very special. Under the entire desire we so and not have made nor one photos, because sack was simply nothing to acquire.

In a whole I expected from Caceres a bit greater, but disappointments not happened. This indeed an interesting city, which can be suggest all lovers of medieval the goals of. And unkind wish under this solar weather. :flag:



savl wrote:

Church considered. Maria

And that for white the widths?

Storks - ah purely Alsace!



AVC wrote:

A that for white the widths?

It seems, that there go any work, can, rastavratsionnye - their and got shut down, Ange - for aesthetics and to garbage not flew. I so think :)



Paragraph pro storks very grassroots,, atmospheric :). Historical part of nice written, pith in, compressed and very much alive, I.M.H.O.,. Reasoning about religion very concerts, want with them to agree, but perishing painful for they breatheintransigence. Increasingly-??? religion very thin matter, and so easily offense whose something feelings!

savl wrote:

native daughters an, column married for estremadurskogo conquistador and the context with him in Spain.

Interestingly, as situation its fate

savl wrote:

Church which is framed, as hour, two white towers and dominates over salient on elevated position,.

The highest stakes the construction, staircase his very decorates.

savl wrote:

In a whole I expected from Caceres a bit greater

After starters I, too, expected something more decorated frequent flyer.



AlinaT wrote:

Interesting, as situation its fate

If to believe Wikipedia, then excessively, but in a whole neplokho- being cast as Isabel, one of 19 children an, not that nothing, except behalf of has become, as write, a vivid example of indeysko-Spanish integration of the time. Was married 6 times - 3 times for "their" and 3 times for when, has given birth to 6 children - 5 in latest marriage with Juan Kano de-Saavedra and one girl from Hernan Cortes, from which refused, but in thereafter left me in her will it 1 / 5 his considerable fortune, interview from two Spanish husbands and what was enobled with Senor Cortez, incidentally for these ownership the Spanish, and then the Mexican governments until 1933 paid something type pensions its descendents. Died in age some 40 years in verification year, the latest husband has survived its on 22 year. Its children received very good education, and then - boys have become "rodonachalnikami" Mexican aristocracy, and girls were the first nuns first monastery on territory "Las Americas."

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Day 2 - Elvas, Portugal-Badajoz-Merida

This day have (as and planned) the most saturated across trip. But without haste, pressure, and other the fuss, because distances were comparatively small, Tents -, too, (at least, within those seats, which us have intrigued), parking in advance earmarked, and issues of-Bartnik with them carefully viewed and searched. That concerns routes in themselves cities (above all - in Badakhose and Merida), then Without much skoromnosti Id say, that they were developed simply perfectly and allowed see all major attractions under highly a limited mileage and, respectively, minimum temporary cost. The only, from what immediately had to to backtrack - this from lunch, because here is he certainly raze not fit in there in regulations, yes and machine operate as the a means coercive of sobriety (purchasing), and that for lunch in Spain without guilt? :confused:

Incidentally, about machine. Already in the second times (from two possible) the Spanish kantora ATESA- the main, judging by coverage and number of offices, Spanish the distributor not fulfilled its commitments on our commissioned, offering us machine with "handle" instead reserved "gun." In principle, I was morally ready to such a over another, so tragedy this not became. Increasingly-??? half of (with a bigger on "naezdu") my driver's stazhu has passed precisely on "handle", so that hedgehogs, as the saying goes, not scare themselves know than. Another matter, that such a precedent yet by definition and nesoliden for so major offices (at all I european karate championship the international broker Alamo, but in Spain they work through local rentakarschikov). :angry: Meanwhile more, that "manual" machine cost would cheaper initially.

Ah okay, are going to forgive them this transgressions and the odd profits earned on this. So or otherwise, in our disposal proved white "a Citroen" Visbreaking, washed until luster (when napkins smakhivali with lateral windows breath yesterday's rain and nightlife dew, napkins, naturally, washin '' em, but remained white), full tank 2,3 (the most, on my view, convenient and economical option: Full took - full slid) and success-steep brakes, to which initially even had to slightly poprivykat. On) and activate first point - Elvas, Portugal - and in path! :flag:

! Very am asking moderators condescending seriously rise to in "Spanish" fictional small insert pro of Portugal city. First, because, that she indeed very small, second, because, that Elvas, Portugal, County just in 7 kilometers from Spanish-Portugal borders,, too, may be lab to Extremadura, if not politically, then territorially, the more, that for poslearabskuyu history he many times gotten down from Portuguese to Spaniards and contrary. So that utterly cause for Spain his call cannot be, at least, on Spanish language there say virtually all.

As same Elvas, Portugalproved in our Spanish route? Frankly, quite spontaneously. When we have planned attending the Province of Badajoz and saw, that he resides on the most border, emerged tempted to this the most border cross, let even purely symbolically, put's "tick" about visit to the Portugal, in which we already were, and together obtain moral pleasure from installation rules that allow forces routinely to travel from countries in country, as have us - from Moscow area in tulskuyu. But was another reason such a arrival - like to buy some of that Portuguese be fleshed out guilt, the famous vinho green, which us very liked that one during travel in Portugal. After all if port wine muddling through whether, faring poorly whether, but can be find and in other places, in including and have us (question prices, of course, then vinho green is an absolute fact that Tamils an exclusive (though hasn't emerge rumors, that "someone some where have us sometimes" manages to buy his and in Russia).

And why precisely Elvas, Portugal? And simply because, that this is the most a close to Badakhosu town on "that" side. Pull until Evora not like from-for its very location (us increasingly same were to visit even couple of cities, after what reach until hotel in Trujillo), and closer nothing ravnoizvestnogo not was. When same I decided to "penetrate" Labyrinth me Elvas, Portugal on photos (in such cases I prefer fotosety on Google and template: Flickr), then immediately understood, that choice proved very unfortunate: Impressive overlooking the, monumental the cathedral on Square, posted black-and-white residents in classic Portuguese-style and, of course same, Castelo, without which not costs, perhaps, nor one border town. In general, choice was made, and we about offense nor minutes not hotela.

The main course from Caceres been filed on Badajoz (emphasized on Oh). The road fostered comfortable be tested: Good coverage, one had a in every side, but with regular-lane road other cars (us something he was not need, we aoaee on-Sumava consists, honestly while taking speed regime, and here is local, clearly not used touring less 120 kilometers on empty road, he was very incidentally, to to circumvent such a maloskorostnuyu reduced, as we) and practical the absence of traffic (to our surprise, under wheels not felt out of balance different tractor, so often imperfections in countryside). Hours through and a half we had toured Badajoz, and there already hand was set and until Portugal.


Elvas, Portugal (Elvas) evident well from afar thanks to massive installations - fortam and the ramparts, farm his from all sides. Exactly, city and himself is one big fort works, snippet for now Defense from all sides. Here is so he look with southern hand, making we and goes in him:

Frontier Defense double, here is these gates lead already in himself city:

And this is the most large fort - Santa Lucia train station(17 century), situated on hill slightly sub-Elvasha:

Elvas, Portugal gave us the most solar weather in this trip. On bright through its high sun streets we underwent another series on central Square Republic to to the Cathedral of:

Square Republic very pleasant: Lighted, a spacious, there is in it any lightness, that whether. And mixing styles: Typically Norwegian coverage, the cathedralin Romanesque-tamplierskom-style (exactly, initially he and was Church like Templar), and if watch on homes around Tiananmen - ah net fourteenth-:

"Well-well, let-get drunk. Well-well, and that in you: Port wine or Vignoux verde? " :crazyfun:

Yes, slightly not forgot! Precisely here, in Elvashe, we first time in this trip have smelled blooming oranges. We fallen in this smells even 3 year ago, as a roughly in this same time in Seville and Cordoba. Spring before period year we were in Castilla y, what perishing there oranges in April, and in the past year from-for late-Spring only already in really late, in Khaene us passed at least several faction, trees. And here - such magnificence. And odors, odors. :cool:

Go further, leaving Cathedral behind:

On the sly we have bypassed fortress,, trafficking in really non-CIS (from entry) late cities. Exactly, de facto fortressnot so much is separate and independent ???, how many more a powerful another fort works, contributing part of inter-town fortifications. But increasingly would still is considered fortress, that legalized on three languages:

As follows from this placard, fortress quite the old, in 7176 Propulsion Was otvoyovana have Arabs, and how many time until this she already teetered - "mystery this would mean great there is."
In the most fortress, as this often happens, there is nothing interesting things. Most picturesque here - this lemon grass tree have one of walls:

But can be rise on wall and pass on it, look at with hand and a bit with Heights himself city and even times military chain might walls and bastions, surrounding Elvas, Portugal:

Elvas, Portugal left very derive impression. But on contrary path to machine we reneged on and "practical" mission, prikupiv in the local no clothing left returned vinho green. Ah and returned of port, of course - we same in Portugal or as? :playful:

But above than terminally to leave solar Portugal, we lost watch even one, perhaps, basic landmark Elvasha: Enormous overlooking the(Auqueduto quo Amoreira )-about 8.5 (on other data - 6) kilometers. When and whom he was built, history conceals. Known, that he already existed in 9 century during the rule of Arabs. In 15-16 centuries his reorganize in accordance with new needs razrosshegosya cities. Overlooking the contains more 800 arches, some of which reach Heights 30-40 meters.

Especially spectacularly overlooking the looks in place bending (ranks at visible gerb cities):

The road "home", in Spain very symbolically significant has passed as time under akvedukom, and I even long saw his in the mirror rear species. Our path lay in the other border city, but already with Spanish hand - Badajoz, the capital Lorenzo province and the most big city Extremaduran.


As I already wrote, Badajoz is the most large on population city Extremaduran. However us was interested in quite a small his part of within urban fortifications, so military chain the true the size of the the Province of Badajoz us not was connected.

Badajoz was based Arabs in 875 year, and a long time represented a fortress-alkasabu, that and today can be to see on northeast extremity cities. Incidentally, precisely here very conveniently creating: First, Alcazaba is on the most outskirts of, and, to enter here, no need to make the commute on urban streets. And second, directly for gateway fortress is located much nemoschyonaya gathering spaces that offer universal, exactly and intended for parking, with-free laborers. In times of Arabs on territory alkasaby but in mosque and homes local nobility. Fortress Wall rebuilt in 12 century obosnovavshimisya here the Moors-almoadami, and in such a the form of be before us and today (naturally, with topping undoubted restavratsiite). Later, after reconquest of Spain and secession of Portugal kingdom in 1640 year, Badajoz proved front-line city, that demanded additional fortifications (after termination altogether Malaga union Spain and Portugal typically recognized actively fight a war with each other). In a result in mid-17 century was - a whole system the frontier and bastions (just their was 8) with surrounded rows. Map cities allows see this circular defense as would with Heights:

Badajoz not has vividly acesta acorda incredere Guvernului historic center, his attractions are scattered around the city, but with the help Vikimepii, in which city arrived simply eloquently (unlike Elvasha) and yellow little man from me managed create the optimal route, which we and used in this day. Began to we, naturally, from parking spaces, camping on E. From alkasaby. Within it nothing particularly interesting things no: Ribs mix the debris, construction works and modern institutions in well (in sense too well!) kept old . One of fall, to example, is Palace Palacio of Condes quo la Rocaof the late 14 century, in which now contains the Yushukan the archaeological museum:

Far more interesting got far on Wall alkasaby and watch on rooftop the Province of Badajoz:

Or on a handsome kind of Tiananmen considered. Joseph (Plaza of San Jose), where before teetered chapel behalf of this saintly, especially patron the Province of Badajoz. Chapel was destroyed under bombed during the war for independence Spain (as I understand, from against Napoleonic France), and on its place in the early 20 century been built Neo-Gothic styleConvento start Madres Adoratrices:

Weather, incidentally, was pasmurnoy, but rain not threatened. So that predshtormovoy, almost apocalyptic color the sky on past photo this in greater extent supose it our mylnits, than formidable omens. :rolleyes:

On a powerful a alkasaby can be understand, that built they were clearly not for beauty:

On of last photo typically Arab entry in alkasabu. Ah and we through these gates are now moving beyond resurfaced and even times Adam , very perishing spectacularly it lies he on backdrop of ostensibly ready razbushevatsya population:

Low arch separates Square San Jose from Definition Tiananmen (Plaza Alta), component of on design architects of a flat ensemble with salient considered. Joseph:

Like nothing write home about here and there is no, but such a squaring the colors lends Plaza Alta enough best, to include its in helpfully interesting seats the Province of Badajoz. And after the end of the restoration, which now in the midst of the (yellow-salatovye clothing workers so and not managed fully to remove from there), she, undoubtedly, will become even more attractive and for zapolnyaemost tables available cafes, which now empty (however, not yet evening), can be not worry.

It is difficult say, maintain whether homes with other hand Tiananmen todays kind of or, too, know what happened? When in black-and-white-red tone:

And this kind of hence on center cities:

On exit with Plaza Alta before us rises one of towers Arab alkasaby - Torre quo Espantaperros(another name - Torre quo la Atalaya). Is considered, that precisely she has served "the inspiration for famous Golden towers (Torre the language Oro) in Seville, because has those same proportion, but was built on a half-century before in 1169 year. Truth, thanks to (or thanks to ) restoration she clearly not produces the impression so venerable all.

Here we leave Badajoz since the Moors (meaning) almoadov and Maruku in more modern areas cities. Minutes through 7 unhasting walk we we find ourselves surrounded on very beautiful Tiananmen Cervantes:

I spotted this Square in Vikimepii even before the, as learned about it in information sources. Yes, here is it, account! As would nor fought between themselves Spain and Portugal (fortunately, not so perishing long), Mikhail Gorbachev) were discharged cultures proving stronger past the infighting. That can be simvolichnee bountiful contiguity, than Square in Portuguese-style, called name one of greatest of Spanish all since the? :flag: And these storks, not doubt, fully with me agree:

In this trip we constantly encountered in with name Cervantes, that, however, in Spain no wonder. To my shame, my knowledge about creativity this writer confined to just one work of literature think, unnecessarily write, somehow precisely. Don Quixotenot only became a symbol of Spain, his was called and the embodiment of Spanish souls, and new Spanish Christ Although have many (perhaps even have majority) he is perceived as some - Geek juice a lanky an old man (and in novel Don Quichotte about 50 years age for medieval deeply the retirement), slightly (or even not slightly) not in his mind. Which, as subtle Joe (remember why subtle? and whom he need?) process goes on the four-legged that nag with proud. Name is rocinante (that in the diversion means the same old biddy) on the roads Spain and searching for rural on its fifth (yes and other) point, constantly getting in utterly also situation, in which he forever remains in joke's on. Frankly, I a long time (especially after reading novel within school programs vneklassnogo reading) thought so same. But in the last time my opinion about Don Quixote strongly has changed. Now I believe hero Cervantes one of the most brave people across world history, a true a man, muy hombre, Man of with big hew. For me he more tourists personality, than Alexander Nevsky, Neill Armstrong or heroes Jean-Claude Wang Damme. Because (increasingly further reflects my personal view and my personal system values) the true masculinity manifests itself not in combat, not in writings of, the true masculinity when the most the main in life for men becomes woman, when all his affairs, aspirations, victory occur sake of women and in the name of women wife, mistress, splendid Ladies in this case this not so it is important. Yes, deserve does respect and Reforming heroes wars, cosmonauts, eminent athletes. But likes of in the name of patriotism, in the name of science, in the name of world not like with prowess in the name of one women. No matter, that and as makes Don Quixote, it is important, that them is driven by desire to devote just themselves and all their actions Woman, without this him there is no life, without this any victory him not pretty in this and manifests itself his a mans nature, and in this we with him very broadly similar.
Quite recently I looked a new movie version about three the musketeers the film, of course, very cosmogonies: The Musketeers very remind the ninja, the Duke Buckingham is being shifted from of England in France on shareholders, yavlyayuschem a mixture of airships and ship instead basket (highly like flashy scene in late, when this argegat falls and nasazhivaetsya, on Spiel Paris Notre-Queen). In general, movies a specific (though jobs Belarus), but there there is episode, where sounded excellent words, NPT me recall Don twenty. Cursory sense episode in is, that Constancy is mired in, without a hostage to Rochefort (I OK say, that the film cosmogonies), when the Musketeers on a ship-or are returning in France with pendants. And here a lovesick D ''Artagnan in despair cries out for Athos: Life one women or future France that would you chose on courses place? And wise four-utters these the most remarkable words (for 100-interest the accuracy of not'll vouch, but quotes on anyone case shall put): I many donated, from much refused sake of honor, sake of King, sake of of our Fatherland and know, that I found out? All these victims and deprivation not comfortable warmth during you in night. Life too a short and too long, to go on it in alone. Not disguised similar on me, D ''Artagnan, choose woman, fight dammit for love. And France nowhere not going anywhere. These words of I I applaud, with standing still. If would I have was gerb, the motto of on offense I chose would precisely these words: choose, Woman, fight dammit for love. France nowhere not going anywhere. I think, I explained its thought. And because I bow before lumbering lamanchskim nobleman much more, than before, Reichsgraf Suvorov and Pyotr Ivanovich, Knyaz Bagration, leading its troops power--a period victory.

Interestingly, said would brooding dong Miguel, if it comes I announced his with him their opinion about his do?

Stray with a cosy even in not too welcoming weather Tiananmen Cervantes not like. Can be only to imagine, as same well sleep here on bench shady warm on the evening after hot year-old days

Quite not far hence Square Spain, where resides the cathedral the cathedralthe Province of Badajoz. Unfortunately, Cathedral proved not very fotogenichnym and best have on photo with one of leading to him streets:

And with Tiananmen this (machines is thorough're parked, so that wait their Check-Out opportunities not was):

To our iskrennemu delight does near Cathedral us expected the first in Spain blooming oranges! :cool:

The cathedral, he in honor John Baptist, was built almost immediately after convention of cities Christian troops leonskogo King Alfonso's in mid-13 century. The reason so nash of shape facilities increasingly the same account. Precisely for reason permanent conflicts with Portugal the cathedral terminally have been able is yet only in 15 century.

On this same Tiananmen contrary of the cathedral can be see here is such great and beautiful the building:

And we Go further and on another Tiananmen see recently charming Church John Baptist:

Here we have made a small a hook (if deceptive can be called excess 200-300 meters in one side), to watch Puerta the language Pilar alone from at the Gate, across our entry in city through turn. At all us have intrigued not so much themselves gates, how many a handsome kind of, which (judging by photo in 120) is obtained hence under working fountains, along with foreign hand Puerta the language Pilar. Unfortunately, fountains proved non-performing (as and percent 90 all rest fountains, there us in different cities Extremaduran), but times perishing we here proved, then be photographed by although would themselves gates (of the late 17 century):

We were beginning to think interesting, that in Badakhose placard with the indication streets and plazas not simply bright and beautiful, but and very self-descriptive. Here is, to example, street Zurbaran:

That for Zurbaran, what such Zurbaran. And for such worrisome, as we, here and written: First, pintor, camping on E. An artist. Second, years life, camping on E. Immediately becomes is understandable the Age of. Ah and third, for not checkers - to read - in right atop street corner depicts Boylewith paints eventually become addicted again that will give understand, whom precisely was this Mr. (more accurately, take). Very conveniently, and together and local inhabitants teaches Local historian - not think, that every badakhosets knows absolutely all personaliev, in part of which called the the kind or a different calleor plaza. And here looked, have read and learned. With all placard met in the report-style: Differ only names and commensurate them information. With similar we later face and in Merida, but there placard were challenging: Not so are wearing colorful and without icons about profession celebrities.

Meanwhile we are now moving beyond on one of most beautiful plazas the Province of Badajoz (superzachyot them for subject plazas! :cool:), called a name considered. Francis, because previously here was part . Exactly, this even not simply Square, this cleanest, considered a the main urban its kind vacation. The main feature of this Tiananmen are numerous brick benches, on your backs which color tiles we have uploaded different episodes from history Extremaduran and its prominent, Chashniky (in particular, the scene from travel E.E. Cortes and F. Pizarro):

Not true whether, very reminds Square Spainin Seville?

Even in pasmurnuyu weather (and need to recognize, that precisely such was weather in Badakhose during of our visits) Square considered. Francis dressed very talk and very much alive, largely thanks to spring diverse blooming of and, of course same, nucifera:

On road to La rivers Guadiana River we underwent another series past Dominican Resurrection church(-publicized troubles Domingo) 16 century:

And soon we find ourselves surrounded about palm at the Gate (Puerta quo Palmas) the mid-16 century one of symbols (if not the most chief) cities. Previously gates constituted part of liberation of the Wall and were just discovering entry in city with same-name (; quo Palmas) bridge. In towers at the Gate until the end of 19 century have based its team the royal a prison (in sight, prisoners was not very many).

With hand bridge on arch of at the Gate can be see gerb Karl V grandson Catholic majority kings Ferdinand and Isabella's, last monarch, owned run title emperor Holy Roman empire, made de facto the first Bohemian king single Spain (precisely he built today monumental Palace in Alhambra):

With domestic (urban) hand arc is located a small chapel in honor Dame (Nuestra Senora of Angeles):

Here is so imperceptibly (this part of confirming stories with been written by much longer) has drawn to the end of our short on capital Lower Extremaduran Badakhosu. We Maruku to alkasabe, where expects our machine, and on path underwent another series past another urban attractions:

Not doubt, that most readers immediately remembered, that precisely reminds them this the construction, built in 1930 year, so not d to do intriguing pausing. Already one thing name - La Giralda quo Guadiana riverresurrects in memory famous sevilskuyu Khiraldu former Arab minaret, unfittest (and on how thanks to, and the after all demolished would, mind facilitated it comes) in as a towers-bell tower Cathedral in Seville. Despite what I in a whole very cool am to novodelam, this there me very liked, I long could not deflecting from it glance. Beauty forms of, harmony proportions, graceful elements Arab architecture even red print, which in another case ???? would unnecessarily alyapovato, here looks very to community. In general an unambiguous must see this cities! Here is I increasingly look back from a distance, not in able abandon with it:

Unlike Caceres, the impression, forestry in Badakhose, outdid expectations. And those who proves here in more comfort weather and will have time, may well conduct here a host day enjoying plough by a natural and faction, plazas-parks (and their the number of far from is not confined to those, about which I told), stroll along bastions (these seats, too, Vietrese in picturesque green zone), we go by mostam through Guadiana and admire city with hand. Yes and working fountains, not doubt, here popribavitsya. So that genuinely recommend! And in aid all site

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Exhilarating to you with Elvashem - No never not seen photo his the aqueduct, impressive. Elvas, Portugal very look like on Evora. Small shops in Badakhose Tarifa!


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