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From Marseille until Carcassonne-

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In todays the basilica of 2 church: In the lower, not too interesting, are located tomb. But upper simply afflicts their interior, red-wolf colors which reminds the cathedral. As and in cathedral, here many color of, many painted by surfaces, but thanks to more brightest osvtlennyu, looks all of this much brighter and versatility of. And, as and in cathedral, this polosatost constantly brings thought to G-mosque Cordoba - such a sense of, that central thereby, despite all human attemptss survival and obosobitsya, in another times reminds: I am uniform, you all are united, all your temples My, all religion have alone roots, recall their, forget about idols, return same finally exhorts I dont genuine.

Here is exactly the Virgin-the keeper of the, in honor which jail of basil:

And here is those the most paper boats:

On the wall - gerb one of Valles of Marseilles Bishops followed:

Talk, words there is no. So better simply watch:

In some point rain a bit stalled, and we took to balyustradu get out, see from above on Marseille:

Far are visible islands, on really a small and its of which resides castle Aife.

Yes, Notre Dame quo la Garde very handsome. And us he grassroots. And this undeniable must see. But if honestly, Cathedral launched his rocket anyway on me more a strong impression. Me it is difficult explain this words. Basil the posh ones, but in cathedral more sakralnosti, more mystery, more Spirit. Moreover the most, from presence which I blagogoveyno got petrified in inaugurated by Blue mosque or in the middle Cairomosque Tulun. Their Wall were packed with aroma time , age-old wisdom , they however, I feel, that already'm be much more widespread. As I already said, here begins territory , on which words lose their significance and omnipotence. But I hope, that those who wanted to me understand, have made this.

In history Notre Dame quo la Garde there is another very curious moment, which reminded us case, primary in maltiyskom town Mosts owner. During 2 th World War one of bombs not only engulfed in deep-Church, she has punched enormous dome, has fallen on gender and. Not disconnected. Something similar happened and in Marseilles. Before retreat from cities Germans've wired Basilica, however in set time explosion not was followed by. The bomb squad have learned happy from the lower church in absolutely we take able and made on an unpopulated coast. That here do you say - "- Inch'Allah!"

When we leave Notre-Dame, rain again is intensifying. To prevent what she called, already from windows bus, we do here is such "you" photo stop:

Our walk along historian ended with. Weather contributed their unpleasant readjustments, until trains remained more two hours, but go somewhere even was is thus meaningless. So we have reached in unerringly, [things and residue time, as would this were nor was, conducted in vokzalnom spied a expectations, having looked movies on planshetnike. Increasingly-??? very comforting this a device for travel nalegke, not for good reason I long waited, until in the classroom between open, and myselfjust a notepadami will emerge something adequate as on opportunities, so and on price.

Why something even tickets on specific date and concrete train in France adopted busting. On-my, this not fits in neither what logic. I understand, when this is done, as, to example, in Italy with tickets on regional trains without accurate dates, but here. There is no, "mind the French not understand." :no:

That I can say pro Marseille in completing? Perhaps, this not the most the best city on earth, but conduct here 1.5-2 days (in a good weather, of course) well can be, if of well-wasn desires "resources." For example, go on marine hosts on kalankam, as here call maritime rocky coves. Or on bus ride (truth, with a transfer) get slightly sub-, in town Cassis ( … assis.html), where can be admire those same kalankami from above. Or in not less picturesque, than Vallon des Auffes, place to the northeastern west from Marseille ( … eille.html), where Sea and terrain sushi create many natural beauty. Yes many what can be, are looking and choose:
To the same very soon ToVP construction site walk away with streets Marseille: Good people prompted, that city elected European cultural its capital 2013, so that local construction zeal gained its rationale. And after this many, perhaps, see quite the other Marseille. Not doubt, that he will become cleaner and greener, and before with Vatican II certainly will cleanest, which would give main temple even more photogenical value.

And I invite all readers follow with us in Arles! Truth, after a small and quite not advertising pause.



Yes-ahh-and, Cathedral indeed good! :yep:

savl wrote:

a Marseille Cathedral is relative novodelom

Interestingly, where then such a strong eastern colouring and mixing styles?

savl wrote:

upper simply afflicts their interior

Very Festive! Perhaps creates festive mood.



Thanks to, for such an interesting narrative, very will curiously compare the impression Your with impressions neophyte-world traveler (my daughters) which with friends has carried in Marseilles almost two days now (and weather incidentally young caddis was, too, not solar).
Creating, now understand, that d with biased to ask she has :idea:



Julia wrote:

interestingly, where then such a strong eastern colouring and mixing styles?

From and mixing styles, that built in the second half of nineteenth century, which was in architecture time eclecticism. The that Cathedral not autentichen can be be guessing where on huge arch of on a major the facade. As if would took the Triumphal arch and put distinctive strings of DNA in wall. To be sure, quite not impressive. On-my, any modest Roman Catholics Santa Sabine is capable exert far greater emotional impact. However, this sugubaya imkha.

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savl wrote:

A I invite all readers follow with us in Arles!

If you'll come-pay)



We continue trip on dozhdlivomu Provansu!


From Marseille until Arles on a train just 50 minutes. In while, the sky jobs the beginning of svetlet, and have us emerged hope, that most bad remained behind. But, as the saying goes, dreams-dreams A the most Synods of Arles the sky again went black, and from the station until hotel we again has been going under umbrella for :rain:.

Our unerringly with flower entitled Acaciastroops quite not far, immediately for so-called kavaleriyskimi gateway, imperfections before northern tenants in city. Unerringly us grassroots, and I, too, can with clean own consciences recommend his. At all with size in this trip us was lucky numbers come across big and cushy, and masters the friendly and hospitable. Exception, perhaps, averaged only unerringly in Avignon, utilitarnost which, despite good reviews on sites affluence, left much to be desired.

Until we camps were set up, elcome stalled, and this was us very on hand, because dine clearly not seriously impair. In this time, about 9 the evening, open restaurants your visitors very little. Yes and at all the streets were absolutely justifications are empty, for that I ill feeling there and without rear thought I mean, he called Arles provansalskim Chernobyl. There is no, truth, until we has been going until Pontiff amphitheatre, us not passed at least, on-my, nor one person. Have been vacant tables near edalnykh institutions, which, however, almost all not operated. But because todays on the evening we not were determined on gurmanstvo, snack neutral of Italian food and drinks guilt problems not accounting for.

Not startled beautiful of illuminating amphitheatre (in fact he was overwhelmingly simply lanterns environmental the streets), we over on central Square Square Republic.

In its the center of the rises an obelisk there is no, not another the Egyptian, which can be see in many European cities, and the Roman, 4 th century, initially established in the center of the local circus artists emperor by Constantine II. When Roman Catholics the Age of ended, circus was abandoned, and an obelisk fell, is split over whether on 2 parts of and so and has lain, no one not ensured, 8 centuries. In 14 century his dug up, in 17 th put it upon on the place, where we his see and today, and in 19 th built in in foundation the fountain and bronze statuary.

At all Arles one of the most Roman cities southern France. During the war between Caesar himself and Pompey before long Arles, s then Synods of Arles, variants with choice, by supporting Caesar, which after his victory in as a rewards conveyed city all privileges, belonged to previously main city Pontiff Provence -Pierre (Marseille) (it is not difficult be guessing where the current historian), which contrary was on the side Pompey (bAAAlshaya mistake, as spoke hero famous film). Arles began flourish, here installed amphitheater, theater, the very circus, where teetered the column-an obelisk. Later here often every time I pushed emperor Constantine Grand, which has added here bathhouses-thermal baths, partly surviving until our days and mightily one of local attractions (though, Turkic forward, Id say, that, on my view, their well can be and miss).

Importantly the construction on Tiananmen Republic Church considered. -Trophime d'Arles. To it we evens go back, and until Id say only, that considered. Trofim is considered one of those 70 apostles, pro which said in Russia with the Gospel from Luke: After stingy elect central and other seventy [], and sent their on two pre face to the pupils in anyone city and place, far Sam wanted to go . He was the first urban bishop even in 1 century, in times of the most Jesus.

Thanks to nedozhdlivomu by the evening and not too kategorichnomu forecast on tomorrow, we have fallen asleep with some hopes. Which destined to was be broken with the first same enjoying your morning mournfully in window. That here say, are looking themselves:

These small towers as times those the most were at a gatesmedieval cities, about which I wrote higher.

However not all share our pessimism these flowers on and, spite nor on that prorastayuschie among stones, certainly not's grief. The rain, the more now, before the provanskim (or increasingly same provansalskim? Like so more correctly, but as something very mayonezno sounds :crazyfun:) summer.

The first object in our terms of Abbey Momazhyur. I minutes 5 taught his pronunciation with the help beautiful on reseptsii hotel, to correctly say the cabbie. So and not fewer causing us taxi, beautiful already himself explained, far need to these kreyzi-travelers to in weather, in that nor one brands themselves Frenchman dog on streets not will. Ah if only here is so:

Abbey Momazhyur ('Abbaye quo Montmajour) enough for landmark, order for this in helpfully monuments national meaning ( On this we and bought it, the more that, as I already wrote, we love the history religious architecture. Yes and photo, rested in 120, were, that is called, in our subject. But on this time intuition me changed. First, as often happens, that in neskolkosekundnykh advertising commercials is embodied increasingly most interesting from movie, so and here - those photo, which I saw, proved only interesting from just abbey. And second - and here we met with-reaching underway vosstanovitelno-restavratsionnymi limits. But the price input a ticket on full program fits then status! :(

History Abbey of includes more than 1,000 years. A long time it was one of richest monasteries south France, in 11 century became familial burial-vault graphs Provence. For this time Abbey have repeatedly dostraivalos, and today represents a complex quite composite facilities: The chapel 11 century, build 12 century, the lobby. Tower and powerful Wall 14 century, and recent buildings were erected already in the early 18 century. And, as and almost all with their temples, Abbey greatly eroded in times of Great French revolution.

Outsidelooks, of course, brutally, but special admiration not causes:

Ah and other photo I here are, that is called, for the common understanding of. We over everywhere, where was possible. Look first from the bottom up:

And then from above down:

With traditionally the beautiful for such facilities kluatrom, too, not fortunate. Here underway has been going work, and courtyard around the the perimeter was zaveshan husk. Thank God, intact until (or already) proved although would galleries:

Some details:

Public transport until abbey not churchgoers. Enter here can be either on its machine, either on taxi. For good weather I viewed option get halfway on bus ride (urban trails 2 and 4), and remaining couple of kilometers pass fun and with song on camps heat (type as) Provence. Understandably such route proved unclaimed, but suggest his I cannot under any circumstances: Have leading here roads were are lacking sideline.

Back we also have returned on taxi, accommodating shortfall caused by who worked the till. With with start-up expense again comprised 5 the euro. Interestingly, this wages for challenge or simple for France the price landing in taxi? :dontknow:



With regret forced be noted, that photos Arles more just have suffered from stormy weather, here: '(. In Marseilles us increasingly same managed grab modicum several hours frank sun. In Nimes. I was there dumbshit weather skrashivalas numerous forested, flamboyant the Young the leaves which created color von. And here is in Arles, first, clearly lacked of light, because the sky a host day was sees low on Grayscale clouds, yes and rain not disappearance nor on minute. And second, Arles very nezelyonyy city, here many yellow stone, which on the sun certainly glitters and plays, but in pasmurnuyu weather contrary looks does work right.

And increasingly same Arles grassroots! :cool: Yeah, you did, despite grim reality, despite permanent rain. Frankly, me very was this it is unclear. Me seemed, that Arles applies to those cities, perception of which depends heavily on weather. And here is we Go, already utomlyonnye two-days rain, under umbrella for, in raincoats around walked about, which jobs already are beginning rush into from a permanent use (Chinese same, disposable , made more for complacency, than for serious socks) and fishing themselves on thought, that city likes! Perhaps, Arlyu in greater extent from all pobachenikh us in this trip cities suited definition of European medieval city. Here there is no such harsh the goals of, as in Cuenca, Trujillo or Bergamo, arlevskie , winding streetspretty and picturesque on-homey:

Here is such interesting gates, clearly not from modern buildings, we was greeted:

And this Square, on place which two Goals ago was the Roman forum:

Passing past, we have reached in yard complex van Gogh(Health & Van Gogh) - the former hospitals, where in late 19 century anodyne treatment as mentally ill globally known an artist Vincent Wang Gogh. Now here pass exhibition, consigned shops and cafes.

And here is so saw that place himself Wang Gogh:

A novel the construction memorial fountain Amedeya Pisho(Amedee Pichot), established to decades his death:

Amedee Pisho - French did the Men of Letters, historian and the interpreter, became known transfers all Sonnin Byron were born, on which with writings English poet meet each other not only in France, but and in Russia, in including - and himself A. S. Pushkin.

In information-tourist the center of the Arles we bought seeks Olympiyskiy. At all they there are two species, but those who intends to examine city without much bigotry, well analogy the most cheap option the so-called Pass for any Libertevalue of 9 the euro ( … amp;type=9). He allows to visit 1 museum and 4 air of precisely so, 5 monuments without museums watch already not tickles. In museum we go not intended, but because the price on individual the sights in Arles (yes and in France at all) quite high, a well justified even without him.



We again we find ourselves surrounded on Tiananmen Republic. And fishing themselves on thought, as not new proved would here any rastenitsa, let just dozen, let in kadkakh but that place looked would very differently. And deal not only in rain I saw photo Tiananmen in rays sun, she was a stark, light, but increasingly would still its very pustovatoy without greenery.

In the background of last photos urban Town Hall17 century. small coworking with hoursseems its part of and such today and is, but she was built on 100 years before and, respectively, was separate and independent ???. Such symbiosis have in a result compromise between actual lack of room for construction Schoeneberg's Town Hall and desire-plus contracting - members urban Council - preserve a series of old buildings, in the number of which engulfed and the frescos to worsen.

From Left from Schoeneberg's Town Hall - Church saint Anna12 century (its todays ethos created on 500 years later). And directly contrary it, right from Schoeneberg's Town Hall - the cathedral considered. -Trophime d'Arles. The Yasukuni built in Romanesque-style without special special hotel. However thanks to field Urmas and galleries domestic courtyard-kluatra valued as major the medieval statuary and architecture.

From interesting facts can be be noted, that in surprised year here was crowned a Burgundy king famous German ruler, emperor Holy Roman empire, interesting in Milan and Lombardy Friedrich Barbarossa.

Interiors Cathedral knowing, that again same largely explains revolutionary yakobinskim zeal of the late 18 century

Good kluatrof the cathedral, but and here bony hand were many not allowed us see his in full sharp. Struggling forces sought sack so, to in frame --something as can be less developments :

Kind of on tower Cathedralwith other hand:

From buildings Schoeneberg's Town Hall can be fall into a curious, although and not too the highest stakes place the so-called kriptoportiki(Cryptoportiques). This underground arochnye galleries P-dip forms. A long time they were deemed Christian catacombs of Rome, but during another excavations were found evidence their ancient Roman origin. However initial purpose galleries is unknown until now, although there are version of, that dungeon have served barracks for slaves. Already later their used in as a warehouses and theater can, then have been downgraded under prison. In mid-past century galleries were are cleared and open to visits. Within wide virtually full the darkness, so nor about any better snapshots, the more our DUZhE, and speech be not can. But purely for the common development I let me give you couple of photo that can give although would most a common view about this mysterious, but far not really cosy place (in no way case cannot be to compare his with inaugurated by a barrel in !:nope: ):



In the center of the ancient Roman Arles troops amphitheater, built in late 1 century. On their size he held highly worthy 20s place among such facilities in Roman empire. Amphitheater redounded on conscience: He been used on their direct appointment to 6 century. And here is then time entertainment ended and it is time Defense. Amphitheater was converted in fortress: Arc and passes laid, nadstroeny four towers. Within to a were addition of homes and even built two chapel. And arena, povidavshaya several centuries Bank Mr.Stati, has become conventional urban salient.
In such a the form of amphitheater byl more 1,000 years. Only in late 18 century began eradication dwellers from domestic facilities and to breach territory from medieval building. To 1830 year stage restored and immediately same renewed , otprazdnovav arresting Algeria new spectacle - bullfighting mariachi. Which, incidentally, on a par with performances, is conducted here and today.

Despite the, that external perimeter amphitheatre already long fully cleaned up from outsiders buildings, city looms to him almost take a careful. So we managed to lift stage only kusochno:

Me as nespetsialistu it is difficult say, in what extent current the construction is spoken native , and in what - completed already in our days. Of course, todays footprint clearly catches in eyes above all perfectly obtyosannymi blocks. And how Roman are, say, domestic galleries or here is this arcade - remains only guess

And perishing in MIWE cube this arc is even such a naysayer, as I:

Except entertainment on arena amphitheater nurturing function his kind of machines time: For additional paid every a Roman could watch in special arc and see panoramas cities 21 century:

Those, from whom money was little, crossed content with just average for centuries:

Here we see G-Church Dame(Eglise Notre-Dame of la Major ). Its history begins with 12 century, but over the past century the Yasukuni not times rebuilt, especially after bombing 1944. A long time Church operate as the looked fraternity saintly verana, patron shepherds, many of which lived in this quarter. Write, that until of our time just beneath tradition blessing horses, happening here 1 on May.

And on this photo to worsen college considered. Charles:

Within amphitheater, as an anthill, is laced with system clever cycles of processing, galleries and eanoieo. Not doubt, that algorithm rapid and-exit viewers after views architectural and was conceived very clearly. At the top, incidentally, were adjustment, allow in hot days oppure canopy over all framed of visual the room.

That concerns the room todays, then this problem in Arles solved originally (however, judging by similar carried in Nimes. I was there, this overall principle reconstruction, Sahih either France at all, either this region): In addition to conventional restoration stone stands at 345 on circles upper got a padlock metal frame with seats.

We cabinet members Secretary almost the entire amphitheater on the upper part yarusu his stands. Unlike Nima, any something grand panoramas hence not was, so we went along eternity species:

In a whole adaptation , count of Arles amphitheatre under todays spectacle me liked much more, than on characteristic Arena. At least, outside he not disfigured exchage and posters and, despite clearly podnovlyonnyy appearance, looks well on-drevnerimski :cool:.



As I already mentioned, in Roman times in Arles, aside from amphitheatre, was even and theater, dated 1 century until BC Dora The, that today can be see on his place, has little in common with real history: Fully renovated Tossa a semicircular the stage and two clearly installed by the relatively recently pillar, the upper hand which harbored another failure construction forests. Dismantling an ancient theater anodyne in several stages. First in 5 st century he did DDT fall into disfavor to Christianity, which only was coming force as public religion, but already rush, demonstrated principle who not with us the against us : After all theater - this pagan entertainment! To the same on scene was the altar been, which was dealt with theater a... great deal of heresy! And stones theater tons and hundreds of has been going on construction first Cathedral Arles, "at considered. Stefan (on his place through several centuries're going to crown current St. -Trophime d'Arles). Thus was all workshops almost the entire outdoor the wall, consisting previously, like amphitheatre, from three re 345. Until of our time miracle survivor only one initial tryokhyarusnaya section, the scary name Tower Roland named one of arlskikh's archbishops 9 century:

This to worsen later was integrated in a citywide system fortifications, and remaining design theater have become obstraivatsya local population. Perhaps, precisely thanks to this until us modicum partly came close the remnants of, lower tiers Wall theater:

To Torre Roland is located adjacent so-called central Summer garden(Jardin d '& # 233 ;t & # 233 ;) one of small islets greenery in the center of the cities. Here are rising some exotic trees, set of the statue on mythological scenes, and in the center of the established here is such fountain:

By continuing walks, often on Arlyu, we took to promenade rivers Rhone river, but interesting for shootings foreshortenings there not found, at least, in such a weather. On path we look flattened of terms emperor Constantine Chernyenko (I already wrote, that he liked come here), but, believe me, they quite not deserve attention.

Our the latest point in Arles remained is necropolis Alikamp(Alyscamps). Exactly, himself is necropolis us not too interested, but we wanted watch of Romanesque architecture Church saintly Honoratus of Marseilles, and she is located in really late Alikampa. To the same until trains have us was much time, so that not watch even one thing new place, filtering attraction Arles, simply not was reason.

Before Alikamp, as and most graveyards of the time, was outside cities - the world the dead was opposite a from the world survivors. Even with Roman since the he was place landfills rich citizens. Later here been properly interred saint Trofim, and is necropolis became even more prestigious and popular. On his territory depended church and family chapel. Hence was beginning route path Santiago for pilgrims Provence and southern France. In 18 century Alikamp was converted in museum under open sky, becoming one of the first French of archaeological treasures museums, although landfills here have continued even until French Revolution.

Today is necropolis this a small alley, along which are worth sarcophagi, enough ancient with mind. Many of them raskoloty or are parted, but no evil spirits in them have been no. Yes and at all, as this often the case on cemeteries, the atmosphere Alikampa is full contemplated and appeasement.

Church considered. Honoratus of Marseilles Arelatskogo(Saint-Honorat), former in 5 century bishop Arles, a year of the in 12 century and unfinished from for lack of funds. Individual design were added already later, in particular massive cylindrical vaults and arc, pollsters impression its monumentalnostyu:

Here is such entry, with pritoloki which hanging down modern leave chain, talks the inward church:

Church surmounted Tower, which in French burial architecture is called Lanterne des has (Lantern its ending). And this to worsen combined with other lawyers carnage and as would prorosshimi of them forested look bad very picturesquely, I think, no one will debate with this:

And rain so and EU a host day Over increasingly time, can be, 2 or 3 times he stikhal on several minutes, but then attempt again. Compared with previous a day to in Marseilles became its very is cooler, and we already dressed on themselves increasingly, that have us was (jumpers, naturally, lay in kit world traveler on mayskomu Provansu). We not yet began to we're going to freeze seriously, but already felt promozglost, so on path in unerringly have reached in bar taste right, and I drinks specific me our Pernod. Not know, how right kalvadosu , but the, that we tried, not left no desires repeat once.

At all under good weather I can suggest lay on of Arles 5-7 hours in dependence from netoroplivosti walk and moreover, that precisely you want to here see. And we, taking things from hotel, dodamies in Nimes, until which train is faring just something half an hour of exercise.


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