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From Marseille until Carcassonne-

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Villeneuve-climbed-Avignon us very grassroots :cool:. He, with one hand, undoubtedly, bears colouring antiquity, with the other is quite green.

Here is these flies we first time saw in Arles, and then they have accompanied us literally everywhere, although in the languedoc increasingly same in a lesser extent.

We, of course, immediately understood, that this OK-OK-OK for good reason , but were lost in would, that same they mean or symbolize. In head came and geese, spasshie Rome, and much else% -). Finally, already by turning myself in, I proposed quite simple and controlled version of: Type times one of brands Provence is the blossoming lavender, then, perhaps, these flies in large quantities souslik in it and, thus, primazyvayutsya to its glory. And, to my huge the surprise of, it is this version of proved closer just to truth. St. proved tsikadami(la cigale), under sounds of a which passes the hot provansalskoe summer. Somewhere I even met mentioning about local proverb notwithstanding Il ne fait the continent bon travailler though real-la cigale TV , that in the diversion means roughly the next (the accuracy of not I guarantee, for that bought for something and prodayu): What can be work, if were singing Cicady?! :D

This Church, picturesquely vyglyadyvayuschaya from-under arc - chapel, previously nakhodivshayasya in the yard kardinalskogo palace on:

With the reverse of hand arc greeetsya dove (or cooled in cool stone?):

And here is these old gates remember the us those, that have fallen on eyes exiting from whose retailer, where we got ourselves couple of polovinchatykh (on 0.375 are unaware) bottles guilt, with a huge dignity: Tyres with take. For, traveling without sdavaemogo in airports baggage, we constantly face with problem absence of have a corkscrew :suspicious:.

The main Church Villeneuve-climbed-front kollegiata (parish Church) Dame Eglise Collegiale Notre-Dame. She looks in classic traditions churches early medieval (built in 14 century).

Meanwhile in France began appetisers during the afternoon time (I shall remind, here increasingly very not childishly: Who not managed the late! :playful: ). We wanted food here same, believing, that prices in a small town will more affectionate, than in tourist Avignon, but miscalculated with precision until contrary o.o.. So suggested a have returned on market Square, trade on which already congeal, and their closest by bus left in Avignon.



savl wrote:

New Avignon (Villeneuve-climbed-Avignon)

About, here is for this large human thank you - me there need to! Last time we there not have reached, so that d their upushennoe. And team bus 11 - this the usual urban? Where sit down on him can be?



- wrote:

team bus 11 - this the usual urban? Where sit down on him can be?

Yes, the most the usual.
And sit down on him can be, as I and wrote: "is sent from mails in district the train station and makes very convenient halt near at the Gate Porte quo wealth.Oulle (with foreign hand Wall)"



Again Avignon

I confess, that Avignon left ambiguous the impression. The most big of frustration presented us accession of Palace, considered a the main local attraction :no:. There is no, superficially he seemed so as be appropriate for:

But here is within. Within he proved utterly an empty. And deal not in absence of any something expositions, furniture, mansaf and camping on P. - Palace was sacked during French revolution (remember:. " We destroy us - until founding, and then. ") and artistic and other values in offense not remained, except several frescoes and wall drawings. But I expected something interesting things with hand perspective (though, frankly, even not know, what exactly - simply moreover, that infects the me, as was interiors monasteries, fortresses and castles, something, correlative monumental old farming facade) - and not saw absolutely nothing :(. If would I have was modicum a drop hope, that people can learn on mistakes (or although would on examples) other, I it comes has exclaimed: "not spend money (rather a lot of, to be sure - in accordance with status, but in no way time we ever made love not with bones of) and time on attending palace on!". But such illusions I have no: Every increasingly would still cherished invulnerability in its own way and, perhaps, this naturally. And I only let me give you several details interior, pokazavshikhsya me modicum how many something curious:

On past a picture - G-chapel-in 52 Dam, void which even stronger underscores its size.

Perhaps, the most a handsome kind of within is a with the gallery designer court (where pass views prominent Avinonskikh theatre festivals) on one of towers palace on:

Sculpture, zolotyaschayasya under rays sun - this Kazan, ukrashayuschaya Spiel 7,000 near urban of the cathedral.

Former Palace he, on place which built accession of Palace, troops on a slender rocky hill. And today, if to circumvent Palace from all sides, can be see here is such a alleyways, more a similar on gorge:

Incidentally, in ticket office any the sights front (and New Deal front) can be ask free pass, which gives the right discount on attending subsequent museums and monuments (but there, where he be acquired, credit is not provided. So makes sense receive his in places, where the price input a ticket minimal).

One of central and very crowded plazas front - the frescos, or Square hours (Place of. Horloge). It seems, that in France this so same frequent name, as in Spain Plaza Mayor. On it are located urban Town Hall and theater, and also much colorful one up:

Us very hit surprised, that such carousel (with utterly same assessment) we saw in all cities, in which have visited in this trip. Did they until now enjoy such popularity? And why only in France? Or this echoes any something local traditions? :huh:

Some details buildings theater:

Over salient rises to worsen with hours. She has belonged old Schoeneberg's Town Hall 15 century, and later integrated in the building Schoeneberg's Town Hall a new.

As and disputes are in Paris, this to worsen visible from many points cities and visually as would becomes part of many urban architectural ensembles. For example, Tiananmen before a public palace:



Around this Square, created by even in 14 century, is filled many noteworthy buildings. Except the most palace on, this and the cathedral Cathedral Notre-Dame-des-Doms, and Small Palace, and coinage yard. But often arises a sense of, that the main here is precisely the frescos to worsen - on my view, one of the most or facilities front.

The building of coins court17 century with whimsically otdelannym facade:

And, of course same, the cathedralwith a square bell tower, built in 1150 year. His white-stone silhouette equally clearly stands out and on backdrop of brighter gay man the sky, and in raid light, started (on photo in the early Valery partition of this was well markedly).

Cathedral, never small already itself, is worth on high stone pedestal, in facade (relatively Tiananmen) parts of which established used with sculpture group angels. Love we this subject - angels. And always feel their support in our Nalanda. Here is only on this time for weather they not have looked. :unsure: However, and in this certainly there is any deep idea, which us will have discovered someday.

Hence well visible the entire preddvortsovaya Square. Over which again "demureness, but with taste" rises the frescos to worsen:

Spiel Cathedral vigorously gilded the statue Dame:

Several photo in interiors Cathedral:

Even higher, in the most the upper point front is a small cleanest Rocher des Doms. Hence are opening "the most panoramic from all panoramic" species on city, the river Ron's with bridge Sen-Benezet bridge and even on fort San Andre in Villeneuve-climbed-Avignon.

And again the frescos to worsen ( my crowds with his bleeding heart to it obviously, not so whether?! :crazy: ):

In the center of the ???? furnished with scenic hillsides with red fishes, with a small attic room and skulpturnym fountain:

Incidentally, in park there is free toilets themselves. Truth, their state of than something reminds privokzalnye skating Soviet since the.



Another urban landmark, that blamed to situation must see - Of Avignone bridge, or, as his even call, bridge Sen-Benezet bridge(Pont Saint-Benezet). On my view, this is one the most "dutykh" world must see, promotion which represents a brilliant example marketing, very similar look with haven homes Spanish Cuenca :no:. Increasingly deal in is, that itself bridge is the most ordinary medieval bridge, which in huge quantities can be see in different countries Europe. For examples can be lead although would Old bridge in Karkassone, on which we were not forth, as yesterday. But, apparently, fellow path to global visibility - this any personal damage. If would Tower to worsen not has become "falling", she so would and has remained one of many Italian bell towers. And certainly, if would Of Avignone bridge not was destroyed flooding in 17 century and not permitted would until us in "usechyonnom" the form of, he was hardly today object mass tourist interest, for entry on which levied by ??? about 4 the euro :angry:. So that the construction, initially nosivshee in no small extent commercial character (other bridges through Ron's not was on many tens of kilometers from front, and for crossing bridge vzimalas duty), and today continues to yield guide your footsteps if in urban coffers :crazyfun:.

Incidentally, accommodated share of popularity the bridge Sen-Benezet bridge dovavila song "At the bridge in Avignon" (Sur rant pont d 'Avignon), sung by, in including other, urozhenkoy front, "popular musician former the USSR" Mireille Mathieu, the former one of the few overseas pop performers, leading sanctioned to view the image on public (and another and not was) television, for platter which in GUMe queued up of pork waiting lists.

A little song can be listening to, in particular, here is for this exiled:

Unfortunately, insert video directly in the text confirming stories with why something not broke a. :no:

Of course, bridge, dokhodyaschiy just until the mid-rivers (Avignon, as and Arles, is worth on Bank Rhone river), looks unusually. But for, to see this, quite not necessarily lie on offense. So we decided not spend time and money for walks, often on the bridge, and instead to move on the other Bank (more accurately, on island, which in this place shares Ron's on two sleeves) and admire classic food.We front with hand:

Hence, on my view, bridge indeed looks perfectly :cool:. With absolutely for free.

Residue days we trained not exploring on city. And need to say, that many, winding streets sounded on neighborhoods a new Carcassonne-- they were so same sulphur, nevzrachny and is uniform. But increasingly same interesting and or Munich here it turned out more. For example, here is this vertical the lawn, napomnivshiy "band vegetable gardens" in okolomilanskoy Monza:

Gates Republic, residence entry in city with hand station, from which central street front directly leads to Sentinel Tiananmen:

Details some urban churches:

To worsen Saint-understand rant-Vieux on Tiananmen Pope Piy VI (Place Pie), history which connected with with knights-Sovereign Military Order of Malta (Knights of St. John):

On tower - curious gerb:

Quay Rhone river near bridge considered. Benezet bridge:

To worsen, gates which lead on bridge:



savl wrote:

A sit down on him can be, as I and wrote: "Is sent from mails in district station and makes very convenient halt near at the Gate Porte quo wealth.Oulle (with foreign hand Wall)"

Oops, I drag - not have observed.

savl wrote:

Us very hit surprised, that such carousel (with utterly same assessment) we saw in all cities, in which have visited in this trip. Did they until now enjoy such popularity? And

Still as enjoy, and not only have children. On up the people sekre-Coeur in Paris almost always turn is worth. And I would with udovlstviem on it has proceeded, but fear on my you category she not able :D

savl wrote:

we decided not spend time and money for walks, often on the bridge,

And we, too,, with the other storory rivers he looks much simpatishnee, please be on twilight.
And incidentally yes, I have, too, of Avignon left an ambiguous impression, need to would with him deal terminally.



Simply diverse set street scenes:

Traditional for Provence souvenirs - colourful Cicady:

Near church considered. 's epigrams broken a small, but very scenic Square, the citys. Here and Gothic laces church, and arochnye concrete rubble, and square guarded marble water reservoirs, and palm trees, and many flowers:

We very fruitfully conducted time on impressive bench, gulping another returned (on this time full-blown on pressure vessels, purchased on path in one of shops and here same accommodating otkuporennuyu seller. And even raised their a comic the photo shoot "Avignon drunkenness" :crazy:, to present which in this fictional understandably I shall not pass.

Twilight of we was greeted on La Rhone river before Avinonskim bridge. On least how the sun be moving away for urban neighborhoods, bridge drive the money changers its color, and on the surface water increasingly are richer was becoming his doppelganger from world shadows:

When we went to dinner, was already dark. We again took to Square hours, on which day the street mnogolyudstvo has been replaced don't forget for tables cafes. Seemed, that increasingly population front coupled with teeming and indeed the common people time, remembered about needs their stomachs and now small consumed evening meal. Need to say, that environment this fostered: Stood a warm a soft-spoken evening, and soft illuminating surrounding buildings literally obvolakivala some umirotvoryonnostyu and to the mainland.

Our journey whole story, but limit rural not yet was pretty much exhausted. Taking from hotel bags, we unhurriedly traveled on the train station. And here slightly not committed the most big organizing puncture for entire history their trips. Deal in is, that came in the Avignon, 2 the train station: "The usual", on which we and toured here, and a new, for Shinkansen trains - Gare TGV. And our train until marselskogo airport, more accurately, until Aix-reposition-Provence, where we must were change on team bus, would depart precisely with TGV-shnogo. Usually I in advance very carefully'm including all details trips - room for visits, optimal trails and, naturally, location all facilities. And here the whether relaxed a, then whether, even that. :stupor: Quite I knew about two stations and even specifically watched, on what of them we arrive in Avignon, to account for this when choosing hotel. So, when I not saw on vokzalnom oaaei of our trains, long to think about the causes not had to. Had to to decide another problem - as to dispose prove on "the right" station. Time us my car for my calendar not yet lethally - thanks to our of habit to do increasingly stance and with temporary zadelami everywhere, where only perhaps. But in any case question need to was to decide, and to decide without delays. Gare TGV resides in 3-4 kilometers from cities, and about how, to go on foot, yes even in darkness, not was and speech. Between train stations is plies team bus-catch, but schedule his movement was is unclear due to lack of on stopping school-. Yes and itself halt suspicious had been empty for. Remained taxi, but those who thinks, that "to capture" his in France easily, strongly are wrong :no:. At least, this applies to small cities. Even on stations, which everywhere are main "hothouses and nurseries" taksomotorov, quite not there is waiting lists free machines. Rudely speaking, their simply there is no. Under need taxi simply cautious on the telephone, which have us (in sense, numbers), naturally, not was, yes and doubt, that I managed to would do Made to Order without knowledge language. On station all windows, in which us could help in this issue, already were closed. I rallied go in closest unerringly, but here us utterly incidentally "ankle just went right over" railroad burner used, broadcast from buildings to Tahrir. Need to give it tribute: When we turned to it with request help trigger taxi, she has nodded her, without words developed a, plummeting has again in vokzalnoe ???? and, returning through several minutes, told "will through 5 minutes."

So and happened. Minutes through 15 we already were in the suburb, on big esplanade offering direct access before "a fast" station. And here we heard something an unusual - chorus in Provencal frogs. On Tiananmen built several small of reservoirs rectangular forms, in them growing any high the grasses and live these the most frogs, which, undoubtedly, specifically level (or give) here. Themselves their we not saw, so pro rocks, color and the size of the say nothing not can, but kvakafoniya teetered very picturesque and even mesmerizing. We even have made several short rollers, one of whom I uploaded on youtubeand through exile's when I place in this fictional. Naturally, the very image of the absolutely no matter - need exclusively listen to "musical accompaniment", with with "French prononsom": When I gave familiar another listen to the these , they said, that very frogs a utterly differently :D.

In France is rife the situation, when under purchase a ticket on site railways (voyages-sncf or tgv-europe) from points A until points In route incapable from two parts: One of them is undertaken exactly on a train, and the second on bus ride (coche). For example, so built most routes from Paris in Abbey Sen-Michelle. Our ticket -This one comes from Avignon until marselskogo airport, too, was value: By train until Aix-reposition-Provence, and already made there by bus in airport. No problems I here not saw, the more that, positioning themselves for upcoming in soon or in Sen-Michelle, already got acquainted with similar algorithm, in particular, with feedbacks go, in which was written, that team bus should expect arrival trains on the airport terminal Tiananmen. Are emerging from car, search for any pointers. Not find o.o.. Go to Tahrir - huge space, parking and no a blip on the on team bus. 'm understand, that not increasingly, consider world so, as like, somewhere within emerges worryingly a sense of: Until midnight remains half an hour of exercise, the latest team bus should for Ban to go with minutes on minute, and here even our TGV late on 10 minutes :huh:. Prospect to go on taxi on nighttime tariff in airport from Aix-reposition-Provence quite not has been attracting (and, if that, another option not remained: Our plane ricocheted out in 6 morning). Ask have any the train some - waves hand on bridge through path. It is risen, we go down, again ask. A path show, but than further Go, the more we find ourselves surrounded on any something backyard, similar on technical exposure% -). People around becomes increasingly less and less, and soon, we remain quite alone. In late all we find ourselves surrounded on the street under Triomphe between vokzalnymi pushed before a narrow expensive, on which couple trolleys with baggage they should depart with hard. On our happiness, here is worth a man (even own best guess, who us his sent), which according our doubts - yes, halt here, yes, team bus now should be. Ur! Tension subsides, and through several minutes arrives and team bus - utterly empty, in him sit down only we and this a man. And if would train late even minutes on 5, and if it comes we have sought a path even more? :dontcare:
But further, fortunately, increasingly already was quite simply: Exactly in midnight we landed on Tiananmen before building airport, someone printed it out for in "lyuftkhanzovskikh" refineries raised their landing and, are you settling in on yourself a sleepover in spied a expectations. Except us here virtually no one not was, so that settle managed well comfortable experience.

To what I wrote pro especially of our final transfer? First, to warn those, who will to go similarly, to they not working out: No one will you seek and wait, decision tasks get to the bus in right place and in right time - exclusively "deal hands Ermones Bay." And second, not can not voice, that in country, so advanced in transport respect, as France, such as would this softer speak us same women reading! in general, such situation we raze not expected. :suspicious:

However, itself this case had no effect on our attitude to France, which already request in the process travel. Not Id say, that us she quite not liked, but perishing mystic, and all the more desires continue to deeply examine its so same, as Spain, have us accurately not appeared. And even if God (and his path, as known, works in mysterious ways) team provides us here even times, then we will go for not in 653, and in those its beds, what us wanted watch. And until let us find suffocation relief in our favorite Spain here is who indeed beckons and calls the, here is with whom one thing only anticipation meeting already causes vexation hearts, as have caballero, 1982 romances under window its Dulcinea's! :whistle:

And, of course same, thank you all, who was with me throughout this confirming stories with and me on such short notice its precious time on his at. All health and gains! We even meet, we necessarily meet! :flag:

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