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Couple of words about France. From Beauvais until Beauvais (Paris-the Loire-go to Brittany-kitchenettes)

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I First UBNPUFPSFEMShOBS trip in France starters ein in February. Days was allotted
12, basic guidance was 3 - Paris, castles Loire Valley and MSM (yes-yes, increasingly very were, why same
Immediately rotten apples, respectively and days him have divided on-when: 4 - Paris, 4 - region
Loire Valley, 4 - eastern go to Brittany and kitchenettes on path in Beauvais, far flies Rayneir. Move freely
Was supposed on trains.

The first harsh true, being thrown at our fragile shoulders, proved Increasingly was
So unpredictably, awkward, nedeshyovo, that emerged idea look narrowly to creations
Automotive. All the more, that otmazavshis lack international rights, I immediately chestiune in
Kommandory with two Adamami Kazimirovichami. Truth there appeared their harsh automobile
Realities, but in terms of B were already not only cities, but and lands, to abandon which was already
Simply impossible.

Useful advice. When one of participants motor rally the churchgoers and day for a day to speaking in a recycles
Word: "Machine gun-machine gun-machine gun", issuing on tea spoon of valerian or a similar
For anxiety, do you other participants, discriminating in the Monetary terms of mill machines with manual
Box transmission.

But reading colorful narratives respected forums and of the dry articles respected
Putevodopisateley made their changes - go to Brittany otzhala have Loire Valley and Normandy 3 days, and plan on
Days vyrisovalsya such: 4-2-4.5-1.5. "Us with you on four thousands of, - said he Bender's house, - and
Balaganovu two. He and on two not worked you. "

Hotels are made on bukinge and the produce markets. On opportunities iskalis triply, on impossibility of
Tviny + the singles. The hesitated from 60 until 120. Can be, of course, was in province part of abolish and
Choose from local chambres d 'hote, but route was saturated, time was little, yes and as something
A bit ochkovato - and ah as at all nothing decent not you will find web?

Airline workers Vilnius (Minsk-3) -Bove and Beauvais-Vilnius monitorilis have rayneira and vizzeira. System
Pricing have these decent companies the chaotic (especially Ryn), than more often Dj, those
More chance find anything good. As only backward number of below psychologically
An acceptable barrier in 35e, so and was only bought by ticket (though then I saw and 25th of).

Useful advice. Than more pretty stingy explorer, those more often he updates the site Rayneira.

Visas charging in the Polish with, other sensible options obtain multishengen on year in
Belarus there is no.

II A now talk for the very trip.

And that here to speak, I took ill,’s throats, cough, were wheezing as give Darth Vader on a new design death.
Weather was Cold, dozhdevatoy and livnevatoy. Trip not Commission itself.

The end of the

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There is no, so cannot be. If it comes this was Schettler on subject "How I spent as a child summer", received would his with
Reasoning "Theme not be revealed." Let us revealed. Not for good reason OK with foolish questions a routine
Here honest people until trip.

I Paris.
I already was once, something from basic-related travel obyazatelnostey saw and on some even passed. That accurately need to was watch in this time: Notre-Dame from above, Saint-Chapelle from within, Luxembourg (OK) "garden, Latin quarter, center Pompidou Centre, Square des-Vosges, Pale-Royal, Jewish quarter, Marais, G-and Small palaces, Defense, Canal Sen-Martin Serret, the Catacombs, museum Army, the Triumphal arch from above, museum carnival, Montmartre, Palais de la cite, # museum Lenin #,.

15 June 2007 Well, the move Minsk-Vilnius, until plane two hours - typically recognized :)
Flight Vilnius-Beauvais.
Setting Beauvais-Paris, Port Maillot (15s, timetable shuttles debido under every flight).

Set of from ten Fuel card on subway (opened all) is worth as seven Fuel card separately.

To five hours were in aparte (Latin quarter, 120e, was chosen for strategic
Location), where was greeted of our third stakeholder, African-Americanbelorusokanadtsa
Mr. Rogers. He had flown even on the morning and policies--and, man, the only double bed. Time
Was dinner, travel schedule was many, nothing volumetric on that day not planned. Typically recognized only a bit walk in Latin Qu quarter, on of the city and Sen-Louis-are-are unaware 'Ile. From izvestnostey externally look Sorbonne, Pantheon, Saint-Etienne-du-Mont, television, Sen-Severin Marceau and Notre-Dame.

This just a narrow s new street - rju Shariah meeting-Pech, after Venice not amazed

On the bridge Sen-Louis local Dr. Parnassus opened it its day panopticon

Periodically EU a small rain,’s throats I have already the beginning of much to root, importantly urban cafes-ice cream Bertiyon no ofercie temptations not envious.

Grew dark. Haystack has been filling up with-owner teplokhodikami. Teplokhodiki filled with teeming. Tourists filled with atmosferoy (or .fat without any sign atmosfery antics with one aboard on the other and on button camera're rubbing?)

Met old might, as something those elusive from dreamlike performance of glance of Pretoria-the bulldozer Osman,

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I hot you and s organisers pishy ischo!
Text or Who such buldozer overlooking?



almapater wrote:

I hot you and s organisers pishy ischo!

Agree with previous orator :yep:



Overlooking - this the the guy, zapravlyavshiy Paris in nineteenth century, which removed the entire medieval Paris and has rebuilt the, that there is now.



Having received in possible medicine guide books curiously-different plan-routes from series of "Paris for 3 days", these the most days him have divided on justice: One day - rightist Bank, one - leftist, one - the, that not typically recognized, morning last day - different.
Plan maximum on today: Of the city, rightist Bank from Pompidou Centre until Arc de arc, through Song home on left. Turkic forward, I’d say, that plan have made only until Trocadero (the best slits on Eiffel tower).
Weather was from it's cloudy until "we you warned." I already not he was wheezing, and defeated were wheezing.

For visits local dostoprimov was been decided buy parimuzeypass on 2 days.

Parimuzeypass. Is worth on 2 days - 39e, on 4 days - 54e, on 6 days - 69e. Except already unused entry in together basic museums and dostoprimov Paris and Priparizhya, has very a useful bonus, entry without waiting lists, everywhere except Saint-Chapelle and rooftop Notre-Queen. Are going to visit three-four points from the list of? Take.

Have us the first point programs commanded roof Notre-Queen. Rumored to closer to afternoon turn on the rise quite sing, decided enter for opening. Essential Guide called 9.00 opening the the most katedrala and 9.30 opening the towers. Came to to make - waiting lists there is no, hour are - 10 hours. Were crazy in himself the cathedral - Hugo, of course, pro him not for good reason wrote, but here is increasingly-??? too many there tourists. Some Gothic katedrali look and povnushitelnee, and on more beautiful, but Parisian takes it out its a rich history.

Useful advice. Having looked Cathedral, not forget have their on his backdrop of. Not figure you otherwise nor relatives, nor friends. There is no photo with Notre-Dame and Tower? Means, and in Paris not were

Having looked vnutryanku, looking at interior. Here is one of exalt in France saints, Sen Dani, inspired both Main Gorshin

In 9.30 we again before entrance on roof down, already couple man waiting lists. Stand-skloubeni, to 10 the end of the waiting lists loss for angle.
Any quantity.The steps, and we in spied a ticket and souvenirs. Even couple of hundred - and here is they, galleries - Hiemer. Here you and Weevil, and one of seven Gnomes', and man-spider has, and I, on how many a rich fantasies!, myosyo Viollet-unt-Duc Duc as facilitated. Galleries carefully withdrawn broad netting, chitob tourists, the mute first, not poubivalis.

"Here is you where, my preles-with-with-ism."

Spiel Notre-Queen, on which impaled his air Fighting cruiser of guardsmen Cardinal in of last Hollywood version of "three of the musketeers are",, too, created irrepressible Viollet-unt-Dukas in 19 th century. That allows to exclude "Three Musketeers 3D" from the list of documentary films on the history France.

Goes in tower-, the bell, peeking under kilt off "kolokolu.
Somewhere primary over the top runs round Kvazimoda and life screeches. Try way to bait sugar shack, but on light not goes, anything but shy.

It is risen on the most the upper hand, on a viewing playground. Here is perishing where's a land of opportunity owners cameras with large zoom

The folding on withered land. Its feet from unaccustomed burden even 4000m2 as well as are trembling.

Before with Vatican II is worth a monument the Pyramids. There, truth, written something pro Karl Great and his vassals, but who such this Karl against of a couple of the proverbial of Gaul’s?

Before with Vatican II entry under land in arkheologicheskuyu the crypts. Included in muzeypass, ah as its now miss? Interest represent maps-schemes of the ancient (the Hotel Lutetia) and medieval Paris.

On the island of the city except Notre-Queen remained oldest hospital appears Hotel-Dieu (verbatim "joint's a church." Standards medicine were raised from century in age, from not too convenient 5 man on one bed, through acceptable 3 human - ah and that, that one of them already died? - until barskoy luxuries on bed on human); Prefecture police, in which served blockbuster Kolyusha; the old flower market, where can be pick a the flower under any mother-in-law

And Palats justice, poglotivshiy the old royal Palace Palais de la cite. Here same is and the royal Chapel of Saint-Chapelle, today its're gonna miss, cleave on solar weather tomorrow. Outside and of the inside of Chapel of under churches challenging were many

Palais de la cite (is incorporated in muzeypass)

For their history managed to visit and royal residence of, and prison. Hospitable, a dungeon proposed their Malcesine room on any web wallet, were and luxurious singles suites, and more modest Tviny

Rank state providing free five-desyatiriply.
Many prominent personality visited this a place, and sisters tyrants Kapetov

And former MPs Convention from faction popular happiness

There same can be was play in game "feel the themselves vertukhaem" - loudly stomping beneath, to approach doors personal suites Maria-Antoinette, open viewing peephole, notoriously pozyrkat and, expensive Arthur congratulate catch, for Ban to go in bypassing on other 548kg.

We same on the bridge Menyal quit on rightist Bank.

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You are here » Together around the world » Narratives: France » Couple of words about France. From Beauvais until Beauvais (Paris-the Loire-go to Brittany-kitchenettes)