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France without the deference, you know: Track Russian salad

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Paris - liven - Mont Sen-Michel - Rennes - Rouan

I find welcome this weekendall readers, dobravshikhsya until my new confirming stories with! :flag: Which different from all previous those, that short novel at all and not is. And perishing quite accurately not claims on Essential Guide (this political I for themselves fully run out short novel about Jerusalem). This simply set of road is deprived, ponravivshikhsya species and thought, caused all of these, in general - some track vinaigrette. Ah and because speech increasingly same is faring about France, then more correctly will say - Russian salad. Although quite possibly, that even need to find French coach, which discovers something native in this word and very are surprised, that now, which he entire life knows as Russian salad, has not so perishing longstanding, albeit indirect, roots in his country.

Why I chose precisely such a form of narrative? First, because, that tell with astute guise of in a million. Nadtsatyy times pro Paris, which most readers, am confident, know and like much more me, will not simply foolish (this I even could would survive), but and it is no fun. And uninteresting narratives, to paraphrase the most known in world a, need to "to emit on dustbin of" in really the early. And second, itself France me not so get aroused by to inspire on some monumental ethos with a claim on narrative - the, that I have quite good is obtained (ah such perishing I modest! :crazy:) with Spain. And genre "descriptions-episodes" in such situation - the most convenient the exit: Not need to nothing systemizing, so, recreate chronology travel, try to something communicate or in encouraged convince. Ah and because my attitude to France (as well as and to Paris) stripped any the deference, you know or of reverence, then and notes my will well impartial. Word, I, as a troubadour (incidentally, even one thing the French word!): "That see, then and sing" :whistle:. So that, hold on, France! :crazyfun:

In really Paris I already was, albeit very long: In late past century, when the word the millennium was the most fashionable in world, and on Eiffel tower burned the writing AN 2000. And now well represented, that I will be able there see, and by no means not was inspired these. I far not lover of styles "silver century", classicism, Modernism and other things edges. And at all spirit, inherent period of from 18 until the early 20 century. So me not like nor Petersburg, nor Milan, and the capital my favorite Spain Madrid I believe skuchneyshim city Europe (not believing Moscow, of course) :x. And so me quite not close and Paris. And perishing vested when applied to him stamps type "the most romantic city, far need to necessarily to come tennis" or "celebration, which always with you" and at all believe absolutely absurd. On my view, there is a huge number of cities, in much greater extent appropriate concepts romantics and holiday: Florence, Prague, Barcelona and perishing those Demidovich - Istanbul, my the most a favorite city on earth. Paris, me seems, more to slap title global capital "autumn are" - here is then in full extent manifests itself the his spirit, the kind atmosfEra, which rastirazhirovana in million Indian and songs around the world. Nedaremno precisely here flooded its nostalgic after which she emigrated the Russian aristocracy after October coup 1917.

Believe, that have some readers will emerge well legitimate question: "Times so, then no. He fool there? "Believe me, that the reason was, but she lies outside themes this confirming stories with. And aoaee we, can be said, with purely practical objectives - watch the interesting, that can be see in Paris (and increasingly this quite not means, that I believe, that such by there there is no). But we utterly not sought "penetrated spirit of" either "feel parizhanami" - here is perishing whom I accurately not wanted to would not only be, but even feel themselves :huh:.

Interestingly, that some my travel fit some OJSC AIRPORT - the or melody, which why something recovered in anybody and conjured with specific country or place. To example, the most first foreign trip - on Italy - "accompanied" Toto Cutugno with "Italiano et", in first Spanish in anybody constantly was spinning! "Barcelona", full of now late "Quinn" Freddy Mercouri together with Monserat Concepcion Bibiana Caballe i Folch, a Sicilian, naturally, was filling with unique instrumentovkoy from "Kryostnogo father." And here is hit current travel has become song from cartoon "Monster in Paris":

That concerns carte, then when applied to Paris in another times outside competition proved Essential Guide series of DK, on cards which we already successfully traveled on Jerusalem and railway / undergroung station fromwhere. On my view, for large cities best simply not there is: On "DKshnoy" marked by absolutely all the streets, attractions and station subway, moreover, its the scale of the enough big and allows "find themselves" even in really Werve every corner of the.

> > > > > > > > > > > > > > What liked in Paris:cool:

Perhaps, this will ring out were, but more just in Paris us liked disputes are bound to worsen in nightlife podsvetke. Not in ezhechasnom an evening 5-minute time the twinkling of the (this, to be sure, very spectacularly, namely in "Ukraine until" coverage, thanks to which to worsen looks especially delicately, and its azhurnost is with the most excellent prospects examples of plameneyuschey Gothic in architecture :cool:.

And even interesting feature of: If "daily" to worsen not looks very perishing big, then on the evening create democracies impression, that it ranks literally polneba and gender-Paris. After this a day to we long wondered, why for night to worsen has diminished :question:.

Incidentally, to worsen twinkles every hour anew in for 5 minutes, in at all not ten, as written in some sources and as, if me memory not changes, was in 2000.

> > > > > > > > > > > > > > linguistics had Paris

To talk to the in Paris speak English. There is no, can be, even shabby.There, than in Spain. But increasingly would still far not always and not with all. And need to be ready, that precisely in the very moment, when need to to know something important, your the interlocutor proves ah nor never not "the Englishman." In such cases, especially in places type must see, recommend immediately move on Russian: There is chance, that you realize, albeit through word. Hit trip has become joke a guard, checking my bags under emotional outburst during on Eiffel tower: "Vodka, cognac, the Kalashnikov?" :D "Yes, flows to life, change times", - commemorated we. After all once with the Russians were associated bears, valenok and hats-trapper hat. Ah and the same vodka, of course, as without it, there is same on light of perpetual values :rofl:.

Of course, until such populating Russian language, as in Turkey or in some places Italy and Spain, France even far, but and. " We with you in Paris need as in Russian steam bath skis "Vysotsky already moot now. Need-not need, and position obliges - "Russians go"! o.O
The rest same languages (perhaps except Swahili - not has tried) "spinning away" even less. Say, Spanish, which, muddling through whether, faring poorly whether, way in southern France, here proved absolutely useless.

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> > > > > > > > > > > > > > liven

Trip in liven Lies quite a spontaneous. At all I have long that was see of Chartres the cathedral, but 10 years ago not request, and in this time regulations 2-day tenure in Paris, as seemed, not allowed such luxuries. However under more meticulous "probivke" route it turned out, that program one of days we so or otherwise will finish hours in 3-4, given before these dozen kilometers. So recreation will require in any case. So why would not draw his in carriage trains (from Paris until Chartres - hour with small), and then - in unhasting stroll on dozer? :music:

Thanks to my permanent partner with its own - guglovskomu "YeIlow man named" I learned, that in Chartres., except Cathedral, there is even and amazing beauty the old quarter, all the along small small river. This very authentic, absolutely not touched by time district with there did, svisayuschimi in water ivami and caretta as if from the very rivers homes. "Man" not from, and we remained in full delighted from this named seats :cool:.



That concerns of the cathedral, then he, of course, deserves attention, but I expected a bit greater. Not know, in fix and as this should was reverberate, given, how many times I saw his photos before. Perhaps, I represented his visually more a monumental, although far perishing more: Spires Cathedral go in the sky on 100-metres levels :glasses:. Incidentally, foreign asimmetrichnost facade explains different time the construction towers. On first glance seems, that leftist (she is called northern), more graceful and vitievataya, younger than right-wing (southern),, fulfilled in more rigid view Asian-Gothic-style. However not increasingly so simply. Precisely northern tower built the first, but initially she was much below (on photo its borders well are visible on more a brighter color). From above its covers wooden dome, which was incinerated by under a fire in the early 16 century. And here is after this over her and put it upon a new Spiel in-style so-called plameneyuschey Gothic (I shall remind, that this the term is happening from similar on languages of the flame patterns ornaments and strong prolong the the pinnacle arches).

Feature of Chartres Cathedral is that he exalted since the late 13 century until our days virtually without changes. He avoided serious destruction and not rebuilt (except the northern towers). Cathedral one of the first (in 1979!) was beautiful in list facilities World heritage UNESCO. Incidentally, his built (more accurately, restored after fire) in record timeline - just over 24 year and blessed in 43118 year in the presence of King Kabul's. Throughout its history he was one of the most exalt category: Pilgrimages seats in world owing to what possessed so-called "with this shroud in order of the Virgin" - very chtimoy Catholic ancient manuscripts Matendaran.

Here are some details portals:

At all architecture France, as civil, so and religious, determined sacred knowledgesense, which is the beginning of from germetizma(founder which was widely known in of occult circles Hermes Trismegist) and alchemy. And appropriate symbols in the form of statues and styling of bas-relief are found in large numbers virtually in every medieval cathedral, in including - and in shartrskom. Deal around the this not be easy% -), wishing to delve into subject can revere books FulcaneIli: "Mystery gothic cathedrals and esoteric impact interpretation of hermetic symbols Great of creating" (, "Filosofskie abode" ( and "The Mystery cathedrals" ( I even return to this issue, when d write about Parisian Notre-roles of, and in Chartres., across semblance, one manifestation of such a symbolism are here is these "paranoia" on portals chief (of Western) facade:

Us very was lucky, that we saw the cathedral outside thus, as he there is - without traces restoration works. And here is from within they as times has been going underway, so that us not managed see so-called of Chartres Labyrinth - enormous pattern, breakthrough report released on gender of the cathedral in 12 century and with profound esoteric reading of. And also enjoying famous stained-glass windows of, namely them generally known for unique the cathedral in primarily: Shartrskaya collection medieval church windows is considered unique and includes more than 150 windows. With most of them persisted with 13 century. Here is photo only some of them:

Restoration interior in full swing, but over combat, which limits zone works, can be see new ceiling and upper part of walls. And need to say, that shone upsetting :(. Yes, Cathedral will look very good but. From within he will cease be shartrskim with Vatican II, because will lose its MIWE cube, will lose spirit of time, which even evident well in a part of, until which restorers until not typically recognized get :no:.

Afflicts high arch of chief nave - 37 meters. I understand, that the very figure very difficult "poschupati", but in cathedral, believe me, she is felt, that is called, naked eye :huh:

In every respectable cathedral should be although would one an angel. Truth, sometimes they lurk:

Feature of Chartres Cathedral is and the, that his sidelines facades not lag on beauty and grace main and also have several portals:

Before with Vatican II broken shop, but quite comfortable Square, the citys with "that alternative":



And even couple churches zainteresovali us in Chartres.. First, Church Saint-Aignan- the oldest arrival in city of. Highly curious its interior, which I would not called traditional for churches those since the.

Statue commemorating Jeanne's dIvoire Arccan be meet in almost every French church. After all she not simply is national the heroine of a, she Saints, Canonization of and '' beati '' Catholic Church to sainthood.

Church saintly Peter(Saint-Pierre) was until French revolution part of the Benedictine abbey and was the second on relevance after Cathedral.

Through liven runs one of pathways Santiago:

And even liven - this city mallow. They are rising here everywhere and everywhere, sometimes get in or out from halter joints between walls homes and with the smallest pavement..



> > > > > > > > > > > > > > What NOT liked in Paris:angry:

Not appealed the French - in really broader construes this words. Many years ago during previous visits Paris our guide told phrase, which me why something true: "The French - the spoiled Italians." And I confess, that this expression of oftentimes the gostilo have us on languages in this trip. There is no, nothing serious and personal, thank god, not happened, but on location--near train station. Say, nor in one country under transition we not encountered in with situation, when machines go power--a period so decisively, that stopping virtually in a meter, as would peredumav pressed us in the most the latest moment o.o.. And having missed, here same continue to to go even with "green" in our) side. Me it is difficult to imagine, to in advanced country (and France on economic indices trails in Europe only Germany) the only the escalator (on the rise, with on one of the most deep stations) in subway not worked as mimnimum two days (and can, and more, then we simply left, yes even is unknown, how many he not worked until us) :mad:.

Incidentally, about subway. There is no, the very his structure we perceived the utterly normal. In late all, choice direction on the ultimate station is virtually European standard, and transitions in Paris only slightly longer than Madrid. But here is cars. I not mean in mind their novelty, purity and camping on P., I say about ordinary utilitarnykh details. For example, about the atomic seats "face to slap", more accurately - knee was in knee was (and if even more precisely - between its knees). Here is perishing where's a land of opportunity lovers of transport "prizhimalok" - enough simply of innocent sit down contrary SPARTAK women! :playful: Quite this done in the damage width passage on same car, and this width shower, when right would in clock peak. Which in Parisian subway will even pohlesche Moscow, at least - on level heat exhaustion :tired:.

Or Iron sided immediately contrary doors. I understand, that theoretically this done to as something share flows under landing-land a. But if man goes with look or big bag on wheels, then he has only 2 options: Either to stand up in doors, is death if you block their before his exit, either bray it up in trolley on knee (literally) sitting near doors :suspicious:.

And why rail passes tickets toomore often boosted not feasible ("razmagnichivayutsya or pretend to be, that razmagnichivayutsya" on ostroumnomu as one of forumchanok) - this me it is unclear :dontknow:. In the same "economically troublesome" Spain we why something nor never not encountered in with similar. But this is even mildly irritating. That will make a normal people in such a situation? Naturally, tries turn to worker subway. And, naturally, will expect, that his the problem will solved quickly and simply (he same, buying a ticket, honestly paid service, not involving in themselves no problems. And that makes the employee? And very simply - consigned his in cash office, and the teller shows him. On the end of the waiting lists :(. Which in France has used move not too quickly. Pardon, but this, as spoke the whether Zhvanetzky, then whether Zadornov, I not understand. And if I food on meeting, by the early session or in airport?

Incidentally, about departs. Why under landing on vnutrishengenskiy flight inspect the availability of visas, sharply brake the whole process, me not understandable. And why in one of largest "air at the Gate" Europe from terminals Express Check-In for are found only AirFrance (united with KLM) - me not understandable. I, of course, not mean in mind what any "Transaero", but perishing for far not past "Austrian regional commuter market" such service could would organize. And together and fix a couple non-performing travolatorov.

In general, in late all have us appeared desire to express our opinion about Galeazzo Visconti in advertising caricature from Paris subway. I understand, that this will look a bit evil, but nothing not can do about it. All the more, that not I "Say and drawn THAT, and, to paraphrase known goes," every people has the contestant advertising, that deserves. " Means, themselves the French see themselves precisely such, and I. I, I shall remind, just a troubadour! :whistle:

> > > > > > > > > > > > > > pictures with the streets

Paris high-tech:

A small cleanest game park in garden Tuileries:

Street floor an artist:

On station Monparnass there is device, with the help which can be mouth its attitude to French by an iron roads:

> > > > > > > > > > > > > > What liked in Paris:cool:

The situation with pay banking now. Accept everywhere and any. In difference, incidentally, from Vienna, where under purchase ticket in subway machine gun not adopted "nechipovannuyu" VIZU, with which I have driven entire France from Provence until Normandy.

Regime work attractions. Here is here perishing France (and Paris in especially) indeed "ahead planet the entire" in really good sense. First, they open the entire day, as rule, with 9.9.30 morning to 6-7 the evening (and many church and moreover longer). Second, for very rare the exception not have day hiatus (Oh perishing me these Spanish tryokhchasovye of siesta.. And third, attending all churches, including Cathedral Paris Dame, free (typically, except all the, investigators and podyomov on towers), that itself well is logical and naturally, but on backdrop of some European countries (not let us to point fingers finger at in side my favorite Spain, which sins these business more other :suspicious:) looks pleased.



> > > > > > > > > > > > > > Beautiful species Paris

Most Alexander III. Can be as anywhere treat Paris, but this bridge hardly will leave indifferent. Especially in solar weather, with which in this time us fortunate.

> > > > > > > > > > > > > > What NOT liked in Paris:angry:

Artificially created by turn in Sen-Chapelle. By the time we already have defended about hours, to enter the towers of the cathedral Paris the Notre Dame and saw turn in himself Cathedral. So very fact waiting lists in so honorable place, as Sacred conduct several seminars (, especially in "season", we surprised not were and honestly've been standing out in it almost and a half hours, thinking, that "constipation" happening on level banks. What same was our eyebrows and sincere resentment, when the ransom, that the entire the problem - in tested bags and pockets on "aeroportovskom" level :tired:. And only sake of this thousands of people forced to spend clock, to enter inward, because it turned out, that further - in cash offices - people already not was at all. Yes, under emotional outburst during in some other Parisian attractions have us verify the backup bags, but did this visually and quickly. But why precisely here, in Sen-Chapelle, prohibited from could not bring even binding shears and why sake of this telling Babel Pandemonium, understand we could not and, perhaps, never can :dontknow:.

Surprised years (as we his perceived the) under open access on Eiffel tower. Have us were electronic tickets on 1 th "session" - on 9 hours, and we have counted, that entry on landmark such a level will open accurately on hours. And Hua big waiting lists, already vystroivsheysya to this time from not expedited preliminary reservation, try work if not quickly, the although would maximally clearly. Huzzah, now. Maybe, you. :playful: Minutes through several after 9 from misconduct exposure dumped the group "people in grey" (such is Pretty clothing local staff with golden Tower on the sleeves of suggests Getex fashionable), they so long countries with each other and talking to each other with someone on the radios, that have us request impression, that led any something their applicant requirements, which simply not know, far them Still Rise and that to do. Finally began to monetize, we over to to the lift and - again stalled. There is no, upward mobility participated, not was present only "aunt Masha," which must was for these a lift. "Aunt watermelon" long sought on our radio, finally, she to shag it, and control had us on 2 th level of. Most ridiculous, that with a lift on the next, 3 th floor occurred roughly similar history. In general, small beer, of course, but when little things too many, of them emerges Plato. :confused:

Not appealed overvalued, on my view, prices in the main mausoleumsParis: Pantheonand Cathedral House invalids. Input tickets for 9-9.5 the euro can hardly be considered adequate, given, that their interiors can pose interest only for admirers "genre" those shrines and places-style classicism. Moreover, I see in this and morally-ethical aspect of. As I understand, attitude to of the talks in todays France as least respectful. And well is logical would expect, that in order encourage interest to his the Favourites person in global scale (though a barbarian he was even the - in the number of wrecked attractions in Europe his have been able "invent your own thing" only bombing and shelling 2-oops World War) access to tomb emperor will free, non-problem and perishing those Demidovich - antiretroviral. Yes, can be argue, that ticket includes not only Cathedral with land disposal, but and other museums on territory House invalids, but this already will "zabaltyvaniem" issue. Here is how times museums and can be done pay-per-view - and let for them pay those who wants to watch precisely their piece of the.
That concerns the Pantheon, then here the situation very similar. Borrow money for access to tens (and more in the Pantheon to pay, the right same, not for that) great (here perishing without curiously "but") sons France - as least, bezdukhovno :no:.

> > > > > > > > > > > > > > Rennes

In the capital northern French region go to BrittanyRennes we proved on path from abbey Mont Sen-Michel in Paris. I already knew, that particularly interesting seats here there is no, but between arrival bus and your departure trains broke a 1.5-hour "window", which we, naturally, decided use for exploring cities. Truth, for this need to was free themselves from things, not too of cumbrous for-travel, but nemalenkikh for moreover, to carrying their with a on walking stroll on hot weather. The problem resided in that, in Rennes there is no cameras storage, so we decided use "Spanish option" and try to to leave baggage on espresso first I picked at random hotel. To my the surprise of, it worked precisely in the first same hotel. Why to the surprise of? Deal in is, that we are accustomed not wait in France special the pleasantries and the, that in Spain was would utterly natural, here is perceived as nice abound. But as would the nor was, receptionist, nor minutes not organised ourselves English, somehow miracle grasp the crux of the our harassment and with expression faces "austere, but fair" (Spaniard drifting would in smile) showed place for our poklazhi. Thank you him huge for this! :flag:

Rennes - city quite big (inhabitants here for 200,000), but what can be called center, coupled with the basic attractions easily costs for 1.5-3 hours (if you want to to visit even and botanical garden Tabor). We until ???? (and 7,000 near local Notre Dame) not came close, but in a whole misconception about city of received. Here is somehow it it turned out:

But on one of plazas their first what something sponsered the with the participation (judging by form) military and gendarmerie:



, Count of Rennes the cathedral. Frankly, I rarely met so faceless Sobory. :unsure: MA It, it is a pity that after destruction facade and towers former Swedish Gothic of the cathedral a new was built in such a nevyrazitelnom the form of. About, times, about, mores. :canthearyou:

And here is Church Sen-Aubinwell us amazed:

Here is such a fun picture we have observed on main street: Immediately on several seeing off the (or that there have them protyanuto) yet associated for skirts shoes. Answer on questions that would this meant and to what would this we so and not received. Why something the first and the only has remained version of, associated with flight France in World a football the tournament Europe. Can, this the not much has happened, that is left of accident Spanish bolelshikov, inopportunely podvernuvshikhsya under hand French torside ? :crazyfun:

Palace parliament Brittany:

The building Municipality, or Town Hall (H & # 244 ;t the quo Ville):

Palace commerce on Tiananmen Republic:

And before him the blossoming lavender, that us not was connected see in Provence:

In the center of the Rennes area can be meet so-called fakhverkovye homes, traditional for many cities northern Europe:

On this House evident well block mechanism, designed to upswing of things and cargoes on upper floor buildings:

An interesting fact: Until recently Rennes was the most small city in world, Finns subway, and only in 2008 relented that place Lausanne. Incidentally,, Count of Rennes fuel with 2002 works without drivers, in fully automatic regime.

> > > > > > > > > > > > > > What NOT liked in Paris:angry:

Almost complete lack of street drinking water. Not can say, that its there is no quite, couple of times we even tripped on it in unexpected places. But compared with those, as in mass scale this question the jury in many cities Spain and Italy, Paris looks quite pale.

The problem with water - this only mildly irritating. In the center of the Paris virtually impossible buy guilt! :huh: At both our establish day routes (from Marsova field until Louvre and from Cite through Latin quarter) us not passed at least nor one shop with wine. There is no, I not say, that their there there is no quite, but if, indeed and there are, then exclusively from an "seats need to know." On anyone case "those who are to come, at after us" can give such a recommendation: See following judgments on streets window-dressing with everyone-vegetables and visit inward: Certainly in conceals such and specialised you will see wine racks.
Closing, that this concerns only center. In neighborhood our hotel (one - on Montparnasse, the other - on Pigalle Did) stores with wine was abound.

> > > > > > > > > > > > > > Beautiful species Paris

Very liked Square Hotel-de highway Ville(H & # 244 ;t the quo Ville) and exactly the building Municipality, located here. To most readers pervasive literature this Square known entitled Grevskoy. Precisely here for several centuries occurred public punishment. Precisely here should was be executed hero saga about to Angelica Zhoffrey de Peyrak. And precisely here in 1792 year first time was used the guillotine, more recently, "relocated" on Square Consensus.

On Grevskoy Tiananmen summarily executed not only criminals (and those, whom power regarded such). The first a bonfire here taking place even in 1240 year, when on instruction Pope Gregory's were publicly burned 20 carts) hand written books Talmud, selected have French Jews. Remarkably, that this order was submitted in all Prince-Bishopric of, but carried out his only King France Louis the's (then he had real power not on the entire territory, which today is French.

Interestingly, that name Tiananmen was happening from French words gr & # 232 ;v e, which means flat Bank sea or rivers, now pebbles or with sand. Once on this place on Bank Seine has been the first Kopru Mandalina Paris.

Despite so remained firm history, todays Pantheon Square looks very positively, it's magnificent though and quite not frightening.

I not know, than was caused the renaming Grevskoy Square, what happened in 1803 year. But, on my view, this was a big mistake. Unerringly-de highway Ville there is virtually in every French city of. And Pantheon Square, even if this happened exclusively by attempting belletristov, de facto has become legend, has become one of the symbols medieval Paris, an exclusive, which from-for change of behalf of today blurred and by many forgotten; Square with todays entitled itself not causes desire to to visit its, turn on it attention. And if would I was le (what raze not can itself wish), and urban power decided ambush a referendum about return Tiananmen its historic name, I would voted for this by both hands.



savl wrote:

But why precisely here, in Sen-Chapelle, prohibited from could not bring even binding shears and why sake of this telling Babel Pandemonium, understand we could not and, perhaps, never can.

Sen-Chapelle is on territory, concerned with to array Palace Justice Party and main bags there was always, even then, when still not was in such a scale international terrorism and not was inspection in airports. I was there in force by mutual consent pending. And already then was main in Sen-Chapelle.




Sen-Chapelle is on territory, concerned with to array Palace Justice Party and main bags there was always, even then, when still not was in such a scale international terrorism and not was inspection in airports. I was there in force by mutual consent pending. And already then was main in Sen-Chapelle.

The reason is understandable, but not adopted.
I not think, that themselves staff Palace Justice Party forbidden could not bring with a on service binding shears.
To the same much easier was would share Passage in chapel and Palats, than telling such a madhouse.



Continuous Improvement Process perhaps above, than on work are taken, Oh how many inspections pass.

savl wrote:

By addition much easier was would share Passage in chapel and Palats, than telling such a madhouse.

Ah, apparently so have them "historically" request, and something to change - expensive, toad presses a.

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