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Crazy weekend on Lazurke (Cannes, Monaco, San Tropez)

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"Three lucky days was I have,
Was I have with you. "
I. Chervatuk

Exactly for month before his birthday espoused a daffy podruzhentsiya reported, that hers fiscal authorities have-a custodian in as a gift to commemorate on DR gives it two weeks in Cannes in odnokueshnom Obukhov Hospital chetyrekhzvezdnogo hotel and as it would be nice, if it comes we were smoothed over by its glamorous civic participation on Lazurke. Said this was in a drunken bender,, but this insane idea has found response in our the minds and we set to realizing this adventures.
The first affair it turned out, that cooperative visa and the availability of a small number of free money from the entire companies there is only I have, so that draft company my Zsuzsanna in its exile on the Cote Bank will be able only I. With one hand - it and well, because as and ticket one find easier, and can be economize on hotel. So that why I got some sex I shustrenko have Svissov tickets (with a transfer in Geneva), has provided Ju-Ju necessary matchastyu in the form of guidebooks and schedules trains and bus and has become build plans on our weekendin.
Plans proved not particularly complicated - in day flying, he same day birth girlfriends, we must leave in Monaco, walk on city, somewhere talk to share a rehearsal dinner, watch in port festival fireworks and closer to night start planomernyy robbery casino. Sake of such a affairs even had to book on one night unerringly, because otherwise as on taxi to return back in Cannes options not was. On next day take a walk down by Monake, in case successful EMU of plunder casino - still and on shops and leave in Nice, which I strongly love, lest still times talk to share a rehearsal dinner on country Soleas in "Safari" and already quite late on the evening to return in Cannes. And next morning has to boot on there is a ship She and sail away in San Tropez - sunbathe, swim, to drink looking, there is seafood, yes and simply a particular on city. Ah and in day Check-Out, good take to Atlanta later I 19.00, lazily laze around here on the beach or as option go on a graveyard of in Cannes or to Russian to the Cathedral of. Ah here is how something so I seen our recreation and Juja his implicitly approved, the more, that in France she still not was nor never and it all was interestingly.
Suprizy began literally for clock until suit. Plain company Svissayr sent on-landing the cards, which easily can be was would under need reverse, but to do this not had to - on flight until Geneva I have proved a series of 10 place F, and from Geneva until Nice - 20, place A, in short all as I love - not far and have windows. This generosity offered me an extra $and a half hours sleep, in Domodedovo I was exactly for hour until suit, yes and this it turned out strong brute - to do there quite nothing to acquire, yes and prices in the local Bacon Junction wins.
Service on board very strongly poraduvav - little moreover, that in my a range of I flew utterly one, that allowed me after lunch inflate its the cushion, pull on eyes masochku and still couple of more hours to sleep, so still and fed on board very even tasty - hotheaded make an omelet with bacon, a corn fortune cookie, delicious coffee with Swiss crema and ikhim same chocolate - ah very derive the beginning of days. Yes still and normal human implements, not a nasty sealed plastic saying - kickshaw, and pleased. Pro kindness and the beauty styuardes even and to speak not d, and so all understandable.
Mass joy of the began already in Geneva, because as needs was find French sector eraporta, and signpost almost there is no. Otlovlennye in hard form employees virtually for hand have been downgraded in ensured a corner and were willing "Bon ·" in the hope, that this insane the Russian here more never will return. Agaschaz, they OK not knew, that I still and back'm gonna fly :D
From Geneva jet flies virtually entire a path over the Alps, beauty the numeral, but crawl for fotikom me was decisional laziness, especially after, as I can herd them with his legitimate seats two uppity Swiss Girl Scouts, with comfort ustroivshikhsya on it.

And perishing when jet began go on landing over Lazurkoy, I and at all's stuck to illyuminatoru

Jet landed, as and promised, exactly in 10 morning and already through 15 minutes I teetered on parking lot bus 210 - express from Cote de Azura in Cannes (the price issue - 17 evrov), and still through hour on Tiananmen have Municipality happily hugged shrieking from happiness friend. Day us result a long and saturated, so we they're settled down on the short veranda, took on have a drink looking and Vinnitsa its feet in comfortable refreshment. Happily true on striking the sun, I've just dumped girlfriend who Moscow news and unleashed interrogation with biased to - that she without me did and where managed go. Juja proved good man. Good man - not only I tore apart my all Cannes, but and was the trip in Antibes, yes still and in Nice busy on antique market. Spharischen time for looking and the discourse went imperceptibly, the entire Moscow vanity has remained somewhere far-far, the brain absolutely rebooted and has come state of full and the independent happiness - as times the, that me and need was after hell two past weeks that preceded the my trip.
Raise themselves with terraces lunch counter us managed only hours through two and we slow went in unerringly. Probably move me to Zsuzsanna in Number agreed absolutely for free, I only before leaving left girlfriend who money for their whole, here is only proceeded I have Staffa hotel under pseudonym-cousin, but on this us was not caring.



Later while, we prikhoroshilis, left in bags all necessary and flowed in Monaco - day birth celebrate. Half an hour of exercise can find the on station under purchase ticket - slightly whether not on cents naskrebali the necessary amount) French machines - the most while we in world, 're chewing only triviality dignity not below 5 cents, either maps, and human till on, an station are lacking as class :mad:. Can be was would of course not caring and to go on law of averages there, but we girls honest. And here is we already in who, at the second floor - people little, glance theatre zhzhuzhit, for window Sea, and we-turner talk our plans. Time flew by imperceptibly, here is already and high-tekovskiy List of cities in Monaco station.

Happy as children we vyvalivaemsya from car, are now moving beyond in side port to Santa Davote, I am about to ignite cigarette and slowly'm getting cold - bag with things has remained in a train. Say, that I charitably somebody, this nothing not say, such with me first time in life. Spharischen, to drink and pussymany to speak me come.
We you will to suffer a back, but even try deal steam locomotive was already halfway back to Menton, France. Good people prompted, that need to turn in cash office and here is we already represent the brain employee SNCF their trablami. A boy sochustvuet, somewhere's been calling, has been exploring on what who we aoaee, yes as ???? our bag and ultimately the, that train travels in dark side through hour and we have chance regain their things. Slightly priobodrennye, we strolls around station, devoted time in anticipation trains. Double I recall, that printing of with your confirmation and scheme map for to a hotel remained all in the same bag, and thank god, that I although would memorized the name hotel and his write worded.
As we inhaled them with his path all, who wanted to on the eight o'clock a train leave from Monaco - this need to was to see. As two furies we began sweeping on May, this, but bags so and not discovered. All the same a boy from banks sorrowful told, that bureau-forgotten things is in Nice and proposed careerism there pay a little visit, because as about this the Nighttime it, naturally, already was closed.
Still minutes 40 we have sought our unerringly, prikupiv with of mourning on road bubblereturned looking and trying to redress our further plans. And here is already our unerringly "Forum", to which thanks to to the geographical kretinizmu inhabitants cities we came ah very flanking ways. Cheerful and-disposed woman on reception do not justify us key, tailspin, two becoming and advised rise on terrace, where perfectly was in sight the very fireworks, sake of which we exactly and We went in Monaco. From the entire technology have us in available were only phones, so that perishing that ‘. And ‘ paskudmiserable, too: '(

But here is even on such dumb fucking images can be understand, as same this was talk. And all of this under music. But as honking horns yachts after the end of the feerverka, demanding continuation of Chancellery :rolleyes:. We same decided more not to tempt fate in this day and in casino not walk, lest perishing terminally not to remain quite limit just and quietly finished our drinks its looking on the terrace hotel in companies with Italian forefathers are copied here, emotionally obsuzhdavshimi move Olympics.

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Марфушечка-душечка wrote:

There's mass joy of the began already in Geneva, because as needs was find French sector eraporta, and signpost almost there is no. Otlovlennye in hard form employees virtually for hand have been downgraded in ensured a corner and were willing "Bon ·" in the hope, that this insane the Russian here more never will return

About! Still one victim Geneva airport. Remember our dance in search of zavetno-inconspicuous the doors.

Марфушечка-душечка wrote:

bag with things has remained in a train.




Марфушечка-душечка wrote:

I can herd them with his legitimate seats two uppity Swiss Girl Scouts, with comfort ustroivshikhsya on it.

That, they the two of on your place, are you settling in? :angry:
The top photo which goes next simply is flyin ', I even not immediately I.D.' d wing - it seems on flying a dolphin.

Марфушечка-душечка wrote:

A perishing when jet began go on landing over Lazurkoy

Aye-yay-yay. Menton. :love: I even 4000m2 as well as'm getting teary-eyed!

Марфушечка-душечка wrote:

French machines - the most while we in world

I was signing up for.

Марфушечка-душечка wrote:

slowly'm getting cold - bag with things has remained in a train. Say, that I charitably somebody, this nothing not say, such with me first time in life.

Uuuuzhaaas! O.o. Wu me such same sense of was, when I barely not since forgotten a bag with passport, all money, insurance policy against and the printed logs in presented Leonardo pro the entrance to Termini. I frightening somebody, as such could happen, I always its memory boasted, perhaps this punishment for pride was.
Of food rather than deal we!



Ольша wrote:

that, they the two of on your place, are you settling in

Yes there is no, one of course, but curves faces both skroili

Ольша wrote:

Write rather than deal we!

Gyyyy, further was fun)) Yes modicum there passports with purse would not was, and the has remained would I in Monaco bum around and sovershestvovat French :D Of all the presented French by an iron roads since his bride just fotik and trousers beloved, but on everything else not caring.

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Morning next days in Monaco was not good: Somewhere nearby constantly around the hood helicopters, directly under windows of our numbers proved a bus halt, yes and drinking his on the eve, too, optimism not give. However we course't eist vyuchennuyu on the eve mantra - worse already not will and mood gradually has improved. Breakfast in hotel poraduvav their diversity and obilnostyu, so that we as two leeches have gleaned juices with kofiem and traveled gulyat on Monaco.
Podruzhentsiya my there nor never not was, so that me was far its deflecting. The sun shone as podorvanoe, Sea surroundings shine with and head of azure and I understood, that the first, that we need to, so this pharmacy or on thin ” the end of the what nor the supermarket - urgently need was cover ourselves in Deep Heat sun cream.
On dunk him in my time local population on the streets almost not was, yes and on interesting tourists, too, not strongly many shastalo. With his slope we again have gone down on station, good perfectly remembered where are all the right us elevators and escalators, still times I on his khaytekovskim regardless and came through on the surface Poti over the most cliff Monaco with knyazheskim palace on top. Here same very incidentally ankle just went right over pharmacy, where and was is incurred a necessary protection from sun. Namazav all conceivable and incredible seats in their organisms, we vigorously have moved to the pinnacle of being, periodically building on observation platforms and repeating another our mantra - here is if would have us was a camera. Ah very polished perishing, wank lost, so that-telephone.
Ploshad before palace was virtually empty, wishing to get out, see replaced guard's in the shade and nutritious enormous monakskikh gulls. Girlfriend posnimala a little bit of a boldly they monegaskov in impozantnoy a white form and we have gone down in garden. Here is there was simply remarkable - shadow, the cool of, intervals this the babbling fotnany with fishes. Paradise in general, to leave which quite not like.

Lazily perepolzaya with benches on bench, we have reached ??? until okeanograficheskogo Museum, alongside which as always - madness of contemporary art

My proposal down in cool of Oceanarium not Astroglide, podruzhentsiya declared, that it had the brain and so blown, because as it terribly likes in Monaco, and we went gulyat further, literally until terraces alongside museum lent with different nice restaurant and mind-blowing guise of on Sea, where and... slowed down on some time in embracing one another with or currant sorbetom and a glass of Frost mages – looking. Here is here something life again has played flamboyant paints eventually become addicted and desire to live further, not despite losses.
And then we have gone down in port, where I acutely was jealous of all, who. In huge Tongge, in which immediately was identified winter steamroller. Minute in small leaps in Water slide and here is we already before casino. As I and projected, podruzhentsiya my, soaring in admiration for and expressed its intention immediate desire to his seeking plunder. All would well, but is a casino in 14.00 and I immediately she dragged me this on terrace cafes "De Pari." Here is perishing where I bitterly sorry about absence of camera - and the public, and Funkay desserts, and interior the most skating. And waiters dressed in this African porn heat in dark clothes and rapidly move between tables. Prices there of course quite not presents, but it moreover is worth.



Marfushechka-my crumpet
Breath-taking, suddenly, it's a shame-deplorably. Further?



Ольша wrote:

punishment for pride was.

Me such same punishment get the rap, prchem there same. Gave Trenitalii Nikon-zerkalku (on loan from have son), print the with your confirmation and opposite to ticket. But faded the problem choice gift to commemorate son on Christmas Day.
Narrative engulfs, have engrossed.



But here is and time "X" has come, doors casino hospitably have really opened up and we went inward. Directly have entry all, from whom bags larger nasal headscarves, accommodating send in closets, there same aggressively are asked to leave entire technique. 's go. Cell phones not are responsible, but enjoy they within not allow - as only protection sees mobile, owner affectionately call, but strictly, vyporovazhivayut on streets. So that I its iPhone would even and not Behhhh. Site casino -
I seen many photographs casino, and outside, and within, itself winter long around him jumping up and down, but even I has gone agape his mouth - realistically very talk. And this we were in giveaway halls, what environment through private salons - can be only guess. Modicum I and not love interior in-style "bokhato", but here as something all very organically look bangin - and color marble, and mountains gold, and mosaic, and Luster, and many mirrors. All photo - from the internet.

Here is only visitors not very something, for rare exceptions, inscribe in this the beauty.
During the at affordable halls available, we looked exactly those, sake of what we here showed up - game. For starters I on gambling away slots, which had been given euros on 30, truth their managed wager back, but I understood, as people lose in them fortune - 're being sucked down. It is unrealistic. If would not thought, that us still today need fall into Nice in bureau missing things, we would not soon we lost them from these shaitan machines. Yes and tolklis around them mostly groups organized tourists, pobolschey parts of - countrymen, which with an unkind nature watched on our with Zhuzhey povizgivaniya and popiskivaniya.
Calming down themselves those, that in game on ticket machines I not newcomer, so that Blackjack warming me not shines, I has moved to roulette stolam. Here is there was lively, make it lively - and game more interesting, and people on great. Minutes 15 I povtykala on game neighbors and decided join. Juja my by the time already actively actively in game and in entire on outrageously with Medicare program Italian was, blue which the carpet covered entire the surface the table. Invoking the pro the, that indeed bad luck, I your heart set on on what nor what, but the gain, because as were as the optimists thought capitalize casino on tyschschu another and to their immediately in neighboring Germese. But the whether I too loudly about this been mulling, then whether day was not my, then whether this that all pro newcomers - in short, remained my 100 evrov in monakskom kazine, but me their absolutely not pity: Absorbed shot of adrenaline to stay facilitated.
With hard ottaschiv its Ju-Ju from playing the table, we let's bounce on station, double waving the eyes in all sides and well, sticking noses in various shops. Spharischen, went we from Monaco without taking any pleasure - until such extent us there was well, we even almost not invoked pro its loss.
And here is we and in Nice, the first same vokzvlnyy official sent us in achieve escape side, here is-who OK knew, that it works they until 17.00 and in 16.55 all already have left this a holy a place. Spharischen, spat. - we on this deal and went gulyat on Nice, and together and on shops posharoebitsya, than and engaged with on open display gusto. Couple Hits In made in different shops, perekus sea those villains, because as in Monaco there is why something quite not like, and the brain again in full reset: Look at on path a favorite Music, I immediately in him kept nosing around and slightly not offered him its originated - in ticket office slight and since forgotten its take From. And if would podruzhentsiya under purchase a scarf not starters scrolling the Beate-French fries, evoked the it comes I about it-hours through two, not before. Spharischen, nootropil me need to to drink, not looking frigid :D
Here we understood, that the adrenaline on today already enough, wanted us back in already virtually native Cannes and went we on team bus, to return on station already simply decisional laziness was. Through and a half hours proved we homes, where and fell marine star in issue and in this day rural already not have sought - spent in restaurant, a little bit of a we went for a walk on Promenade de la Croisette, where Juja my in purchased in bender, shopping leopardovom jumpsuit produced a small ignited and collapsed in the bunks, on tomorrow us waited San Tropez.



Sea and San Tropez

Morning next days began very talk - empty three-the restaurant, striking the sun, delicious breakfast and here is such a here is the story by,

Yes and we themselves were in happily-buoyant mood from upcoming trip.
Cannes early on the morning sugar! On path in port us met only owners dogs, the demanding runner for health, yes where hard-working janitors, leading order on La. Staircase Palace festivals about this the Nighttime, too, bring economic normalcy and I let poschelkala its Ju-Ju on red path, because as day and on the evening without whose something assmanbacks in kadrі nothing not tickles. Square in port ringed with scented wild wooden sculptures a la the Mexican art - looks on backdrop of yachts and the little boats charitably harrowingly.
Before leaving I slazila on site excursion companies, where and quite figured entire Salyutna us information - as, when and afield can be fall into San Tropez. And site companies, and all-witnesses, and there's a hotel in one voice argued - tickets better buy in advance, although would on the eve, otherwise chance enter on board not many, after all in Cannes there is a ship She are followed by from Nice already filled teeming, so that for tickets I sent its podruzhentsiyu slightly whether not on next day after her arriving. That was at all not plus - by the time provisions ships in the register remained not more dozen ticket, and willing - much more.
Pokhvaliv themselves for predusmotritelnostt, we have gone down on Mandalina and in the shade have become to yield to our there is a ship She. Here is finally and he, so that in path

From Kahn was in San Tropez go sea slightly more hours quite frisky move. If you was lucky take place on stern or on nose - chase entire a path admire sea and dodge and from nautical splashes. If same there is no - in parlor scene well enough seats, works bar and toilet, and in open windows and doors breaks in marine air. Local quite stand entire a path dremlyat, and tourists jump around with one aboard on the other, with nose on the stern - each wave of, every sliver of marine frothiness, each Coming near row your boat Gently'II definitely must enter in the shot


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