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Pont-Odmer - Norman Venice

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Summer committed · on by French provinces. All traditionally - Burgundy, kitchenettes, Champagne and go to Brittany. All, that visited, shown here have repeatedly, but, can be, someone it will be interesting watch on Normandie town Pont-Odmer. Polstilas on several photo, nakopannykh on the vastness of the internet, until the last has vacillated to go from, Honfleur or not to go. All-??? come around - has moved on bus ride on of normandy Outback. From bus me vytryakhnuli on an abandoned railway station - me became, savaged that only one thought: "Why I this made?" But when has deepened in center - realized for than - for atmosphere. City not from an "necessarily see", but if past all be passing, then on an hour along can be. Vivid! Atmospheric!







What remarkable gloomy fakhverki!



Perhaps, you are right, crafting accurate epithets - vivid and atmospheric! Thank, that was introduced to the with Pont-Odmerom. (About, the Russian grammar, as strange look foreign name under skloneniyakh! Not telling, too, will strange - seem not-on Russian!) I very love’s Whispering, not “branded ” turkompaniyami. Living and real. In them there is charm of "no doubt about authenticity", not "prichyosannosti" Thanks to the boys at!


You are here » Together around the world » Narratives: France » Pont-Odmer - Norman Venice