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Paris Christmas and KiNovskiy. Newsweek in direct live

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Until there is forces and inspiration - dokladayu about bottom today’s. In the first, and it seems in the last time, I fully fulfilled its Professional program and even overcompensate determined managed do. And with morning nothing and not ground once such a Super Stakhanovite Mathew.
Went I, as and drove forward, on 6 and 7 constituencies, in fact - ah so, on district you go for a walk. Weather today was fi - striking the sun, was blue the sky, very the right clouds - a fairy tale, not weather.

Here is this me and, l??k at h?w ill: As not. Draw as trails on these constituencies, and bypass the Luxembourg garden impossible)) That in it I on sunshine and poplyuschilas half an hour, poglazela on people and potykala buttons on a camera. Luxembourg even on winter time by the - fountains work, concrete time, children enable paper boats in pond, Parisians zhmuryatsya on sunshine in green at, antics the demanding runner, of being yelled at gulls, in general all as always with one ?????? - absolutely whereas trees.

And gave I ??? after all this blagolepiya blonde in full growth - from day-care services withdrew clearly to desired me home, but with something suddenly decided, that this quite not it and navernula still circle right around day-care services, returning exactly on the place, with which and was started. On earth fighting on own's pointless, went beyond and like would increasingly the beginning of goes, especially if to discount on saw Google alert on-mapsa - here is nor fig they are not friends with up in two different places, written 10 meters, and southern 100 or and at all contrary.
Muddling through faring poorly dogulyala until Marsova field and again starters, za - Avenue Rapp has found even 4000m2 as well as with the third attempts, but not for good reason, not for good reason I there sought - ensured me house the entire already renovated and is worth across sharp, here is there I making from joy hovers to stay, yes and not I one) A still I with amazement learned that literally in 10 metres from this frenzy Al-Nouveau there is not less hippie creation the same an architect, only more early-year build. Need to say, that beautiful Lavirot finest hour in 7 district as a - me for today’s day messages even 4000m2 as well as 5 homes his authorship.
Not go off and without disappointments - couple homes on please me addresses proved on repairing, yes I would and somebody, if would all was in an open access))
But here is and the entire route Riza, on hours just only about 4 hours and I'm to ponder about - and where same me attempt? And here on the way friendly co House invalids with museum army, so there in yard I nose and clit using - very prikolno it turned out,

And because time allowed, so I still and to Rodenu in Visitors should come here.

Until I wandered around on to the museum and on garden, in stotyschpervyy times when shooting all around, terminally it was dark and me wanted home. In subway climb down was recently and went I itself to walk up far — she exclaimed, and there suddenly what nor the concept and must have appeared. And this it turned out the most correct tactic, because as were me strictly to "Bon march" with his lovely line promotional displays. And here perishing concept is shaped and terminally - past Sen-Sulpice to boulevard Sen-Germain des, to pop Belgian mussels, that and done was immediately) As I wrestled with its hamper came sprinting rain, a normal such, dense wall Had to still and dessert starving.
Tomorrow the latest jump from Paris and can be will to start thinking over... your presents - not can same I to girlfriend who a new year celebrate with empty-handed to go, and together perishing and themselves favourite going to pamper :rolleyes:

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Oops, as well you there! Recognized very jealous, especially an earnest dinner companion with selling cockles and mussels



Marfushechka-my crumpet, read gladly! Illustrate, on somehow jobs you out walking, because once was in Paris :love: Special charmbetrays Kipling your inexhaustible dubbed! :D



Marfushechka-my crumpet
As want pictures of the to transcript (edgy – I :tomato:)
Successful of hunting for presents!



Nate's in, scrum with that, soon return home and'll end up crushing all their a few snapshots of - me ??? there is that show, Paris not weekly newspaper 21st) Gali, if would not my Ch'u, I would already long head podergivala and on people rushed :D



Marfushechka-my crumpet, we already live in next year, and you until in 2012. :D Since sincere wishes with the coming you, with! :flag:



Марфушечка-душечка wrote:

scrum with that, soon return home and'll end up crushing all their a few snapshots of



Ната Полякова wrote:

Marfushechka-my crumpet wrote (and):

Scrum with that, soon return home and'll end up crushing all their a few snapshots of

Ur! Derzhitsya appeared in the early confirming stories with! :D

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GALI wrote:

URA! Derzhitsya appeared in the early confirming stories with!

Even us visited regularly Brasserie Lipp :yep:
By night.



Ната Полякова wrote:

Even us visited regularly Brasserie Lipp

Pass on Sen-Zhermenu and not turn to them? I have forces will there is no :D Truth "Flora" me more likes - have them terrace better))


You are here » Together around the world » Narratives: France » Paris Christmas and KiNovskiy. Newsweek in direct live