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2012 Lyons - Marseille. Provence winter (photo) -ch.7 canton of Pertuis

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For window rubs snow and greyish. With some longing publish last subject about trip in December in Provence.
Former overlooked all, moreover, that made there not very there is far to go without machines.
11 December the first half of days was to everyone markets, which in previous topic.
After lunch on plan A was go in Information State bureau Aix and try to go on avtoekskursiyu on small - Saint Louveron.
She a reputed on 13 :3 0 every Tuesday with throwback in 18 :3 0, is worth 65 the euro with nose and consists of visits with guide, seems, 4-'s not strongly known and secluded settlements in Luberon (names not know).
Rub in is, that need least 2 willing, and still on the eve 10 th on the evening not was nor one. No one volunteered his and 11 th :angry:

So that was realized plan B - Fund until station and left in canton of Pertuis. A small town in 20-30-minute hour, that on a train, that on bus ride from Aix. Hidden I on bus ride and found, that if train is worth 6.80 Euro in one end, then team bus - 1.0 Euro.

Town known century with 12, was there castle, from which remained one only converted in later time Fredericksburg (on the photos much to worsen - this he).
On station the first affair catches in eyes (closed day) Music guilt cooperatives Louveron.

In city me drove (as and in Arles) free Shuttle service. As and in Arles - until center order one km.

Town the old, not very the rich and so not so obnovlenno-renovated, but very that is peaceful and lovely detached.



In the center of the is worth a golden Church considered. Nicholas, based even 4000m2 as well as in 12 digits, but have repeatedly stroennaya very and would still a wonderful.





And this place me as something especially liked



Short was a high-cut - town small, and me need to was on team bus or train have time. So, IRC glance on striped pattern in the center of the, I to walk up went on station.

This local specialist’t in a hurry, so in focus fell strong loin, not muzzle. But would still cute-cute.

On road again were Platanus x acerifolia!



And further in the end he me ??? managed watch on living nature of, which so lacked in stone cities!
First I behaved along roads.

And then stumbled on i?iaoei mat "residence de Canal", on which minutes 15 walked around for a.





Twilight of share prices since 2000 caught me on approach to station and again Platanus x acerifolia!

Shop guilt opened, I there poglazel "all idling", because with a in salon cannot be, and in hotel on evening I have was. Except guilt sell and the local as they.

IRC the latest glance on Platanus x acerifolia and city, left on bus ride in Ex.

On next day had fled from Marseille. Want still!


You are here » Together around the world » Narratives: France » 2012 Lyons - Marseille. Provence winter (photo) -ch.7 canton of Pertuis