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Lugares colombinos. Spain. 2011

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Around monastery very talk, and feel hot. In more cool weather very well was would sit, breathes, admire beauty plants. But, we not held time and cool weather.
Nela and Lyuba they took a picture of. Here is what interesting sun with limiting brightness a combination of walls, the sky, flowers, petty details Nela has found.

Photo the 153. La-Rabida Island. . The wall with the lantern?.

Photo 154. La-Rabida Island. . The wall.

Photo 155. La-Rabida Island. . The wall.

Photo 156. La-Rabida Island. . Wall with windows.

Photo 157. La-Rabida Island. . Not go off and without cats.



Around monastery can be find many interesting corners and species. To example, this sculpture - Santa Francisco Azisskiy and wolf. There is legend, a biotech about Ukroschenii gubbiyskogo wolf predicated on the Francisco.La-Rabida Island twelfth-century Franciscan.
, it is a pity but are trapped during of siesta andthe opener's already closer to by the evening. And because we continued the search next interest us facilities La-Rabidy.

Photo 158. La-Rabida Island. . Areas around.twelfth-century Franciscan.
So and emerged this sculpture, zapechatlevshaya heroes the legend:
Francis of Assisi! And wolf.

Photo 159. La-Rabida Island. . Well.

Photo 160. La-Rabida Island. . Areas around.

Photo 161. La-Rabida Island. . Species around.

Photo 2.7. La-Rabida Island. . Areas and species around.

Photo 163. La-Rabida Island. Among wreath in frame fell a monument Columbus.
Perhaps, this is the most majestic a monument in Spain.




Power--a period us saw people, podnyavshikhsya on hill, where resides . And have become climb down among greenery down. And there. Us expected surprise in the form of buildings concert the room Foro Iberoamerikano. Precisely here year ago (6 August 2010) Ugandans Rafael and with marching band lyceum Mole. In this time the concert will pass in really Mogere (this kilometers 10 to north from Palosa). We stood up a bit, popleskalis water dam, okruzhavshego forum. And went forward. Us expected meeting with karavellami Columbus.
Opt lane with mchaschimisya in both sides cars, came closer to to the museum the muelle start Carabelas.

Photo 164. La-Rabida Island. Foro Iberoamerikano.

Photo 165. La-Rabida Island. Foro Iberoamerikano. In a small a reservoir-the fountain of that loiters just downstream there child group.

In the most the height of the Spanish August days come we to the muelle start Carabelas. Age live - age East. Like would almost all we ponder under planning trip. And all-???, several times made a mistake over time work museums. In La-Rabide has, and here is in Linares chess the traditional tour - there is no.
Has been going quietly, slowly. Before muele is an indoor pavilyon. Right from entry is located casava, from Left - Music souvenirs. Directly, for high wall - museum ships expeditions Columbus. I on-appeasing'm a match to ticket office, but. Me ostanalivaet a shift. He reports, that comes pause and museum will have discovered through hours three. Siesta. It is time in heat for a holiday.
Need to was to hear my Spanish in conversation with simply timeworn. I on-in Spanish ten pitch us watch on took.
- Por fafor. &#161 ;U n medio ojo! Soy desde Ucrania, se&#241 ;o ras - desde Rusia... Eso es primera y &#250 ;l tima vez en mi vida!!!
Several minutes such here is blandishments have led nowhere. Take bred so hands and are. -No.
, it is a pity of course. From afar, in the heat of the August enter to the brink Europe and not see ships famous ekspeditsiii (let even and copies). Announce about this our small group and ogorchennye, we are starting stray. However, I returned to also, to ask, trek whether near buses until after. Take, instead answer says, that we can pass to actions would. I even initially not understood, about than he says. But have us will only couple minutes. Here is it, have luck!
We running began to bolt to entry in muele. To the same - for free, so as casava already was on a break.
Mandalina with ships very liked. Konechsno, for 10 Golden exploring we saw all catch a glimpse, not eyes. All three ship connected grabs. Within ships recreated environment of the late 15 th century. There is mannequins sailors, things of the time.



In museum, outsiders before muele, the bottom, we are late and not have visited in it.
However, leaks about with there is on site With this site taken excerpts (suddenly will come in handy, if still times shall reconvene to go in La-Rabidu) about karavellakh expeditions Columbus. Also is placed an interesting narrative Irina Iljinichna Komarovoy :http: / / /? An =v s409s organs is mh1


Type of: Bow.
Construction: Bespalubnaya. Water displacement 51,66 camping on
Length 265.5 forge the Width 6,60 forge the Of sludge 2.12.
Crew 30 people.
Martin Alonso Pinson captain.
Christopher Kuintero owner (in status sailor).
Francisco Martin Pinson boatswain.

Ni&#241 ;a
Type of: Bow.
Construction: Bespalubnaya. Water displacement $48.66 camping on
Length 21,40 forge the Width 6,28 forge the Of sludge 2.00 per.
Crew 20 people.
Vicente Yanez Pinson captain.
Juan Nino assistant captain and are.

Type of: Tryokhpalubnoe vessel.
Water displacement 104,65 camping on Length 26,60 forge the Width 7,96 forge the Of sludge help. Weaponry 4 gun, kulevrina (type of gun), arbalets with fixed gunpoint.
Crew 40 people.
Flagship ship Columbus sometimes call karavelloy , but this not fits fact. In their diaries the great explorer not times d say regret about bad flexibility Santa Maria , which he called didn. Nao belongs to the most large actions would his time, markedly unlike from '' Nau '' and took. Mostly persists moderate length and width form of corps with two kayutnymi's. Usually this tryokhmachtovik with quite complex on the time sails.
Christopher Columbus captain, and after discoveries Admiral.
Juan de la Kohza boatswain and are.
Pen Alonso Nino a pilot.
Diego de Aran General judge.
Rodrigo de Eskabedo Secretary.
About with expeditions Columbus brought from:



Bed very we from ship to ship, they took a picture of. Here is that broke a I have (done two there).

Photo 166. La-Rabida Island. Ships expeditions Columbus.

Photo 167. La-Rabida Island. Ships expeditions Columbus. On deck.

A bit information about muele with postcards.
Photo murdered 168. La-Rabida Island. Photo collage.

Photo 169. La-Rabida Island. Ships expeditions Columbus. Overall kind of. Greeting.

Photo 170. La-Rabida Island. Ships expeditions Columbus. The opposite Bank - new land. Greeting.

Photo 171. La-Rabida Island. Ships expeditions Columbus. Slightly -Slightly can be to imagine as this was. Greeting.

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Until we Civil muele with three copies ships, Nela taking photographs. And here is that it had broke a.
Fotorasskaz Neli.

Photo 172. La-Rabida Island. Ships expeditions Columbus.

Photo 173. La-Rabida Island. Ships expeditions Columbus.

Photo 174. La-Rabida Island. Ships expeditions Columbus.

Photo 175. La-Rabida Island. Ships expeditions Columbus.

Photo 176. La-Rabida Island. Ships expeditions Columbus.

Photo 177. La-Rabida Island. Ships expeditions Columbus.

Photo 178. La-Rabida Island. Ships expeditions Columbus.

Photo 179. La-Rabida Island. Ships expeditions Columbus.
Within paavilona are located museum and Music souvenirs.

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Time displaced. Ahead us waited planned illegally on beach in Punta Umbria. All like to meet with Atlantic Ocean, presence which was felt and in the most category: Province of Huelva, and in Palose.
We have reached in Music souvenirs, acquired something on memory and went in opposite path to the bus. On path we Bilka habitats, above all colors.

Photo 180. La-Rabida Island. Flowers.

Photo 181. La-Rabida Island. Flowers.

Photo 182 signatory. La-Rabida Island. Flowers.

In Punta Umbria was well. And that still say, when beach a wide, water warm, ocean ahead big. Have reached without rural, rest up for a, was a good swim. Punta Umbria - this niei?u and near cottages for vacationers seem. Hardly, in two-three building, with greenery and the encircled colors. Here is where eye dormant.
The Atlantic ocean little than was very different from sea. Wasn that only the knowledge fact, that Bank contrary - in a faraway America and that only water shares Spanish Bank and Bank Antraktidy. And, of course, imposed its imprint attending kolumbovskikh seats in Palose. Looking ago, on peeking farthest from-for estuaries rivers pelvic after, can be was to imagine. Early morning August days 1492 year, three ship, driven by a easy pulled, quite quickly over along peschannogo Bank and. Soon their such as sails had melted in a faraway an ocean haze of. Ago they threesome already not will return. Because awaits their much is an absorbing and Eurystheus history. History in history, which will change forever previous the world.
Day behaved to an end. On the next morning we planned walks, often on category: Province of Huelva (narrative about it was higher). And in district lunch need to was travel very in Moguer, Spain. On the evening us waited concert by Rafael.



Moguer, Spain.
The next point travel - Moguer, Spain. On the second day tenure in category: Province of Huelva we with morning I on center this a cities. In the early this themes we already help with cozy, pretty Uelvoy.
And after lunch was 137 illegally in Moguer, Spain. In Mogere on the evening the day should occur concert by the famous Spanish artist,, the singer Rafael. After lunch we on taxi have reached in this city. To go need to was 10 kilometers, in detours Super swamper terrain near rivers Rio Tinto. Not't be surprised, but in Spain taxi in many cases for 4-'s man should strive use than team bus. Apparently, taxi driver from after poorly knew settlement, so we still and Moguer, Spain look. Although, that there look. This large the Andalusian rural-urban divide, the landmark town. Now contain in it 18 thousands of people. Nominee in order, an elegant. Very little of green spaces. From Kolumbovskoy history Mogeru belongs construction ships on local shipyard, once existed.
For us the main attraction became Symphonic with marching band local music Museum. And after all such orchestras usually are associated with large cities, with significant musical and theatre plays, traditions.
And still in attractions Mole includes:
- the Santa Clara. Is based in 1337 year.
- Casa Consistorial (Town Hall, the end of the the eighteenth century)
- Location birth Nobel laureate Juan Ramona Jimenez.
- Castle San Fernando.
Taxi brought us to one from inputs on stadium. So as was siesta and sooner for the emergence of whom-would the nor was, we went seek lyceum.
Directly perpendicular stadium has been going several streets. On one of them us sent specialist; the local. Near lyceum was empty. Casava also was closed. And in ticket office we planned take From tickets, bought in Internet. Was greeted woman with boy. They were on machine. And woman helped us to understand, that casava in Phnom will have discovered hours through two. Also it helped with search for skating, to food. To restaurant near a petrol station (contrary the ground) we and flowed initially.

Photo 183. Moguer, Spain. Lyceum.

Photo 184. Moguer, Spain. Street near lyceum.

Dinners in Spanish restaurants - this something special. How many their was. And nor one not sequenced. It is important say, that not everywhere care an ideal. Spaniards such same people as and everywhere. The forget, then skhitryat. But here is we saturated. And have returned in lyceum and in personified by girls-General were eagerly accepted. Girl was happily, faced, that we from Ukraine and Russia. We took their tickets on the concert, still had been given us posters. Also saw we curiosities grab biggest orchestra lyceum with Rafael in La-Rabide (Foro Iberoamerikano). Distributed in the foyer lyceum photos with biggest and straitjacket Rafael with biggest with like the chewed off part of near buttons viewed with relish. Such here is remarkably and fondly attitude in Mogere to Rafael. Consider on photos Neli.

Photo 185. Moguer, Spain. Lyceum. Shirt with biggest Rafael 6 August 2010 in La-Rabide.

Photo 186. Moguer, Spain. Lyceum. The foyer.

Photo 187. Moguer, Spain. Lyceum. Cube.



Will continue "in Mogere. He look like and not look like on Palos. Until have us was free time, decided stroll in center town. Stadium, gas the station and created lyceum are on the edge of Mole. But center resides quite near. Walks, often we committed the in the most heat. People almost not was. Siesta!

Photo 188. Moguer, Spain. On outskirts of near lyceum many new buildings.

Photo 189. Moguer, Spain. Street leads to church.

Photo 190. Moguer, Spain. Church grows up before us.

Photo 191 countries. Moguer, Spain. Fever on the streets.

Photo 192. Moguer, Spain. Church, Square, this center Mole.

Square before with Vatican II includes fountain and small shops around the circle. Well here fairly late on the evening. But on the evening we will on stadium.

Photo 193. Moguer, Spain. Details Wall of the cathedral.

Photo 194. Moguer, Spain. Bell tower Cathedral.

Photo 195. Moguer, Spain. Part of Tiananmen Tukai.

Photo 196. Moguer, Spain. ZhIVOTVORNA water. How many times we washed ourselves Ideology, Chrysomallos from heat.

Photo 197. Moguer, Spain. Flowers on backdrop of the sky.



Then we returned to main community, to stadium.
There already gathered wishing to see Rafael. When he reached, began even speech artist, with symphony like an orchestra. Can be was listen to, and slightly-slightly to see what songs sound, that happening on scene. We stood up, talked and went walk around the ground. I on Paseo de la Music, past Institute writer Jimenez. Jimenez, Spanish writer, public toilets in Mogere, rebuffed Nobel Prize (1956 year) for povect about rural Andalusia Platero y yo. Have returned back to a petrol station, contrary the ground.
And fairly late warmest on the evening sang Rafael in armored unlike a symphonic orchestra Mole.
From my describe biggest.. " The concert anodyne on stadium, on sporting event field and was part of the festival programs. Feature of his was participation unlike a symphonic orchestra local music lyceum. Program Te llevo reposition the we have such was several a different, but the main framework its survivor.
With marching band played remarkable. And Rafael jobs shown miracles stamina and courage. Deal in is, that somewhere in the first parts of biggest on scene pogas light. In darkness bells music and voice Rafael. Around the scene of light not was, although farthest on stadium he was. Helped a bit to see growing moon. Disadvantage of of visual the room was that if he to the latest mall not was, and a range of viewers very like to drink and quit smoking and they were piling there-here.
Reaction mogertsev and guests by the end of biggest increased and just beneath until of screaming Ole! And with! As and on other concerts me especially relished enforcement Adoro, Que sabe nadie. Appealed all songs a new programs: Tango, the bolero and ranchery. Among new songs all us especially impressed by the Tres palabras, Nostalgias. Scary small song performances. With presenters movements, twists. Time limited. Two and a half hours those objects fly thru imperceptibly. After biggest traveled in Uelvu, and this order 20 kilometers among night. "

Photo 198. Moguer, Spain. Our is photo correspondent Nela in work.

Photo 199. Moguer, Spain. On scene the ground Rafael and Symphonic with marching band. Goes even.

Photo 200. Moguer, Spain. At the gate the ground intends to all more people. And Rafael peepholes see, and listen to the.

Photo 201. Moguer, Spain. Between stadium and East is alley stars - Paseo de la Music.

Photo 202. Moguer, Spain. Overall kind of Paseo.

Photo 203. Moguer, Spain. Near is institution Jimenez.

Photo 204. Moguer, Spain. Donkey contrary a petrol station. He hero art Nobel laureate, writer Jimenez.

Photo 205. Moguer, Spain. From a petrol station through a path is stadium.
Heard as plays with marching band. Sings at times Rafael. But he soon is gone.

Photo 206. Moguer, Spain. Rafael in late speech on scene Mole. Commission in the il, requests "on bis", "play", "ole!",.

Photo 207. Rafael with like an orchestra lyceum. Photo Jose Enrrique.

Day 6 August licked to an end. Remained to return late-night in Uelvu. And on the morning us waited Sevilla.

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