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Kolliyur. Explosion color of on “Bank of light ”

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Here is, for example, such a …

Or slightly another. So year emki, so light, another the sky

And still correct red paint in Cote Vermeille – “the Red Bank ”

Royal castle was built on place still Roman fortifications. First time he mentioned already in 7B. In - 13B. His rebuilt again in as a year-old residence of kings Majorca, is he and remained until the mid-XIV century, then castle belonged ever Spain. In 1642 year he became French. And of course without reconstruction under the leadership of Woban here not go off. In 1939 his have turned in prison.



Underwent another series along walls Royal of the castle and approach moorage traffics courts and



Boats under become gorodku- colourful

Now we we adjourn on this the quay, but until consider on him from walls of the castle



Cabinet members – Secretary around fortress

And on jump through a small Canal we pass on pier

We in the early pier, first consider on castle. In our time he is used for temporary exhibitions, ’, there is in it and museum. And part of facilities still belongs National Cybersecurity training commandos



What midday town! :love: Lena, your photos indeed give about him detailed notion. :cool:



What paint! I look, there and you Belarusian jersey in Estonia, I such simply adore
Long us there need to)



talusha wrote:

there and you Belarusian jersey in Estonia

There the still and in Tuscan-style, as write clever notebook



Choose from a sparkling programme on the sun water, notice, that two the Cracow in Kolliyure deal is not confined to. On sorrow on west visible still one fortress. This fort Sant Elm, now, which was built in 1552 year on orders Spanish emperor Karl V. Over long centuries he was a key node in the system Defense the coast. However, seriously was protected this Bank. On today’s day fort Sant Elm, now is private of possessing.

Having run until the end of pier, admire food.We coves and castle, the dominant in it.

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A powerful the construction – nothing not do you say!

And here is and commandos - are equal, as on picking the

The swim, then on identification

Coaching received have them pass today year and winter, too,, in this Sea.



And here raznotsvete :rolleyes:

Kind of on Church with pier

Between mole and Church – beach and his need to to circumvent

And dog cannot be …


You are here » Together around the world » Narratives: France » Kolliyur. Explosion color of on “Bank of light ”