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Is Linares in August 2011

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Excursion on arena ended. We scurried in shadow. Get back through yard.

53. Is Linares. Placa de toros. In the yard stationed also assisted services, garage for automobiles.

54. Is Linares. Placa de toros. VeterinaryF.

55. Is Linares. Plaque on a shed "29 08-1947. Memory Manuel Rodriguez Sanchez. Manolete. "


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On shadow side streets again have reached until center. Still lasted siesta. People was a bit. And we, too, 's in working stores. Oblivalis water from fountains-ed, result quite often. Then upon us it is time to say good-bye with homeland Rafael. That not saw, do still see.

56. Is Linares. Are deserted the streets during of siesta.

57. Is Linares. Together with us number of passers-by has increased doubled.

58. Is Linares. Central street.

59. Is Linares. A monument Shakhteru in the center of the cities.

60. Is Linares. Siesta finished.

Then we divided. Two went for suitcases on bus station and traveled on railway Hbf railway station, and two other committed a small ?. But soon all we sat on station in anticipation from trains in Barselonu. Time heat ended. As it turned out, in Catalonia was warmly, but without special zashkalivaniy temperature.



From VOSPOMINANIY Oh PERVOM visit to the Linares.
Passed already a long years. Like recently all began. Mean my trip in Spain. Beg in this topic recall one of trips in the country Spain, Andalusia.
Attending Linares in 2006. Together with perform Rafael and meeting with him after biggest that trip true as Mandher. Pleased re-read their the impression that emerged on site "My Spain."
V. Is Linares.
30. Is Linares. About ClTY.
Is Linares. Hardly Rafael remembers modicum that any of of the time. But all same this his homeland. Desire to fall into is Linares appeared, when learned about how, that Rafael outlined in it their concerts on the end of the September. Thanks to aid of Spanish this became possible.
Early on the morning 28 September have banks the train station centre has targeted for annihilation order 10-fringes people. Just us in Linares chess the traditional tour it turned out 13. Yes still some on their own have reached (I saw their before perform), in including from Moscow and Petersburg. The train station centre in parts of, where he goes to Square, is in traditional construction forests. Within chief buildings is a whole forest a fairy tale. Enormous garden with irrigation system.
Train late somewhere on half an hour of exercise and we have become pass through - not happened whether what any (couple of years ago were-detonated cars several trains, died many people). But train licked and we sat across in trolley. Got acquainted with Frida from the US, which sat near with me and Irene from Germany. The rest - this Spaniards Miguel, Pilar, Rosa Romokharo, Maria Angeles has been, whom the Carlos Orta, Mexican Lily Abbadie, Root from Chile and other. The entire biking group was looking through magazines, dont only that. In journals in one way or another extent agree materials with photographs about Madrid concerts Rafael.
Through three and a half hours train arrived on station is Linares - Baeza, Spain. On path kastilsko-de la Mancha landscape tilting at mills arranged, Plains never-was followed on mountainous. Jobs train behaved along narrow Gorge. Himself is Linares lies in 7-and kilometers in side from station, in oak, parts of Cordillera-Baetic (mountains on tops covered by covered in white, and until Africa any any 200 clicks away by the direct). If would not palm trees, then the station Linares very driving on even a such a same in Ukraine (its neukhozhennostyu). Now correct, the station changed in better side.
Urban team bus the cabbie dropped us directly until hotel "Cervantes." When from-for another reverberates blizzard of ticker tape roads appeared homes cities, we relieved breathed. Is Linares not look like on station and looks highly attractive.
City enough to an ancient, population about 70 thousands of people. Known gornorudnymi only 4% -6%. Center cities fascinating 4s and 5 fringes storey apartment blocks homes.
In really the center of the meet more old buildings cathedrals, ayuntamento and other. Streets here narrow, covered by in history are. The pedestrians and machines on them are quite near. Numbers in hotel cushy, beautiful. On one the street with the hotel proved Brasserie, in which we dined and theater "Cervantes." Street, naturally,, too, wears name of Cervantes. Except information about Raffaele in newspapers his presence in Linares chess the traditional tour suddenly was felt in restaurant. Near with our deluded tables (for 13 fringes man) sat group technicians in black shirts, on backs the writing on Spanish - "team technicians."
While, we mutually have studied each other. Quite possibly, that then on rehearsals these guys could Rafael that-either say about us. Can be about how, that all proved emotsiyam well food. Lunch lasted long. The first not weathered whom the Carlos, ubezhavshiy examine city and to identify the (that to identify the me personally was to know not be easy from-for misunderstandings Spanish Carlos).
And I have the most time not so perishing and many, after all 29 th on the morning need to to return in Madrid. Still in path we noticed, that driven Caille (streets) de Rafael. After lunch the entire group sela in the foyer sleep and wait Rafael. I same decided to go run out to the street Rafael, that and made. Broke a several photographs, one of which made the Spanish flu, living on the street Rafael. She only withdrew from his homes and highly was surprised my the request have their have nothing not something remarkable buildings with the name board "Calle Raphael." Came running in unerringly. And when emerged Carlos, then proposed we go by Linaresu and find rafaelevskie attractions.
Already together with Carlos I re-proved on the street Rafael. Carlos asks local inhabitants, as find house, where was born Rafael. Several man, popavshiesya us, with hunt responding (importantly, all knew who such Rafael and where his native house). Find was easily, because street Doctor (if not am mistaken) is located not far from the streets Rafael. And here is find center Linares it turned out harder. Carlos asked have elderly men and the not only showed us a path, but and on path told about city of. In the center of the on main Tiananmen resides Cathedral, a series of palm trees, ayuntamento and the the building, where will lie the exposition Museum Rafael (now it there is museum was open in March 2012). Later transfer and traveled seek a path in unerringly. Again us helped, now already drink, news stand terminal. This proved highly conspicuous, that inhabitants Linares willingly helped us in search of. That they much and sensible people.
Ten evening. But. On our path passed at least huge the building Arena for battlefield bulls - Arena quo Toros. Not know as and who, but I still nor never not was even near (in Madrid only rode past). Again same, Carlos learned, where entry. Call, us opened gates elderly pleasant woman. In domestic yard many flowers, quiet. When us aimed a on stage, there pursued a coaching received young of a torero Antonio Jose (on our the request, he then with us have his photograph taken), Advertise about him lay in the foyer hotel. Set candles in direction C.Krumlov / Kaplice. Received in gift posters the upcoming korrid. Surpassing then entire stage with foreign hand we are trapped in Square, the citys. In his the center of the is worth a monument famous of a torero the mid-20 th century - Manolete (now after reconstruction a monument brought forward and put before facade arena). Precisely on arena Linares Manolete died in combat in 1947.
But evening all closer. And it is time in theater. The beginning of biggest as and in Madrid - in 21 hour. Decided in unerringly we learned, that group seen with Rafael in the foyer, said hello with him. Soon and we traveled to entry in theater "Cervantes."
31. Is Linares. The concert Rafael.
Was already about 8-and the evening. Have entry in theater "Cervantes" still no one not was. Then we with Carlos wrapped them for a corner this the streets and are trapped on parallel it, came closer to black tilt theater. Almost-third quarter borrowed a huge? Well, the truck. On it toured in is Linares all requisites biggest, including familiar us piano. Has targeted for annihilation several people. Have black entry, watched policemen. Then emerged woman - this proved Alicia, impresario the singer. She met with young a, on neck which'm hanging substantial photo camera. As it turned out, with Hitler "Europe - press." Something there have this journalist with. And it's Alicia not , soon she has drawn to us. And we together with it went again on streets Cervantes. Decided go stroll on their closest streets.
Short has shown, that is Linares not devoid of such same as and in Madrid reconstructions buildings and span in. Grew dark, stocks twilight. Emerge evening fires of. Blizilis 9 the evening. Passed hotel, stores, cross-cutting transitions with one the streets on another. Took to alluring Placa with with Vatican II and the monument before him. It is time on the concert. But the door in theater still not opened, although people was already many. As usually, odna and Spaniards very lively discussed their affairs, would read their known (city the relatively a small). All gathered on a meeting with Rafael talk dressed. In the crowd expecting met and known on free Spanish Ham admirers Rafael from Russia. Has drawn our group and we have reached in theater. On this concert I sat in decks, in 8 st a range of. Viewers horse set foot in hall, rassazhivalis not cater. Standing still have the scene with both sides, hall they took a picture of correspondents.
Thanks to this we almost all then are trapped on take pictures in morning newspapers. The atmosphere in spied a was a sort several different. Why something urge, that many viewers came not only listen to the the famous the singer, but simply watch on. The whether an estranged cousin, then whether neighbor, living ostensibly in neighboring House, then whether son an over-familiar. Like moreover, and that he there prepared the? (Rafael after all was in Linares chess the traditional tour in past years). As this he under piano will sing? As he looks now? That has changed over this year?
As and in Madrid radio announcer announce about the early biggest, warns, that not need to be photographed and enjoy some. Three times attenuates and three times emerges light. But he goes out not until the end of, on scene fires of ramps are being extinguished slightly-slightly. Rapidly goes Rafael and here same the entire hall comes and sound nesmolkayuschie il (stop, only on team the most the singer). He thanks poklonami grandstanding, is worth he was smiling, says queira. On-my, one senses gamble Rafael. Or me this all only so seemed. But all same, to dissent before by many relatives (close - overseas), neighbors, people znavshimi his parents and camping on D.) - this certainly for Rafael creates different charged for linaresskogo biggest. In mid-biggest singer, ranging song (sitting on high chair right, if look from the room), in the second overhead line repeated words the first, then on second alighted, seems to have given up ivory thumper over. The themselves anew. Can this and confirms special excitement the singer. Incidentally, Rafael the on piano very a good pianist Juan Koachchi (Juan Coacci).
Like would all in this concert such same as and in Madrid. Spectacle passes in a heartbeat,. After enforcement songs many viewers in decks and on balcony apply. As always sound replicas viewers or applause in the process enforcement songs. But. After biggest virtually all experienced pundits Rafael talked me, that in this evening voice the singer denial as never purely. That sang he very ways of. On me, so Rafael and on previous concerts was stylistics. And listen to Rafael live, on concert and listen to his in records (mean in mind records with ) - this not one thing and, too,. Affects hall, the public, its reaction. Affects importantly - himself Rafael, his gestures, a mimic, his reaction on the, as reacts the public.
Afflicts, as Rafael eloquently uses for their of song mini-performances scene and all, that on it is. His songs not need're the backup, podpevanie, any special special effects. He the sits on both ways (from Left and right), then slips on piano, then is worth its back on viewers, only wand to them face. The rapidly passes half a lap around and gatherings. The slips on high chair near and gatherings (with opposite hand from pianist) and the impression, that Rafael sits the whether in a bar, then whether homes and is leading its narrative-song. Was impersistently are used illuminating and the spotlights, in ensured moment publicize the singer. The only the, in which he used props, was Frente, espejo. A mirror consolidate. And the concert-spectacle nearing its conclusion. Increasingly viewers apply after each songs. In late they be satisfied with the singer sustained il. But. Can because many in spied a know Rafael, when singer in another moment handshakes, a few fled for scenes and long not arrived, viewers have become heading Our Advertisers. So that about how, that it is time sleep, in this time I not heard.
Are now moving beyond from the room. After biggest such good mood and a state of! And this in sight - have all. Ah here is and all. Evening terminated. Remained still traditionally sit in what any a bar, to talk to the and go sleep. All, except me, remain on the second concert by. And me it is time in Madrid. On the morning after lunch I with Carlos managed we go by almost an empty streets Linares, wait bus, already on station buy fresh newspapers (with tweet about concert). And in lunch 29 September I again was in Madrid.



Photographs was not so many as now. They not with digital camera. Perishing pardon, but then another still not was.
Is Linares in 2006.

1. Is Linares. 2006. Theater "Cervantes."

2. Is Linares. 2006. Street Rafael.

3. Is Linares. 2006. In the center. Ayuntamiento.

4. Have doors future Museum Rafael.

5. Then on arena met Elisabeth see retreatments of a torero. Carlos with him also been, I same have his photograph taken.

6. Yard Placa de toros all also biggest movie stars in better. Carlos chatted about life arena.




For completeness paintings putting photo with extraordinary postcards Linares. On them the main the sights cities.

1. Is Linares.

2. Is Linares.

3. Is Linares.

4. Is Linares.




In his photo essay Spaniards heard a about stays on next day (I already left in Madrid) in Linares chess the traditional tour with to the controversialseats. Several their photographs.

61. Is Linares in 2006. Photos in a bar on the street Rafael. Tell about open the streets Rafael in 1996.

62. Is Linares in 2006. House on the street Doctor, in which in 40s was born Rafael.

63. Is Linares in 2006. 5 on May 1975 on House on the street Doctor in Linares chess the traditional tour was opened plaque on a shed from behalf of club rafaelistov Argentina. On board written, that in this place was born Rafael. Date: 5 on May 1943 year.

64. Is Linares in 2006. In church.


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