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The most ancient Christian Church Spain. San Juan de Bautisto.

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As get:
On a train until station Venta quo banos (Venta de Banios), this the station - large railway knot-an endgame on path between Valldolid Municipality, Yucatan and Palensiey. Then, emerge from station go left and long on foot.
I, because trained travel on on buses, first was the trip in until the Province of Palencia on bus ride (incidentally bus station is alongside station), you go for a walk in the Province of Palencia, then has gone on bus ride until Venta quo banos. Interestingly, that Venta de Banios – this something type commutes to the Province of Palencia, on one of stops almost the entire team bus released, I got worried, has become ask surrounding – reckoning it or not. The old man Spaniard, look at my impressive Nikon, said – she middle, it need San Chinese phoenix de Bautista, I happily nodding her head in response head. It turned out, that team bus goes further Venta de Banios and as times in the contestant the most handful of towns, that me need a!! Team bus turned left, went along darlings rural militarized landscape with fir hills, … ew/712628/
Here I saw everywhere most pointers with mottos like “San Juan de Bautista. ”
When you marooned me on the ultimate stopping, team bus At Chabysh 2005 and left ago. Further I commanded on the signs along darlings farms, … ew/712633/ … ew/712627/
Ma … ew/712629/lenkikh houses,,

Has passed found an eating place, and saw a small of Romanesque architecture Church … … ew/712635/

I knew that Church in Monday, not works, as museum, and had envisaged simply take pictures its outside. … ew/712655/
Apparently, in this day my an angel repository, or term protector travelers saint Nikolai helped me, because was Monday, and Church must be closed. But it proved open for visits. On emotional outburst during sat girl and studiously was recording in notebook all visitors. I told, that I from Russia, but she not somebody, as is usually the case. And then I its sprosila- often whether accented from Russia, she said, that enough often. In this month was 5 man. I a bit pogordilas as his compatriots and toured Church.
This the most ancient Christian Church the entire Spain, she was elevated in 7 century under vestgotskom goal in Rekkesvinte. Starters act under vestgotskom goal in Rekkesvinte in 661 year (supposedly, the solemn rite of passage of blessing By 3 th January). Excavation 1956 and 1963 s exposed the medieval burial of from 58 tombs in northeastern Western part of Church. Scientists believe that this most ancient vestgotskaya Church in Spain. She built from 1mcm of processed rectangular stone without use construction Mortar. This and even several Kings of the Visigoths churches in Spain, roughly the same time, are the latest examples this Pontiff method construction in the west.
Church was our in 20 century on call and activist participation one poet.
Sitting in semi-darkness before almost house altar, cram looking at polustertye beskhitrostnye whorls on columns, I projected to the, as West Got King Rekkesvinte stood here its knees. … ew/712636/ … ew/712639/ … ew/712637/
Not far established memorable stumbling about restoring church, from this over quiet gardens is a a delicious kind of on surrounding landscape. … ew/712710/
On contrary path can be devilkins in two une douce vie de famille, but I went on station. To yield to bus I not has become (halt is worth have stabling and is worth a strong smells) – just beneath until station on foot. On station all till were closed, was time of siesta, … on ways of either stood what the train. Sprosila- goes whether in Valladolid, me responded the affirmative. Then, I asked on English (on-in Spanish could not figure out as build phrase) can whether I buy tickets in a train. The Young the Spanish flu, she waved to me hand and told, yes, of course. L my years zakudakhtala - on what language she says?, and asked me you same not English woman. I say - there is no. I from Russia. Here it check something eyes on their. Licked the conductor. She him says – this Russian need ticket until Valladolid … so strange, as she so far stopping by. The conductor smiled and said, that here SanKhuan de bautisto and many tourists. In a train me all what and've been priming, when need to withdraw from trains. Very never AGAIN these Spaniards.



The Beautiful Church! Atmospheric very
Spaniards never AGAIN - not the word, very good)



Very talk! Thank you! Love such seats!



Ivory you Pussyhead
Yes, the Beautiful. And eschyo- an iconic,
I have in anybody not fit, as began all from such small-premalenkoy church, and then voznikl about a powerful state Spain, and then was built Eskorialische.

Incidentally, on stone written "is dedicated to poet admirer Andres Kvintanilla, osnovavshemu restorations church"
Every country would such poets.
Church teetered in ruins, without rooftop, Wall half were obrusheny, this well in sight on foreign clutch.

And this small, in general the on the boonies -, be, well surprise bottle by the when,
Under me has arrived two machines, in one - family, in the other man is two odna.


You are here » Together around the world » Narratives: Spain » The most ancient Christian Church Spain. San Juan de Bautisto.