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Camino Norte

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Ah, yes, very not be easy. In sellers-all as something not pulling, and in my age choice almost no. The last year gathered maid in mini-hotel. Very regime work been an option for. But in recent and a half month very active Moldovan "rather you take my job" :) Nu, and okay, would still on labor not packaged, experience not behaved. Me would like all-??? on labor. Now d seek anything another. Even not know, that. Can, on warehouse any. For example, in "a 7." Like, age my their on the telephone not embarrassed myself with. Only wages a small. 'll go down, 'll take a look.



sg59 wrote:

’ m, 'll take a look.




Read. o.O
Here is here people says - on one devouring.
And I read-read, yes and understood: It is difficult be raising the. Your husband, World. :tired:
Not, truth. Here is I have wife as wife. Has fallen one more time with bike, now for 3 Dam his failing. I have soul Dr. Bobicchio without saying and hands's untied there. I something else not fell. :)
And you?! The she herself'll get lost on an even place, then photo camera sows, then at all pace's gonna take off. And you here worry about it! No of calm, no savouring Croatia set, as have normal men. :) A she contemplated itself waddles under solnrain Spain yes growths on platanakh he. Grasshopper. :)
But is deprived of course heap. Understand. I from confirming stories with something half not have learned to memorise, illustrate that you have in anybody. :playful:
So that to enumerate not d. Mystic Sea. I such Spain and not represented. Quite a village. And perishing krasiiiivaya.
And still understand this atmosphere a permanent communication with co.
I here "a tad" Croat brush up on my. In general this trip I have, too, has passed in permanent hands. With whom and what only not they had words. And perishing how many that soulful voice this trip attaches - themselves know.
Now week second part of to read d. Hope in it damaged limbs more not will. :)

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Nate's, thank you :)

So, so, Viktor, a man’s solidarity, means. :D But, at all, yes. Away Michet I'm delivering the a long. Although have us this process reciprocal, so that're even :D A in Croatia they with Stashekom aptly before. I!! Again in companies two cleaning demonizing. Until Plitvits in this time have reached. Weather was all time the good, nakupalis on year forward :)

vicont-m wrote:

I here "a tad" Croat brush up on my

vicont-m wrote:

A perishing how many that soulful voice this trip attaches - themselves know.

About, yes! Incidentally, one of cleaning demonizing, who was with him, the Polyglot-lover of. , too, Croat have learned well, this them very helped. And together he have learned well and Finnish, after all departed something from Helsinki :D A last time they in Montenegro on couple of days foreign, so he and famous Montenegrin have learned well. Here is such have us i?eyoaeu :)

vicont-m wrote:

Now week second part of to read d.

Not managed still many write, just page until, but nothing, this deal completely replaceable :writing:

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