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Winter vacation in Sierra Nevada

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So winter vacation. Many was different wishes of, and to warmly, and to snow, and to that watch , and to where to hang out. Were seen different options from Cuba until Bulgaria, but prices tickets and packaged tours were so unreal, simply whatever something wild, that we virtually SOTB, find something appropriate on price and by the quality of. In end after hours searches in Internet, and councils friends, choice was made in favor of Spain. So: Fourteenth-, Sierra Nevada. Town Pradolyano. The most southern ski resort Europe.
Why precisely there. Ah first this summer we on recommendations Spanish friends-known go sleep in San Sebastian, very us there liked, winter again decided trust their recommendations and for Ban to go in the sierras Nevada. Second, Google alert on spoke, that there guaranteed on a new year there is snow, under this there enough warmly, camping on K. This all-??? south. And third camping on K. I never Zimmerglock on skiing, then if would me there not appreciate, then under through Granada, Sevilla, Malaga.
Flew through Madrid Iberia (disambiguation). Normally. T. K. Flight arrivals in Madrid on the evening, we decided stop on one night in hotel and on the morning, otdokhnuvshi, Myslivny in the Granada.
Tickets on team bus have booked in advance on site If you not have ticket in advance, then not worry, ticket always can be buy in ticket office. This concerns bus on all directions if willing to go many, are served additional buses. Buses go from station on Avenida America, on path twirled on station on Alvaro Mendes. Station on Avenida America comforting those, that there arrive buses from Airport, there same we and have booked unerringly. To not run around with things on free Spanish Ham. To the same unerringly provides free Shuttle service-bass from Airport. Unerringly ABBA Madrid 4 . The typical business unerringly. Convenient location, good numbers.
On the morning had gone in the Granada, to go roughly 5 hours, on road there is one halt in cafes. Entire a path behaved the rain, then snow. I shall note, that this was the only day, when was the bad weather and this snow in general something saved entire of what happened, if would Snow in this day not was, not think, that we would had a ride in the mountains.
In Granada we have booked unerringly Vicci Granada 4 . A good unerringly, only slightly from the club from center minutes 10 on foot until Cathedral.
We in advance have booked tickets in Alkhambru on site recommend to do this in season , camping on K. Number of visitors limited (300 man every half an hour of exercise), and not fact, that you can buy tickets on ensured you day even otstoyav polutorachasovuyu turn. In ticket whilst time in which (+ 30minut) you can to visit Nasrid Palaces, not miss his otherwise you not can enter in inward. T. K. We were in Granada 23 December, our booking us not very the and fewer, moreover, if it comes have us his not was, we would went in Alkhambru in the other, more warm, day. When we came closer to ticket office, that would take From our tickets, there not was nor one person, and tickets were selling here is directly on now. At all, walking about Alkhambre, we was greeted only a few tens of man, that perhaps plentiful its charm of, photos succeeded the remarkable - as fortress on backdrop of pasmurnogo days, looks very vivid. Have walked we there long, look positively chilled until broken bones, and for walks, often on Albasinu already not was forces. In end we have gone down down, 're holed up in cafes, got drunk hot coffee and a bit within walking distance on center have returned in unerringly.
And, still we eaten at all in restaurant Leon, from Left from Tiananmen where go buses until Alkhambry. Recommend andaluzskiy fish soup very taken the unusual creamy taste of, delicious.
Next day poraduvav us sun and warmer. We a bit walked on central streets. Fountains, flowers, green trees there is no, this certainly not the end of the December.
Need to was as get until Pradolyano. From approaches in the sierras Nevada on vegetarian days trek only 3 bus in 8-00, 10-00 and in 17-00. On weekends and holidays another team bus in 15-00. Back so same only 3 bus in 9-00, 16-00 and in 18-30 (plus in 13-00 of tips. And holidays. We decided not to mess with of the day and to go on taxi. With hard by uploading our baggage in taxi, somewhere through hour we profits in Pradolyano.
The road there highly picturesque:, but ears is laying it is unrealistic, as in jet. In a good weather to go minutes 40-50, in bad can be and for 3 hours not reach.
Himself town very a small, rather village. On road through the city can be to go only down, camping on E. If you need to get to any hotel / restaurant on average level, then on machine you climb up on okruzhniy road to the top, and then on city have down. On city plies team bus, from bus stop until central Square, then upward on okruzhniy until parking services and then down on the streets of the again until Tiananmen and until stop. Very rewarding for the availability of in town only 3-'s! Taxi. So that if you will need taxi, DVCAM from this in advance. Machine there onnot will you take the coming mill offices only in Granada
The Bottom level of town 2100m, the most high peak Veleta roughly 3,400, respectively the station Borregilis is roughly on level 3,000. Whose ways are strange highly this it turned out for our the plains organisms. All were bruised by the mountain disease. Especially hard was mother my girlfriends, we even shoulders, its in a clinic. Incidentally, about exerting honey. Aid. It we get a core pressure, have made comparable with ECG, prick, and still analysis blood and under this was not asked not the that insurance, but even passport and all for free! We these were pleased surprised, as well as and speed exert services and professionalism doctors (especially given the fact, that on-in Spanish we virtually not are talking, and Republics Dr. was only one).
Lifts are in right-wing parts of cities, closer to sorrow. Two cabin (complex Vihren Palace) which lead on Borregilis: One only for skiers have both Borreguiles, one for all attracted to the Al-you, and still there are three not know as correctly la Russe is called chairlift, but in general open saddle: One goes to the top town halt on 3 st level, very conveniently to live near, is called Parador1, on two other Genil, Jara we not have risen.
Where to live.
We seem concerned about these issues still in October. Seats in hotels (and their just somewhere 10-12) already not was. Decided stop in apartments. When we have sought apartments except prices us also gal location. In end we stopped its choice on apartments Edelweiss, this was the only proposal in average parts of Pradolyano, as times alongside Parador1. Arriving on place we were in African of shock, little moreover, that apartments were simply tiny, so there was such Dubek is, that we freeze, freeze even in anoraks, as explained is a master this because here long no one not lived. But there was two a heater, and he assured us, that already tomorrow here will the tropics. There is no likely this were would our okochenevshie the stiffs. On our happiness we in advance paid only deposit on for 5 days, in end cars we made there still before. Girlfriends help on sorrow with instructor, which they had as we poorly live, and have moreover proved each have which were free apartments. And although on level of degistirmek, but simply the sky and land compared with our: Two big room, cuisine of with the entire (an operating) technique, warm bathroom. Caring Hugo (our instructor) even has brought us tape ands with music. And in money we nothing not lost. In general, after of settling household problems to live became quite well.
That same until residential Fund at all, then from all hotel: One 5 Vincci, two hotel 4 networks Melia, 4 Kenia Nevada, 4 Maribel, the rest 3 , 2 ; else apartments. The most aptly are located both Mehlia, and also Apart-hotels Trevenque, Monachil and Ziryab 3 . This floor level of near shops, a diner and that most important lifts. Only one moment, not know what there level of noise insulation, camping on K. If work snow gun, such a sense of, that one on airfield, we at the top noise not heard. Still such warning, regarding 4 Kenia Nevada, there between the two Smolny Convent buildings hotel, is Corps cheap apartments and the bottom one of big discotheques, so that, despite 4 status hotel can be highly noisy, plus from hotel climb down to stay attached the only on foot on staircases. That concerns 4 Maribel, then he resides in some greater distance from nightlife life, but not know, as from him get to the ski lifts. All hotels need to book strongly in advance, as I already told, in early October seats on Christmas week not was.
Choosing apartments, the main, on that should pay attention this location, higher 4 th level (Whither Parador1) better not settled, very questionable pleasure climb down and get onto on staircases in ski boots (yes and without overnight ski boot warmers, Caribbean there-here not very fun). Moreover on high levels are all discos and bars, working after midnight, and crowds netrezvykh teenagers care about can gulyat there even 4000m2 as well as until the most morning. Especially many entertainment institutions in edificio Bulgaria, there same all these student groups and reside, for calm vacation this place not suited.
I until this trip was never on ski resorts, moreover I never Zimmerglock on mountain skiing even in Moscow and my winter guise of sport always were sledges. Moreover I have present're having a panic fear of Heights and even castles on running skiing have grandmothers in village, on any malomalskoy tacky amusement or mound I simply sat on skis and descended sitting, or simply pieces skis and commanded on foot. So can be to imagine what me wrestled with doubts, when I evangelism in vacation. But all same curiosity defeated fear and to the same I has bought chic gornoplyazhnyy a suit, and been mulling: if perishing not riding, so, on pokrasuyus on this the motherfucking sorrow.
Plus were doubt on than same I want toward skis or snowboard. In end chose skis. Not regret. After several days skiing struck me, that snowboard this a sedentary sport, as not that on mountain snowboarders sit or lie on sorrow, constantly accounted for by itself how to avoid their carcasses of. Moreover they wear very strange hairstyle, clothing trousers are hanging somewhere on level its knees, perhaps to cloth, was in sight. In general, I in his gornoplyazhnom suit raze not fit in, either in their crowd.
In Pradolyano full of the ski schools, choose can be any. First we have reached in International when, but there was a small turn, wait us not like and we went in the next. Escuela to export da Esqui, us there liked, to the same in there same can be was take skis onat a discount, there same was shop. We quickly translated itself instructors. Girlfriends, as already long ride their bikes, took itself instructor on couple of hours simply for familiarization with the slopes, which in end helped us with apartments and at all Y cared about us. Me same secured Simonscans Perez, with which I in a common complexity otkatalas 6 hours. Recommend its as distinct instructor, it helped me overcome my fear Heights and correctly has put me on skis, has shown prevents tips. At all ????? instructor its grains the manner training, their any ????? , for example, I seen, as some drive with, well, elongated forward hands with with sticks, some as something put in the staple stick around waist and relying on the them lakes. Clara same simply helped selecting laureate I have stick and taught as correctly keep balance. In a result me very liked toward, moreover I have worked, what I exactly itself from themselves not expected. Importantly not fear, as only I'm recall about perform well, I have being invoked knees and I'm falling, if same I relax and enjoy , then registered as on arsenic even with high slides (for me high). Until, of course, only green road that but I hope, that I have still all ahead.
That concerns routes at all. Me not with than to compare, write simply the, that seen. T. K. Snow was little, was openly just lie from 85km of runs. Mostly the Blue. Just on resort of from 80 of runs 8 green, 35 red, 4 black and the rest the Blue. Feature of on slopes of there is no trees, road very broad. Green, for primer at all a fairy tale, on recall of girlfriends, which elect toward in Bulgaria. To the same for newcomers there are two magic carpet and not need to tormented with bugelem, on outset, when only've thrown yourself into your nuts and bolts.
In this year in KiNovskiy period was very, very many people, so many, that number of 28 December they simply stopped sell ski the children, camping on K. They have some regulation security in the number of man on slopes of. Waiting lists the bottom: On cabin from Pradolyano until Borregilisa were roughly minutes on 40, at the top, from Borregilisa on road I teetered minutes on 15. But the entire this crowd as something that dissolved across length of his-width of runs so that no one no one not US (ah virtually). And all same from such a-insular society people and in the absence of Snow road became all worse. Gun clearly not inquired as, plus temperatures from + 3 even 4000m2 as well as until + 7, raze not fostered good quality of of runs. We higher the latest day 31 th, already even on green pistes, were patches in it grass, and the Blue were ukatany in the ice. Girlfriends, which in the first days went down down on the longest a highway, which is leading directly in village, in the latest day went down place with me in cockpit and not they alone, appeared waiting lists on The folding.
About vacationers seem.
Waves people was stems with those, that in that period this was the only place in Spain, where was snow. We there help with the Russians, which already long live in Spain and repose in Sierras right every year over the last 10 years, so here is they said, that for 10 years this the first time, when stopped sell ski passes. The main mass vacationers seem this of course, themselves Spaniards, with here and family with children and crowds students-teenagers care about, second on ????????, perhaps the Portuguese, very many their would read, also are found the British and the French, Russians ah virtually there is no, not believing, this, in general the already Spanish family, I on sorrow one times fierce against Russian family, and in a rental office we help with Russian company, which also toured without aid turfirmy. And all.
Pro prices.

Ski pass: One day 38evro, 7 days 225evro. Simply rise until Borregilisa, without skiing 13.5evro.
Instructor: Hour individual classes 34 the euro, group course about 150evro.
Rent equipment: 14 the euro in clock (me at a discount cost), without discount about 20, khranilka 3evro in clock.
Food on sorrow: Cola 1.2evro, beer 2evro, mulled wine 3evro, 's paella 10evro, fruit French fries 2.4evro.
Pro nutrition and entertainment.
On lower level a whole gallery hotel with guise of on mountains, after skiing very well down down and sit on sunshine drinking some beer. Food, truth there, utterly unworthy: Mostly burritos, yes sandwiches and fruit French fries, in general read the fast food, but for perekusa be appropriate. All these a diner are closed after of call sun for mountain. They pack tables on the street, but still hour or so can be sit within. That concerns good food, we appealed two restaurant:
La Cabana very highly, on 5 st level in edificio Sapporo, but there is worth rise. Their determine meat. As the main it borrow steak or something type traditions with vegetables. But on the first garlic soup with croutons delicious.
Pourquoi the continent - in really the center of the, on Tiananmen Europe edificio Costelacion2. Good carpaccio and fondue.
Not so many recommendations, because as after as we opened La Cabana , we eat dinner only there, and day continents on sorrow or in kafeshkakh on lower level. Moreover very many restaurants and bars in edificio Mont pens, there there is a worthy pizzeria (not remember name).
That concerns bars and discotheques. Us appealed Mango in Kenia Nevada, La chimenea in edificio Primavera1, Fame in Melia Sierra Nevada. Many bars in edificio Bulgaria, but there mostly hang out all, and their there so many, that we even squeeze there could not.
Are opening all nightly bars / discos not before midnight, people intends to roughly to ano night. We first raze could not get used, and then nothing sucked into it, slept with 8-1930 the evening until 12 fringes, then would wake up and has been going UEFA.
Moreover in Pradolyano there is sports complex with swimming pool, saunas, jacuzzi and gym hall. Us very relished there go on hour or so the other on the evening, sweat, swim. Season card on 5 days (with mon. On-point size.) 53evro.
A new year we noted homes, meeting his with champagne on sorrow on Moscow time, and then, after midnight went in Mango. Entry cost 20evro, including 2 estimated, all would well, but in pursuit of how much we can make masters club not raison entry, in end hours to 4 st morning, there not what dance, there move impossible was. And we are gone, until have ascended on its level of, already and dawn the first dawn a new year, in the mountains. First number of day we relaxed all of a sudden have walked, sat in kafeshkakh under sun, in general relaksirovali.
Second we go on oriental tunes in the Granada. At all the have us were plans take on these two days machine and to go in here are their webpages and Seville, but our the only driver Roman Tyrtov, with came down with cold, temperature and strong cough. Here again on aid came Hugo, with which we were crazy in pharmacy and he helped us buy the necessary drugs. So that is a futile with machine has failed.
Incidentally, we bronirovali machine through the Internet and face specific difficulties. Deal in is, that we wanted take From machine 1 th January, and offices large businesses,, such as Avis and Eurocar in Granada were closed. Was option of take From machine in airport, that us flatly not pretended. In end we met on site … eld&uk which less than for clock confirmed us reservation on Ford oldest on two days just over 57evro, and we could take From machine in hotel in the center of the approaches, under this have us not asked no guarantees of payment. And when in day, when need to was to occupy machine, we understood, that nowhere not we are going, we simply call them and canceled reservation. I not know what have them machines, but level of service us poraduvav.
So we go in the Granada their move, camping on E. On bus ride. Weather was simply plush: Sunny, + 19, even not comeback, that on the calendar 2s January. With viewing shovel have San Nicolas is a damaging kind of: Alhambra, Ciudad Real, farthest snow hats his, and the bottom in rassvetnoy haze of lies Granada. Beauty. Me liked gulyat on Albasinu: Narrow streets are being withdrawn on entitled sun Square, brown rooftop, white homes, green palm trees on backdrop of pan-blue-pan-blue the sky - very talk.
Having gone down down I as times managed to festive shestviyu, from Cathedral on the main streets been moving the procession: Soldiers, police, naryazhennye in nice suits young men carried the flags, crests, any coffers, forth marched elderly men with Orders of (apparently any VolgGASU citizens), zamykal march of with marching band.
In opting devilkins, I dreamt, that make local and grown for them. And they go in tapas bars. Tapas bars in Granada this separate the. You order a drink and to him soils once snacks: Famous Valencian Paella, tots, one of your chips, any vegetables (all pleasure 1.2evro). And then sitting with this a plate in park on bench, are you drinking beer, 've been staring on sides. And then you can turn back in the next bar. In general I then has passed on 6 fringes inns, choosing the most delicious tapas, 'm full and got drunk until satiety.
On 5 fringes hour bus ride we have returned in Pradolyano. The latest evening on disco, collection things and on the morning we had gone in the Granada.
T. K. We planned borrow machine, we bought contrary tickets until Madrid given, that we need to will surrender this machine and to not to rush we chose time in 13-30. But camping on K. The only morning team bus from Pradolyano in the Granada in 9-00, about 10-fringes morning we were in Granada. Sit three and a half hours on station us quite not like. Here we saw 4 bus until Madrid and in one was many free seats. How me allowed my Spanish I attempted to explain the driver our situation, he tool around in isn in the hands of our printout from the Internet, thought and has authorized us to go these flight limit extra charge. Ur! We proved in Madrid on three and a half hours before.




Na-a-ah, to obtain drive on full program - not need to in advance bronit Qal'at al-Hambra, need to to come to waiting lists in 5 morning and have remained standing three hours with all world. Watch as people sleeping in spalnikakh and sits on both ways, become there on night on gardens, and to'll perk up need to to tear and ekst wild bitter oranges. Here is then Alhambra will be remembered on entire life! :jumping:



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So winter vacation. Many was different wishes of, and to warmly, and to snow, and to that watch , and to where to hang out. .


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"I've seen such a Muscovites, compared with which this nonsense - appears vocabulary!"

Modicum narrative already and a longstanding, but thank you!
And photos remarkable. If the author not against, will repeat from album of one of them, from Divan.


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