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White city Altea, Spain (Altea). Costa Blanca. Spain

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To read jointly with Spain Eastern (Cat / Val / city)

6 April 2013

Although and before we couple of times Lipkey Alethea, in this day included the first familiarity with city.
And with highly unexpected hand.

If attractions- with hand Calpe, then glance attract golden cupolas illustrated Orthodox Church:

Finish, let's see.

Not forget, that we in Altee. Gerb cities:

There is parking below temple. Kind of the bottom:

And there is opportunity BKV to the most church.
Kind of from above:

Cupolas illustrated quite new:

In Nobility reflected mountains:

The Yasukuni wooden, traditional Orthodox architecture:

San Miguel, he same Santa Mikhail:

San Nicolas - Santa Nikolai:

, too, Nikolai, only WWII:



If choose one city by Costa Blanca NATO it looked more interesting -Altea, Elche, Alicante?



Лена ГМ wrote:

If choose one city on Costa Blanca NATO it looked more interesting -Altea, Elche, Alicante?

Altea, Spain. :yep:
Much slightly scenic.

Alicante a little bit boring - expected greater, something like on here are their webpages.
And Elche simply some a small. Although and Altea, Spain quite a small.

And at all, in Altea, Spain it looked, that I returned in category: Andalusia. :blush:

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As something projected its power Alteyu as place year-old vacation. Await the the report. As there about the beach?



Ксения wrote:

How there about the beach?

There beach along just cities.
Himself not enjoyed - much detail say not can. :dontknow:



Layout Temple Christ-of the Savior?:

And sword even:

That for Church and as works:

Quit smoking cannot be, with dogs, too,:

We not smoke and without dogs, so go in.

Nikolai Madrid:

Carved doors:

I wanted to go, but there are baptized baby - not became disturbed by.

Chief entry:



There the biggest our diaspora and respectively arrival, in Alicante in including. ???? unlike Madrid and other seats, nastoyatel- Spaniard, father Osios also appeared Beltran, but and life there in Parish beats the key, so that not surprising, that even in Altea the Yasukuni, there all, whom not decisional laziness holiday villas and aparty napokupali.



Yes, this very markedly - many announcements on Russian, shops, clinics.



Mountains on Costa Blanca:

Wooden le bois est une:


Glumes cupolas illustrated:

Ventilated gates:

New banlieues Complex:

Used with woods, always a sound - take a closer:

And we we are going further.



In next time in Alethea we are trapped 9 April.
And not Resource Network).

What here many, so this interesting doors:

And also balconies:

This station Complex:

And here contain a whole a flock cats:

Cats proved neobschitelnymi - have become big habit through the fence:

This couple faster all:


You are here » Together around the world » Narratives: Spain » White city Altea, Spain (Altea). Costa Blanca. Spain