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Rhonda and highways Molinos, Spain

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Here is and it is a timely day Rhonda's. As many was prochitano pro this city, as many photo seen doing a … interior and us see this scenic city in the mountains. Riding out sooner on the morning, had to to do unexpected halt in the mountains, for some members expeditions a bit got carsick.
Used an unplanned reprieve and cut down neighborhood.

Our the road.

Lost in city and navigator, on drifting away large traditional tradition began being so weird and to drive us establishment, channeling on alone and those-as the streets. But us on is forearmed, not gonna spend. We his simply got knocked out and you disguised yourself as local, have become kaktatsya on the streets of the without navigation. Cassady's in several stalemate, pretend to be stopped and flowed to the nearest signs parking. Safely parked it, enshrined Google alert on map and went. Shared told us, that we have Church of Our Lady of Mercy.

And all have us will well. Ah times so, then so. Over through cleanest, and here is they neighborhood cities, so well the pages from above.

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Rightly move further and are now moving beyond to oldest continuous hereditary in Spain arena for battlefield bulls.

Say there within very nice, but frankly go inward have us not fulsome no desires. And let advertising avenues tout you opportunity to visit fencing, where beasts await their fate, and the spectacular 300dpi, placards, photos and even original suits, – in including and frankly exquisite, – ever dressed some of the greatest matadorami … and ah his see frankly.

Say, that now there is happening just one battle in year. Ah and let one, but would still better without us. We perishing better with ponies, eh take a picture. All the more one of them such a tourists …

And then to besedochke shall leave, where even are opening excellent species.



And to us better perceive these species, couple Indians play its melodichnuyu a melody.

Melody so put downward pressure on one of members our groups, that he urgently diary down.
- There says the road down goes. Shared he after all not J.J. Cale.
Had to us be convinced Alexey (and this was he) go ??? to jump, ah and then … can be … and camping on D.
Retreated from gazebo and rightly move to Bridge. So say to those kinds of sake of what here and aoaee.



And here is and line could be drawn.

Talk, ah that here do you say. Truth the sun, lent contrary, several seriously impair photography … ah yes okay.



Rightly move gulyat further, but razgulyavshayasya fever, starters so beating down, that Alexey I mentioned rushes to as would idea go down.

-Nafiga us all these attractions? On the bridge I, and enough. All ??? ?? ? ? trek and theme or Arab bathhouses, Muslim fortress Wall, Palace Mondragon group …
But on highways Molinos, Spain down no one not traveled. Yes yes, precisely highways. Shared this (on my view bicycle mat) called proud. Word highways. Ah times highways, go down.



Kind of from below, on my view not less by the, than kind of from above. Although I, pants doing impressions of from trip on highways, initially this kind of not estimated. Thought about what to do if who travels you power--a period, several plague relax.

But the uproar vodopadika, kind of bridge and vicinity, allowed relax.

Our life tonus has remained the bottom, and we rightly move on path upward.

A shift snapshot on memory



Line could be drawn from below

Let's move out back to machine

Generally well there it turned out on highways and to the top we have got, too, without rural.

And until apartments with parrot case, housed on surrounding the palm trees,, too, have reached enough quickly and without an extra $stress:. In sight navigator decided to, that juggling intended with us until ?????.

It is time sleep, after all tomorrow severe day. We we are going on Gibraltar.



Oli_Gerdt wrote:

There says the road down goes. Shared he after all not J.J. Cale.

Not J.J. Cale! There is the road down and there entrepreneurial nigglocal people place for emki sell!)
• through 5 minutes and three office below • ah here is, not for good reason after all go!

Oli_Gerdt wrote:

We we are going on Gibraltar.




Wow, and from below something high footbridge even more is felt!



Old cactus wrote:

wow, and from below something high footbridge even more is felt!

This yes :-)


You are here » Together around the world » Narratives: Spain » Rhonda and highways Molinos, Spain