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Spanish north: From Bilbao until Xixona / Jijona

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Incidentally,, too, in really the center of the is covered sports gathering spaces that offer universal with a good the cover, basketbolnymi as baskets of and soccer gateway – under this utterly open (for entry) and utterly giving:

Me very liked here is this picturesque Square – of those, that spontaneous news event outside until us the extraordinary flavor long that--at centuries :cool::

From all other here stands out the building, built, judging by tablet, in 15 century in as a breakup station:

In the center of the finance persisted small fragments medieval fortress walls:

Through spectacular gates in wall is a kind of on rooftop old cities and Tower doni Ochandy (Torre quo do & # 241 ;a Ochanda), called a in honor daughters notable down a citizen, otrestavrirovavshego (on other sources – who shaped) this tower in 16 century:



At all noble people, but means – and their palaceswith appropriate-Nordic heraldic tradition Vitoria clearly not was deprived:

I confess, that with first same minutes in finance my thought were are busy men stare at me desire taste one of alcoholic-beverage world culinary specialties these of the edges - pacharan- a tincture a blackthorn with aroma of anise, to Italian tastes and fortress imitating not very sweet liquor. Immediately go in the first same router encountered bar me seriously impair misconception about too early hour's, type as been some inappropriate for ingesting of lasting drinks :huh:. However patience it turned out nebezgranichnym, and in "hour wolf", i.e. exactly in 11 morning, when arose the need devilkins in principle (Oh perishing these "Spanish whole" in street cafes - n-n-no, now d book only hotels with by breakfasts! :confused:) I, by taking over for order caf with apartamentowith pinchosom, asked parca me once pacharana - on opportunities sweeter than and fortress move on to weaker.

Outcome tasting trumped all expectations :cool:. If would pacharan was available in Russia on acceptable prices, he accurately would became one of my favorite and regularly consumed by drinks. But, of course same, those who on spirit of not transfers flavor of anise, he is contra-indicated in principle. Justice sake of I shall note, that the next pacharan, drunk already in Bilbao, grassroots me less - he was more guaranteeing, and anisnaya component there weaker. So that, as and with with sherry, find precisely "its" variety this estimated very it is important.

I’d say literally couple of words about already offered a pinchose. This a small sandwich in the form of slice bread with garnished on offense - fish, shrimp or indeed moriskasom, chorizo, vegetables - in general, virtually with than anywhere. For forging the snacks apply, like canapes, wooden wand-sticks, from which and happened name pinchos, that in the diversion with Spanish means "the thorn of a, stud ,-." Precisely pinchosy dominate in cafes and protectionist moods northern Spain in as a light food, replacing a whether, familiar many on other Spanish regions.

After pacharana the world has become lighter, Vitoria - brighter, and local people rose in my the eyes of in literally :crazyfun::

If put jokes in side, then this "where" (ah not remember him for same calling it khudosochnoe creation) is a classic example modern street statuary and is called simply not polite, or Iduschim(El caminante). Local power consider, that this masterpiece became one of urban-related travel attractions – ah them, undoubtedly, best :suspicious:.

“not polite ” is not confined to the number of unusual dwellers finance. For example, those, whom not inherited ticket in Opera theater, can listen to the a street broadcast views with balcony one and beyond buildings:

And here is this venerable take with the face of exhausted after be won battlefield General (the so and (Zeni say: General Alava) me genuinely grassroots. Sculpture with not very understandable me entitled “the Minotaur” (El Minotauro) was created for exhibition EXPO-92 in Seville, and later is incurred urban authorities finance, inhabitants which gave it much more adequate name“ Torero ” (sometimes can be meet and another, not less obvious – “Razmyshlenie ”).



Another photograph on subject “street the plots ” out Skidmark furniture in apartment second building – under me from Pas de la Casa – through window would unload them never small cupboard:

“HSIIDC and baski ” - brothers is:

2. one of start of. The plot terrible, but as she bull, isn't he! :crazy:

Even a bit “urban the images ”:



Palace legislative assembly province Alava(one of three, of which consists country Basque region push and where, exactly, and is located Vitoria):

Sustained portal medieval monastery:

In finance many parks and their comfortable green corners – and this not the supervisor phrase, this indeed so. Here is one of sprinkler water in park Florida:

The most the beautiful place capital the basque country is (not think, that someone will debate with this) Old Square, or Square White Dame (Plaza quo la Virgen information available), schitayuscheysya protector cities. Unfortunately, in a spirit of worst (on my view) European traditions on Tiananmen were constructed by design any something festive equipment, that largely lishalo opportunities to see “in natural the form of ” one of the most of authoritative corners finance: '(. There is no, I understand, that local residents this which will widen life, but, all, if perishing you performance themselves in tourism, try do so, to arriving in your city saw precisely the, for than go! At least, in the most landmark places.

Between arches church considered. The Archangel Mikhail, which is creating burner Square, can be see and the very issue Virgin:

Ah and traditional considered. Georgy, as same without him:

And here is so looks Old Square in his classic the form of:



In its the center of the established monument, win victory in battle under finance1813 year – battle, in which Anglo-the Spanish army under the command British General falsehoodshas dealt the decisive defeat troops Apparition Bonaparte, that ended French intervention in Spain, to about 5 years. Incidentally, as times in this year marks 200 years this undoubtedly far more relevant for Spain milestone.

There, where there is Old Square, simply owes it need and New. In finance so call Square Spainin classic-style “squaring with porticoes ”, center one of sides which is Mailbox – ayyuntamento(not can deny itself in SPA treatments in 100th times write – my favorite on zvuchnosti the Spanish word! :crazy: ):

Vitoria, as and some other cities Spain (the most famous example – Salamanca), commands immediately two cathedrals: Oldand, it is not difficult imagine, Happy New. Both they virtually in honor of the Virgin, but Old is called with Vatican II considered. Maria, and New – with Vatican II of the Immaculate Virgin of Maria.

Unfortunately, Old Cathedral, built in 14 century, already lasting time is in the process vosstanovitelno-restoration works, the entire closed building forests, and the only, that can be see today – his more the outlook tower 17 century:

New Cathedralin neo-gothic-style applies already by the early past, i.e. 20 century:

His interiors highly are traditional: They absolutely “the right ”, but any“ the zest of the ” in them is missing, not to mention, that spirit of antiquity there, that well understandable, and not reeks:

And here is bas with angels within New Deal of the cathedral me grassroots:



But more, than's methods looks Square Machete(Plaza the language Machete), with which is a kind of on tiled rooftop the nearby quarter:

Interestingly origins name this Tiananmen. Deal in that, in the early 19 century master prosecutor, on taking office, in the presence of just people gave oath precisely on machetes, formally give up give chop off itself head this “in case violations its swearing. With 1840 year machetes deposited in already aformentioned church considered. The Archangel Mikhail.

Even two old church deserve attention in finance-Gasteiz, Alava: Church considered. Apostle Peter14 century:

And more Boeings (15-16 centuries) Church considered. Martyr Vicenta(its Spiel visible with right-wing hand Tiananmen White Dame):

And completing subject old finance, even couple photo central parts of cities:

Curious place in finance is Square Plaza of Fueros, dedicated fueros– set laws and rights, whom in Spain even since early medieval was obliged province and individual cities. Structure Square, created by in 1979, bears in itself many symbolism, all the brink of which I, I confess, disclose not thankful. Can only say, that on Square Fuero local solution.National and place for conducting’with small amphitheatre for viewers, and mini-“ shovel for games in national Basque game (to lasting belong, in particular, badminton), and even – the contours of province Alava:



Slightly in side from historic center resides very lovely detached district, where along the adorable little shady boulevard can be see many on interesting buildings:

Residence President Countries Basque region push:

Neo-Gothic style Museum Belle Arti arts:

Villa Sophia, where are located offices and services Museum province Alava:

And quite near, on alley, 2 a central, rises to worsen church Franciscan monastery:

Yes, the beginning of trip clearly managed, and Thanks for Sharing (this finance-Vitoria-Gasteiz, Alava! :flag:



A good narrative, pleased is read. With interest looks. Thank you, savl! I not was, but heard about finance. Glad, that you grassroots city. But as many in Spain remarkable cities! Await the continuation of.



vic wrote:

Xoroshij narrative, pleased is read


savl wrote:

Bizkaibus .. Termibus

And in city of trek Bilbobusy :) And me there constantly remember a Glorious Bilbo Baggins :D

It turns out, in Vittoria seen far not all. Need to will to return.




With the outset I understood, that such Bilbao, and that he - utterly not my city :x (not want no one wary of offending, as the saying goes, this view reflects exclusively opinion author and his, perhaps, your twisted tastes :crazyfun:). But't deliver perishing inducted me here fate, then not paid although would a bit time recommends city, in which I if even and d someday, then exclusively in purposes transfer I, of course same, could not. So, we wrapped. Poizuchav Bilbao, I painted itself route on couple of hours-about 5 kilometers, which was beginning from bridge considered. Anthonyand Lorenzo church, anodyne through local the old city (the so-called spite viejo) and forth along rivers Rio quo the Bilbao(interestingly, that on fact river on the entire his for is called Nervionand only in city of changes its name of) - until Museum Guggenheim.

There is no, friends, nothing bad pro Bilbao I say not can and not want. I not doubt, that he very comforting and comfortable interiors for residence people 21 th century :cool:. Beautiful streets for walks, bright pelvic, superb parks vacation, the picturesque Quay, a golden (not doubt in this!) transportation system - I himself gladly spent as a child would here couple of weekends, if it comes until Bilbao from Moscow can be was reach on machine or a train hours for and a half. Ah okay - even for two :flag:. But when in Spain there is such cities (from inexperienced until me), as Huesca, Huesca, Haq, Teruel, Albarracin, Spain, of Lleida, Soria, Siguentsa, Tarazona, Tudela (Navarre) and many-many other such, spend precious "the Spanish" time on "in cities type Bilbao me, admit, simply pity :dontknow:.

Bilbao, largely resembling Valladolid, Santander, individual neighborhoods Madrid, should please lovers of "imperial" cities with due merely architecture 19 century type modern, classical palazzo and other things edges - pardon perishing, if that, for inaccuracies, I loosely learn using in styles, which not love :sceptic:. But lovers of history medium-size centuries here to do utterly nothing to acquire. Local "the old city" - past very imputed, reminiscent a measly attempts find "old Moscow" in the rests someone`s "Moscow Mercantile class" :glasses:.

Unpleasantly surprised clock work nest churches and even of the cathedral :unsure:. They are so are limited (especially this contrasts with slightly whether not 24 hours a day open doors churches Germany, France, Italy and many other countries Europe), that create democracies impression, that their the main task - not help people to communicate with by the Almighty (about how, that for this church not need in principle, now conversation not is faring), and reduced to the purely utilitarian goal: Put "tick", conduct one-two worth a mass in day and with a sense of executed debt again cram down castle on their doors, gates and fencings :angry:. And not need to to mention pro the need of siesta - in climate, northern Spain about this funny even to hear.

However, I already not times spoke and wrote, that "the pendulum" Spanish religiosity, as and rely any mayatniku, long already has swung in antithetical to side: From spiritual leadership in Catholic Europe until almost full profanity, apotheosis which - celebration Semany Santa. :dontknow:

But’s go back on the streets Bilbao. Curiously, that here there is something like (from words "substitute for" I will refrain) the famous Lisbon tram N 28. Local a tram line A(she same until and the only) begins in district subway San Mam & # 233 ;s, alongside which, I shall remind, resides bus station Termibus, should along La past Museum Guggenheim and majority urban bridges, crosses the river on the east cities and talks the on so-called Ribeyre along historical parts of Bilbao to the bridge considered. Anthony (and a bit further). The cost of map for on Tranv & # 237 ;a quo the Bilbaoaccounts for 1.45 the euro, tickets – in ticket machines, which there is on each stopping, and - attention! - here same validiruyutsya (all other details map for can be watch on

As I already wrote, precisely from bridge considered. Anthony, having reached here on Tramvaychiku, I and began his walks, often on Bilbao.

Church(or as its even call - Abbey) considered. Anthonyhas so great importance in history Bilbao, that its image of the together with breaker near-bridge ranks the central place on Coat of Arms of cities:

Double Orgeat, that two wolf "! »" here with gerba noble noblemen kind of Repa, former members the basque country, under which and was based Bilbao:

Church considered. Anthony built in 15 century on that spot, where a century before Castilian King Alfonso XI, the latest from sequence of prominent medieval Alfonso (the next, 12th emerged already utterly in other times, in late 19 century) 's raised fortress-alkasar and defensive wall - its the foundation was found in 2002 during excavations in church.

Не могу не напомнить, что Альфонсо XI (здесь я немного нарушу обещание, данное самому себе не примешивать к этому рассказу ни политику, ни историю) - тот самый король, наследие которого долго не могли поделить его сыновья: законорожденный Педро Жестокий(он же Справедливый) и бастард Энрике- сын короля от его любовницы Леоноры де Гусман, в конечном счёте одержавший победу и лично убивший своего брата и тем самым положивший начало знаменитой династии Трастамара, к которой принадлежит ещё более знаменитая Изабелла I, она же Изабелла Кастильская- "католическая королева".

Most considered. Anthony(of course, not the, which we see now, because his accounted for repeatedly repair and modify the, the last time - after Civil war in Spain) is the most old in Metro Bilbao). The first bridge on this place built even in the early 14 century. A long time he was the only bridge in city of - first wooden, and then stony - and precisely for him owe were all be passing merchants, the next from the basque country in current spell - this was one of privillegiy, mix Bilbao members Repa.

Even in 14 century on old Plaza Mayor (she same Old Square) alongside Church considered. Anthony was established urban market. He byl very long, in late 19 century became an indoor and only in 1928 year was taken decision about construction a new market, known now as The market for United States on Ribeyre (Mercado quo la Ribera). On his open was restricted prominent faces then-governments Spain led by with General Primo de Rivera cabin. That is on his personality I accurately to dwell not d). Today he is the largest on Tiananmen an indoor market in Europe, the most large in world on number of trade points and enters in of record Guinness World Recordsas the most berth front municipal market (the Mercado Municipal quo Abastos m & # 225 ;s completo). On next photos he visible from Left:


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