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Spanish north: From Bilbao until Xixona / Jijona

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Old cityBilbao as "the old city" in classic understanding of this words utterly there. Here is one of his ever more cookie-cutter streets:

It is difficult to believe, but todays the cathedralBilbao, he in honor Apostle Jacob(that no wonder, because through Bilbao passes part of northern Road Santiago), despite its the history being veiled, virtually is novodelom of the late 19 century. Deal in that "the first version of" Cathedral, built in late 14 century, was gothic, later facade of and to worsen came under reshaping in a spirit of dominant then-style an urban mimic, and little more a hundred years ago him repatriate initial kind of - how, of course, this allowed surviving historical documents.

Only in late 20 century was restored one of portals: Puerta the language & # 193 ;n gel(gates Angela - there is in mind Archangel Mikhail, which centered on retablo of the cathedral). Here is only machine local detained order here proved very not to community:

Handsome and southern portalCathedral:

And here is that retained since medieval - this domestic courtyard - one of two gothic kluatrov (the second - in monastery of the San Francisco in Bermeo), of survivors of until our since the across the Basque country. Unfortunately, see his not managed, as not managed to visit and himself Cathedral: On reasons utterly Frightful, on my view, of siesta: With 13 until 17 hours. :huh:

Here is thus saw kluatrof the cathedral Bilbao those, fortunate more my:

Square before with Vatican II:

Baroque Church, built by Jesuits in 17 century, now wears a curious name Santos Juanes, that means "Jacobe Ioannov" - because she jail of in honor as John Baptist, so and John Evangelist:

Bright Square Miguel Insulza as its Unamuno y Jugo ties Bilbao, Spanish philosopher, writer and politician, former some time where globally famous University of Salamanca:



Neoclassical New Square (Plaza Nueva), built in the early 19 century and called so unlike Old, where then troops market:

Church considered. Nicholas:

Open variety art in a small park near La:

On La have rivers:

Somewhere to this time in conceals souls already was born and with every step grew increasingly and more the main question Prime the Pooh the: A not it is time whether me devilkins? :playful:. Time something indeed was already more, than appetisers during the afternoon, only here is attractive options something not your visitors. Favorite me complex- (men the language d & # 237 ;a) in this part of Bilbao why something not offered: Here entirely and fully dominated platos combinados malopriemlemaya replacing for those who likes start lunch with soup, and Miners desserts :suspicious:. However I quickly understood, that being picky not worth, and the ultimately, not let-God, increasingly can result even more the worst option somehow any coercive snekom And here me the apparently a lovely option mini-lunch , which I still recall gladly: Grilled lomo with pepper:

I far not the first time is, by lomo(for those who not knows this special kind of fillet pork, something like karbonada) in Spain, but so tasty me even nor never not your visitors! :cool: Soft, tender, on extent prozharennosti perfectly corresponding my tastes, yes even with very ultrapremium gravy on the side! Skewered from pepper, too, was by the, and in end this now became one of the most best, which I ever has tried in Spain 8-).

In as a zapivki , member in the cost of lunch, I chose another drink, which wanted to try in Wonderland Basque region push: chakoli(to the emphasis on of last And). Those who was in Portugal, explain, that this such, very simply: This virtually an exact replicates (gourmets priderutsya to these words of, but I not gastronome, me may be comfortable with such comparisons) be fleshed out guilt Vignoux verde. In other words (for those who not yet a turn in Portugal), this legke white wine (ostentatious case red, as, incidentally, and Vignoux verde), slightly gassy so loosely, that foam not reprisal, but tiny bubbles gas, which not so are visible on eye, how many felt on language, have place be. Truth, themselves same local bartenders consider, that chakoli trails the green-shaped blame , because climate Spanish north not allows grow grapes high-quality. And here is worth it as times significantly more expensive Portuguese perhaps so my cosy outdoor dining Portia (on photo) and proved such tiny :no:.



After lunch forces because, head has cleared, and we can again to continue walks, often on Bilbao :flag:.

Church considered. Martyr Vicentaand sculpture of the Virgin in a small garden square before it:

Church St. Heart of(Sagrado coraz & # 243 ;n) was built by Jesuits in 1890 year in as a its new residence in Wonderland Basque after recovery of the Order of the and legalization his activities (I shall remind, that on political grounds in 1773 year the Order Jesuits was is over, and his members expelled from many countries Europe, in including from Spain).

I again get out to River:

Here is such a youngs bleak and dismal potyomkinskaya staircase (opening certainly peredyornet this comparison) leads to La from the center cities:

Far appeared Campo Volantin Bridge(from Basque words Zubizuri - white bridge ) - suspended 40m hiking bridge, considered a one of masterpieces a new architecture Bilbao:

Note: Right on photo girl izgalyaetsya something from the bottom up to lift tries to. And its guy (from Left) absolves, as she izgalyaetsya perhaps, then gets on neck for their sun with limiting brightness :crazyfun:. When they finally wash their hands every its and released playground, I decided to watch, that same she there saw. Ah here is something similar:

In Wikipedia written, that impracticality bridge delivers Admirals authorities - in out of those wet weather shell tiles become quite slippery. Moreover, one only replacing smashed tiles costs city in 6 thousand The euro in year. This information already is passe: floor foil part of bridge blazing with somehow input: Mild and very pleasant under walking abilities :cool:.

Bridges on River many. Not managed I move away from Campo Volantin Bridge, as already the next ahead appeared:

Bridge quite high. Note on a yellow convoy near his right-wing reliance this staircase, the scale of the which emphasize Bencik on it agree (which team bus, apparently, a guided, only that that I brought and hauls):



From Left bridge passes alongside museum lent Guggenheim(on photo he even closed homes). Himself museum me, Id say honestly, not interested nor from within, nor outside, and here is past the famous a spiderI simply could not pass past.

Perhaps, pull off this little expression of mazokhizma, wifely in one way or another extent all people% -). With childhood medular syndrome arakhnofobiey, know whether If that me and torture not need to, hold on me a spider far any closer to body - 'll post an repaid with one favor not only that was, but and that will, than deal end , than heart of actually perceived by voters :crazyfun:. And this, Some Harley Street quack, made something quite.. life-like o.o. Even eggs in siphunculi from below are visible. Ox, gone into labor he (she) someday, little not seem :D

And here is here so and seems, that now on bridge, like, whale, as in one of films :hobo::

Alongside museum lent:

Incidentally, the very the building Museum near it turned out much less, than me i?aanoaaeyeinu on from photos.

Ah and a herb Dogaltitude 13 meters I looked only edict, delivery of his, how can be, optics camera. Frankly, like already were may want to conserve its feet: As-raze, today behind were already walk along two cities, and ahead even result setting in Castro-Urdiales % -)

And here is already and the next bridge:

From such a child shovel I, I confess, grapple eyes took: Himself would hurry to get out of here with preogromnym gusto. :cool:

Another placid cleanest, sleep in such a - simply pleasure: Governing, quietly - mentally, in one word.

And this snapshot in some extent can be called historical: On offense could be seen process demolition epic the ground San Mames Stadium (- one of worlds oldest in Spain, firmly rooted exactly 100 years ago (in 1913) and serving domestic the cockpit of local a football club Athletic . On offense, in particular, were played three match global championship 1982.

Write, that in really Bilbao stadium call La Catedral, i.e. Basilica Cathedral - from-for depressed near him church saintly Mamesa, patron Bilbao. With name this Christian martyr stems and one of little local club - the leones, camping on E. Lions, because on one of legends saint Mames Stadium (was dumped on worry to started as times on that spot, where later much time was built stadium. If to qualitatively you think of it, logic not quite is understandable, but name became truly popular. Ah and Athletic with season 2014 / 2015 s will move on stadium Farm San Mames Stadium ( (Nuevo Estadio San Mam & # 233 ;s), he same San Mames Stadium (Barrias (San Mam & # 233 ;s Barria), under quite not far from old and even as part of actual structures his gallant predecessor.




DOROGA ON of Gijon

Setting from Castro Urdiales (narrative about offense will in section Paco) in of Gijon was the most prolonged in this traveling: Exactly 5 hours. Explains this is all the, that in path team bus did very many stops, twirled slightly whether not in every Pueblo. But precisely thanks to this me managed see for window many or militarized landscape, and some of them even photograph:

Glens timber mountains, Gorge, rivers with the shimmering water, several times opening maritime rocky coves - yes, if to go in Spain for natural the beauties, then to go need to precisely in these the brink! :cool: She's a beaut (how this allowed glance from bus) Buhta, in which is located Laredo. And especially interesting past three decades went already in Asturias, roughly between Ribadeseley and Arriondas (th): We aoaee along mountain small river, oblyubovannoy baydarochnikami. The, as me are blessed with these flight, I understood on contrary path, when team bus another route drove on road, bypassing the all "street": This was faster, but for window look was virtually not on that.



of Gijon

I came to of Gijon already on the evening, when Sergey the sun zolotilo buildings old cities, sooruzhyonnye from yellow stone:



The main symbol of Xixona / Jijona is famous Pelayo, image of the which here can be meet even on garbage dumpster:

Pelayo - West Got King, the first ruler Kingdom Asturias, and therefore, if facilitate situation and not get involved in debris is (in this fictional me not want this to do) all centuries-old historical twisty this - the first King Spain, because Asturias, but after under these name about two centuries, has become called Kingdom Leon, which subsequently encompassed in composition Castilla y, ah namely Castile, that would nor talked aragontsy, fueled nucleus education modern Spain.

Is considered, that precisely from Pelayo "push off" the Spanish Christian reconquest of Spain, lasting without small 8 centuries. Precisely under his the command in 718 year (on some data - in 722 th) was won the first victory over Muslims, grasping Pyrenees few years ago, joined in history as Clash of under Covadonga, Spain. With military perspective she nothing not decided, for have no effect on distribution dueling forces in the very moment, but its psychological significance reassess was it is difficult. As and most such, this event instantaneously obroslo symbols of and legends. Over time Covadonga, Spain has become place of worship and pilgrimages. In a cave, where, as is considered, 's a fugitive Pelayo during battles, now is a small chapel with stock image Dame Kovadongskoy, declared protector Asturias. And used, which Pelayo ostensibly saw before fight, named offered victory(Cruz quo la Victoria), until now decorates gerb and flag modern de asturias principality:

In respect this victory written many loud words, but I, speaking about it, wanted to would to abstain from excessive pathos. In late all, not need to forget, that those who began and win pireneyskie land, just 200 years ago themselves came here as invaders.

However, as would nor was big and celebrate here (, I remind you, that of Gijon - the biggest on population city Asturias, although its its capital is Oviedo) take Pelayo, I not am confident, that him belongs unconditional 1s place among local symbols. Because in Khikhone he has the other very a strong competitor, more accurately competitor the, because in Spain this word applies to Noe destiny: This La sidra, or, speaking on-our, simply cider.

Cider - apple alcoholic (from 3 to 8 degrees) drink - were long produced and you... you drink in many countries: In France, of England, Belgium, Ireland, Germany. Not know, as there, but in Asturias, with precisely in Khikhone (of those cities, that I visited) cider is iconic pitiem. Frankly, I thought, that despite entire its istorichnost and emblematic, attitude local inhabitants to last 2000 years relatively relaxed: Ah yes, he there is, and problems with him there is no, yes, his can be find in every a bar, yes, his until now popivayut. And, perhaps (as thought I), cider already became in greater extent tourist attraction, than part of the ore of this planet way of life.

But there is no, there is no and even times no! :dontknow: I even to imagine could not the scale of local sidropitiya! O.o. the evening of on spent ????? cafes and bars was the huge many people and VSE drinking cider! :flag: Of course, under desire certainly can be was would find a couple of renegades and opportunists, closing its, were sitting and sulking in corner, potyagivayuschikh beer or wine, but in any case they iai?i were lost in popular appeal, drunkards telescoping drink from green bottles. Shifting of Gijon lived with cider and only with cider - and no Pelayo was not on forces are having with him popularity :rofl:. Looked this roughly so:

And this is even far not the most a busy sidreriya, as, it is not difficult imagine, are called here skating, specializing on Cidre. Now I regret, that not did more such photo in different places: '( could would make a lovely and woodgrain the photo shoot cider in Khikhone Much more attention I why something has spent much time vyveskam:

The latter photograph not rather indicative because in terms of 1667 - this already a bit other part of cities, in skating which people come not so much drinks and have fun, how many quietly to communicate.

Of Gijon, incidentally, proved the only city (again same of those, where I was), where can be was try cider, simply requesting a (in other places he sold; only bottles at). That I and made, paying 1 the euro and bit in my under this antiretroviral pinchos with is chorizo with attaches firmly onto, floodgates on remember hotel reception. my opinion about Cidre broke a enough smooth,: With one hand, I not can say, that he me not grassroots - and later I even several times Grand Canal from his on lunch. With the other - he hardly will me dream about, and if I never more not'll visit in "sidrovykh" edges, particularly to be upset on this expense I not d. Incidentally, roughly such same attitude to him, across semblance, there is and in Paco: When in Castro Urdialese I asked my favorite fizz cocktail, why there not offer cider, the stand dismissive and said: "Yes there is no, simply all and so know, that he there is everywhere, and if who wants drinks what cheap, the Member purchases cider."

Special conversation deserves process pouring offers of the bottle in the glass (they, too, there was particular: Big, broad, a bit-shaped. In Spain their call lounge & # 237 ;n not know, truth, how everywhere). Ofitsiant or barman raises one in hand with bottle highly upward, the glass in the other drawn seemed to forget as can be below and starts mystical process nalitiya , which in Spanish language fits a verb escanciar, that in the diversion means simply pouring out wine. Looks this roughly so:

Sometimes for this situation applies word "echar" or "tirar", that translated already more interesting: Hurl, tossing handfuls, dropping. Traditionally is considered, that cider need to to drink, until in ECNs held foam, but on the under razlive- tossing , and what remains after its disappearances, need to simply squeeze. In listen times this did squarely on gender, later in some institutions have become to set special zhyoloby, far and merged numerous the remnants of offers. I read, that with such a vspenivanii cider is enriched to pollutants from air, that as something on-its very special affects his taste of. Not can nothing say on this expense: I saws cider and vspenennyy, and when foam already have you been gadding, and difference in taste, frankly, not irresistible :(.

With such popular popularity at all not surprises the emergence of monument of last 2000 years on La Xixona / Jijona. More surprises as times the, that, judging by images with cameras of Google, he emerged only recently:



Of Gijon in his historical parts of(directly say, that old city its increasingly-??? call it is difficult) - very colorful and vivid city - in direct sense these words, and short on him one gave many affirmative of emotions :flag:.

Traditional for any Spanish cities Plaza Mayorin the traditional cocktail-style and, of course same, a constant ayyuntamento(camping on E. Mailbox):



The most recognizable building Xixona / Jijona, boldly can be said - his symbol of, is Palats Revillagigedo Island (Alaska)(Palacio quo Revillagigedo), built in really the early 18 century:

Unsurprisingly, Palace reminds fortress: Under his Martos was used medieval fortress to worsen 15 century (she is right, if look on facade of buildings). And here is leftist was already built on its way of and image for a common symmetry buildings. Curiously, that big gerb in the upper parts of facade appeared on Palace quite recently - in 2004 after a careful studying historical documents and photographs 19 century.

Palace Revillagigedo Island (Alaska) proved one of the most or and of authoritative equipment, which I was connected see in northern Spain! :cool:

Through 15 years after facilities palace on from Left to him was has a placement Church, sacrificed in the in honor John Baptist (San Juan Bautista), a small, but the scary status kollegiaty. Its square tower can be see on previous the photo.

Another "brand" Xixona / Jijona, of course, significantly will on popularity Pelayo and last 2000 years (or last 2000 years and Pelayo) - this personality name include Melchora de Khovelyanosa- Spanish writer and public-political figure since the artist Goya'sand Prime Minister Manuel Godoy y Alvarez de Faria, known on nickname Prince world. Those who read book L. Leon FeuchtwangerGoya, or Hard path of knowledge , certainly remember battles relationships between these characters. In his honor in Khikhone sharp and street, and theater, and economics local University; here resides Institute Khovelyanosa and, of course same, house-museum, where he was born. Here is he, incidentally right the building on next photo:

And here he in the center of the in the background:

Alongside s last pristine (relatively, of course) Roman rulership of terms established a monument to Emperor for Octavian August, during the rule of which after conquest of Paco and Asturias (getting in history entitled with these war) the entire came under Muslim rulers Peninsula terminally proved under power Roman Empire. And after administrative reform Augustus "north" entered the composition province Tarrakonskaya Spain.

Incidentally, precisely in these places Romans "of its" many symbols, associated with the Moon and Sun behaves similarly, in particular - banner with so-called Kantabriyskim cross(L & # 225 ;b Aro posts & # 225 ;n tabro), which used then even about 300 years.

Walls what church can be is decorated keys? Of course same, chief "a paradise" administrator - Peter century established the! :nope:

And itself Church here is she, its already not times can be was to see on previous photo:

Another a small medieval ensemble 17 century: chapel considered. Lawrence River nearand to worsen Khove-category: Euboea(Jove-Hevia). Both facilities were part of not lost homes family with abovementioned double surname:

At all historical part of Xixona / Jijona very a small, but what something. Very the glamorous, that whether - I quite not regretted, that arrived here :cool:.



Contemporary of Gijon- this mostly city 19-20 centuries, jobs resembling Bilbao. And interesting things, on my view, here much less.

Church considered. Joseph(San Jos & # 233 ;):

Neogoticheskaya (starters 20 century) Church considered. Lawrence River near:


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