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Spanish north: From Bilbao until Xixona / Jijona

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Before it constructed quite simpatichnaya gazebo, though guests of the, resemble Norwegian national Azulejo:

Still one novodelnaya, but very chtoby me Church - Society of Jesuits basilica St. Heart of(bas & # 237 ;l ICAthe language Sagrado coraz & # 243 ;n quo Jes & # 250 ;s):

In construction church hosted participation Catalan architect - follower A. Brand, and these explains some "nestandartnost" its species. But on church, on perform well 50 meters established 8-metre 32-ton-rated sculpture Christ from white Carrara marble, which visible from many seats cities.

Interior basilica appeared me the most interesting among other modern churches, in which I a turn on Spanish the north:

Villa Ladislas, king of Naples Menendesa(Chalet quo Ladislao Men & # 233 ;n Dez) a slight, but very want the building under handworkers , styles neomudekhar and Neo-Gothic style (and just something 1907 year):



Banner retailer shirts:

When I released on chief urban beach, surprisingly, too, the Mimo name of considered. Lawrence River near (named chapel, which I already showed), I was struck by number of elite there people - and this, that is called, "in worker noon", about ano days! o.O

Beach, of course same, damaging! :cool: Common-miles two, not less, wide meters so until 60 (on eye), Holidays - nor papers, nor the cigarette butt you got, nor ogryzka, not to mention encouraged little more serious than that. But live very little: Mostly, surfers, frolicking, incidentally, in in their wet suits. Apparently, water in early September was increasingly-??? "spry", or shoal is: Few third stood metres in 100 from Bank slightly or the on knee was. But for places water the promenade (and such here 99%) - most the, the full's a land of opportunity - photo will say about this better me:

Griffed excavation:

Need devilkins came, as always, suddenly :(. Options was many, but of them acceptable for me (sometimes I regret, that not is, by nor fish, nor moriskasov) - very little. In end I increasingly same In try famous asturiyskuyu fabadu(Fabada asturiana) - perhaps the most known and one of the most landmark dishes local gastronomy.

Fabada asturiana - this dense chowder from a white bean with adding classic Spanish "embutidos" (sausages is chorizo and morsili) and "aumadas" - curiously kopchyonostey type those, that we call grudinkami and koreykami. I feared, that now proves too large, but there is no, to my own the surprise of (and I with childhood not love nestruchkovuyu beans and with first trip in Spain - morsilyu) it me even almost liked. Can be said, I even "'m hooked" on him: Later, in Paco I even twice Grand Canal from kosido Montanes, which can be considered local analogue fabady.



Evening of Gijonnot loses his charm:

Need to whether to repeat, that about stays in Khikhone I Services the most nice memories! :cool:



savl wrote:

A here is and our avien pequefio:


savl wrote:

is a classic example modern street statuary

Horror beverage witnessed in night, kiddo you get scared

savl wrote:

the beginning of trip clearly managed, and thank you for this finance-Vitoria-Gasteiz, Alava

Indeed, lovely detached city

And me on your Kipling Bilbao grassroots.

What all cities bright, color!

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And from this I refused on the next vacation! :) Nothing, 'll catch up with! An interesting Bilbao have three persons (double usually all confined to La and modernovymi gadgets, and you and old part of cities saw.
Of Gijon in gold color simply also fascinated by! And it turns out not for good reason I all on we have it, sir lady rod.

And pokhlebka. Already its want! I in this time decided difference between to address Spanish cookery and to torture a couple chefs.




Perhaps, I now'll surprise many readers. Because Id say, that precisely Aviles, largely unknown Aviles (with netlabel on E) became, perhaps, the main the inauguration my severoispanskogo travel :cool:. Unlike other seats, which me, too, appealed, but that with the passage time degenerate in category alone from , Aviles forever will be remembered me as one of the most interesting and eclectic towns, which I've seen in Spain. Yes and not only in it.

Id say more: Such cities, as Aviles, I not met at all. There is no, he not generally known for abundance of historical attractions, which, however, here, too, there are and quite not in singular. Here there is no Roman debris of, monumental fortresses and of authoritative monasteries. Here there is no and fun natural militarized landscape. Beauty and the uniqueness Avilesa in another: In ensemble his historic center with utterly overwhelming opponent homes with balconies and porticoes and streets, vymoschennymi tiles or another, but so harmonizing decor with the rest of the color range.

But the main chip Avilesa, the main his the zest of the - this street arcadeo.o. :cool:. I, thank God, saw different arcade in different countries Europe, but such, as in Avilese never. I not know (not managed viewed as a subtraction), when they were built, but look they arkhikhudozhestvenno and arkhiautentichno and their raznoshyorstnost , when and the size of the, and form of sometimes even two neighboring anchor of not similar on each other, not to mention difference between the between neighboring homes, only increases this perception whisperings medieval. However, as the saying goes, better one times see:



Feature of many local cafes is that role tables available perform kegs, which are often perfectly preconceived in those same arcade:

From Left on of last photos in sight the construction on chick legs , which may seem strange those who with similar not yet rebuffed. And meanwhile, fall on Spanish IS can be see very many, truth, mainly in villages. And here is that this such, I buck quote from books G. Morton'sreels start on Spain :

Main feature of landscape (de asturias REM. 's daily.) - small chalets with wooden balkonchikami, raised on several feet over land on stone pillars, similar on those, that support so many British, storehouses. Wall these chalets glass, of photoemission, and shifernye rooftop often are weighted stones. They drags me too by small, to to store in them grain, and I could adopt their for dovecote, if would on them sat any birds. After contemplation great of multiple these small, absolutely twin building I stopped any man and asked his, that this such. He looked on me in in wonder. Ignorance kill a foreigner - the, over than scoff even gods!
- This is same horreo, senor, - responded he.
- Noggeo this granero? - asked I.
Yes, caballero utterly rights, but this is called horreoand is used for storage corn. An old man explained me, that cut April're hanging dry sooner on small wooden balkonchikakh, and then're cleaning up in inward; and caballero should discern, that horreos are worth on stone pillars, to ratas (rats) failed to get to corn. An old man added, that a loaf of fresh bread often feast in these storehouses until the next pekarnogo days. Big cheeses and fruits, too, keep there

And here is and gifts land Asturias, Principality of :



Open, but not yet open doors one of institutions, upcoming tenth to the dining universal panning by customers:

Note, how many pleasure offers this ostal (or the boarding - house) Santa Cecilia : And food (comer), and to do some singing (cantar), and under this promise that is peaceful nightlife recreation (not molestar - not concerned about) :D.

Aviles never was DEAF village (today this 3 th in Asturias city after Xixona / Jijona and forward on population), he always was in focus attention Spanish (then even Castile (historical region)) kings, generously predostavlyavshikh him the most different rights and breaks. Ranging with to VI, which two chaps city the first fueros, Aviles for all medium-size centuries was the Royal city, i.e. unlike directly the Crown and pay taxes in royal coffers.

In particular, Aviles possessed monopoly on trade so strategically important commodity, as where sea salt, here also were stored hydrochloric reserves Asturias and of Leon. Zone free trade for Avilesa lay away from sea until of Leon , and later Bohemian king Fernando IV and at all was expanded on entire territory Castilla y and of Leon except Murcia, Toledo and Sevilla. When same in 1479 year Aviles strongly suffered from large fire, personal decree Katolicheskikh kingswere taken measures, allow restore welfare cities, in particular, organized weekly the free market on Mondays, tradition which continue until today days.

In 2 th half of 20 century in Avilese starters evolve a major industry, above all iron. This not slowed down diminish its on state of ecology, and to 60 st years Aviles received sorrowful glory hedging their bets cities in Spain and second on this measure after the Polish Katowice in Europe o.o.. Level of pollution exceeded permissible norms in 300 times, and the number of sick astoy beater all conceivable records : '(.

Fortunately, local and Spanish power on time clinch for head and operationally adopted all necessary measures. And today Aviles is not only the beautiful, but and a net city, attending which absolutely safely.

And green zones in todays Avilese, too, abound:

Ox, friends my generation, toyed with us, Oh, toyed with % -) ari Ziemassveku Lenin something, it turns out, at all not in Shushenskiy term has done, and here is where in Asturias. And after all under local was mowing, Naturalized American citizen virtually :crazy:. With telyatkami major. :D And what not remained? Lived would we now, as in Europe, perishing without visas the so accurately :mad:

Church considered. Nicholas- one of the most contemporary Middle Eastern and latest churches Avilesa, built in late 15 century as part of Franciscan monastery:

Church courtyard domestic not become, because enter in him can be directly with the streets:

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Palace Ferreira (Palacio quo Ferrera) 17 century, now expensive unerringly:

Not far from palace on Ferreira and church considered. Nicholas resides fountain 17 century - fuente of Ca & # 241 ;os quo San Francisco built as integral part of programs supply cities clean water. Over in bas-relief smoking, goals, where and comes pouring water, can be see three gerba: Two urban and one, in the center of the Kingdom Castile, that even times underscores status Avilesa as Royal cities.

Yellow the building with Kurpian details on next the photo Palace Balsera (Palacio quo Balsera) starters 20 century:

In conceals in the background (, fondo, as said would Spaniards) in sight the building Municipality (ayyuntamento) with hours:

And here is and it the very. Under but then you resides layout ship(on photos, unfortunately, his almost not in sight), that quite not surprising, because precisely from port Avilesa has been the lions share marine trade Asturias with France, Portugal and countries northern Europe.

Another the old Church, perhaps, the oldest in Avilese 12 century, now balance Order Franciscans. Curiously, that precisely she with longstanding since the was general name of considered. Nicholas, and in 18 century they (with current, which I showed slightly above) as would are reversed:

On Lorenzo Tiananmen zones Palace marquises Kamposagrado (Governance Camposagrado), which is considered the best a model de asturias an urban mimic:

Perhaps, some who has some similarities with khikhonskim palace Revillagigedo Island (Alaska). And this not surprisingly, because to carried both expended hand one and the same architect (Francisco Men & # 233 ;n Dez Camina).

On central tower palace on well visible gerb first Marquis Kamposagrado (title was Dvarcionys Bohemian king His IV in mid-17 century):

Before palace established a monument recommends artist Juana Carreno de Miranda, rebel Avilesa. Beginning with religious painting (two his paintings on the subject housewife in madridskom museum Prado), he worked his way up until court artist, and even later was appointed the main the favorite same time under goal in Carla II (that in role Velazquez under Philippe IV and Goya's under Carla IV).



Old Church Sabugo, datiruemaya start 13 century, previously raspolagavshayasya in the center of the Lorenzo fishing villages, and later, on least enlargement cities, gushing up slightly whether not in the center of the Avilesa:

Even several urban species, removed in different places:

Far appeared trolley onto a side facade of relatively modern Neo-Gothic style (most the beginning of 20 century) church considered. Foma,-called also a new Church Sabugo:

And its chief facade of with ustremlyonnymi in the sky pinnacles were:

Yes, friends, Aviles stylistics! :cool: And if (suddenly!) fate even times team provides me in Kingdom of the Asturias, then the only place, far I want to return, will precisely he :flag:.


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