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Spanish north: From Bilbao until Xixona / Jijona

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Virtually every European city, roots which go in Middle Ages, believes their debt have museum torture. Here is not gather additionally in any way I this get high :(

Curiously, that local people joke, that in the title Santillana the language Mar apparently done in secret as much as 3 lies: First, in special holiness (-publicized troubles) its reproach it is difficult, second, terrain of, where she is located, is by no means declaring the (llana), and third, no sea in closest neighborhood villages Price not was (before him about five kilometers on very direct path) :crazyfun:.

That concerns huge number of palacesin Santilyane (here easier say, what the building is not very good), then, sometime, will is relevant lead even one saying from Spanish walks G. Morton's: I dont heard a, that in addition to peasants and so basically bewildered all in city of there is population from missing noblemen, hasn't tourists visiting their Villas for whom are watching out staunchest keeper. These women can be see on the evenings - they sit on both ways and park benches at the gate palaces for knitting frenzy at the moment or pleteniem lace. Strange sense of arises, when a lookey-loo at perfectly furnished palaces, contained in purity and an ideal order (in some even are worth on piano flowers, as if owner await home today on the evening). I asked woman, when owner in the last time kvalYofYokovanim here. She estimates and told, that this was about fifteen years ago. I visited three such palace on, and on me produced left impression honesty and reliability khranitelnits. Furniture are polished, until luster, as and floors. Everywhere dotted family photos, on search - servants of the books, on walls - paintings, and even for sadikami looked out for. Io?aaii know, that honesty and dedication still persisted in world; and easily to imagine joy, which come shining on peasant faces, if the Duke or the Duchess suddenly will visit and tell to lift bed linen and air sheets."

Of course, since Morton's something has changed. Call local life slow and muted can be, perhaps, only profound evenings. Many Villas have become museums, hotels, restaurants. But this quite not taints the general perception of from cities! :flag: Well, I reckon so, more problems create machines, sometimes very inopportunely a line of parked in really that neither on there is an authentic every corner of the. Incidentally, in Santilyane I came to conclusion, zapozdalomu and, in general something, lost: Small Tents better visit not with the most morning. Because precisely on the morning here there is the most avtoshevelenie : Machines like to take them products in cafes and restaurants, another once goods in shops, and local officials arrive in its ayyuntamento, which, as rule, contains the Yushukan in historical the center. All of this I watched, when only began walks, often on Santilyane, and here is already a day to, closer to afternoon, the streets and Tiananmen were cleared from transport and have become maximally similar on the, as they looked century ago.

And cows, pro which wrote Morton, until now graze in closest neighborhood town in some 100 meters from the most center. In frame they not are trapped, and here is horse please:



One of the most and fun seats in Santilyane - its the main Square triangular forms Plaza Mayor(full name - Plaza Mayor quo Ramon y Pelayo) - former Market. Its cannot be call beautiful in conventionally defined illness seems beside sense this words, as, for example, Square Cervantes in Alcala (disambiguation) de Henares, Madrid, opinion about which hardly is at odds have all, who its saw. Beauty santilyanovskoy Plaza Mayor - in its the goals of, in is spirit since the, which she...... had informed until us, and which not in able debauch nor a line of parked here machines local officials, nor another modern restaurants:

Incidentally, Market Square - one of worlds oldest in modern urban structure Santilyany. Markets on it have become to be conducted even in really the early 13 century - immediately, as only city were granted by them the first fueros. Compared with its venerable age many buildings, surrounding its, look slightly whether not novodelnymi. Ah, big deal, to worsen Torre the language merino14 century, where was headquartered residence it is obtained- royal representative, duties and powers which roughly matched the sherifovskim (on photo - right).

Or even more "the Young" small coworking Borja (Torre quo don Borja) of the late 15 century, situated in really the center of the "founding" triangle Tiananmen. There is no, its name not has relations to of Aragon...... dynasty Borja, one of "branches of" which entered history as famous the Italian family Borgia plant, "podarivshee" Catholic Church Communion world immediately two the popes, about which I even d many write in fictional pro Valensianu and Costa the Request form. And labeled so to worsen already in 19 century in honor Don Borja-Barreda - last representative one of the most noble local childbirth Barreda.

Ah and perishing the building ayyuntamento18 century with massive porticoes on their backdrop of looks simply "young bloods" - this one of the most new buildings in Santilyane :crazy:.



Curiously, that to Santillana proved the most "sidrovym" from visited me towns Cantabria :whistle:. First, on number of sidreriy strictures per se, second, in the number of proposals type "1 cider (or beer) + 1 pinchos = 1.5 the euro" on the message, facing the entrance in cafes and bars, and third, in most local edalen cider can be choose (that not characteristically even in Asturias) in as a estimated in menu the language dia.

That, strictly speaking, I and made, in opting in the last time drink from it offerson Spanish IS (when and where even will have a chance such opportunity. On my eyebrows, me not have become help the glass, and brought whole a flagon, it its here is in such a foxy sit:

Device inherently than something resembling a siphon: Cider under some pressure were expiring from under Ukrsadvinprom, of the coat on bottle, in he was fitted up the glass under you click on himself the glass, enshrined on docked. Apparently, this imitirovalo man-made "the stoning" estimated (about fix I wrote previously), although and not gave such a strong effect penoobrazovaniya. However, special flavoring differences vspenivshegosya offers from the usual I have never, so that this a device me well, brought the. Ah and himself lunch was comprised of already an over-familiar me on San Vicente-de la-Barkere kosido Montanes, which with each time, liked me increasingly, and traditional it of Mediterranean countries melon with jamon, i.e. melon with khamonom - trudnosochetaemogo on first glance a combination of, which already after first poprobovaniya is beginning to of vital well edible and even obey :O. Truth, not Id say, that this the best hors-for offers, but on fifth day travel I already became tired when from restaurant food, and in especially - from zhareno-pechyono-stew% -).

Restaurants Santilyany quite picturesque and perfectly preconceived in unique medieval entourage:

At all to Santillana (unlike Lyanesa) applies to those cities (in my to the private view, of course), where tourist exactly, wandering along strang the few streets, not taints impression, and quite the contrary - creates some atmosphere holiday shows :flag:. Accurately so same was in French Mont-Sen-bandwagon under: We specifically stalled there on night, to watch evening automatic highlighting, and were very surprised, when people woged, and the streets, bright, happy and famous squares a day to, have become dull and mrachnovatymi. I not know, as in this sense looks to Santillana at night, but what purchasing waves tourists its to slap - absolutely accurately. Here is, to example, the classic kind of along one of the major streets in direction church-kolegiaty (she on really the background, , fondo, so say), which long virtually in any event guide, its from Santilyane:

So imperceptibly we come (in direct and metaphorically diminishing) to the main attractions Santilyany - Roman kolegiate, which certainly someday will join a YuNESKOvskiy list World commons humanity. On anyone case pozaumstvuyu and I shall remind (suddenly who not knows, that kolegiata - this Church, not yet with Episcopal their policy (like to the Cathedral of), but has already served empty - board (assembly) spiritual faces, applicants under my Bishop and his faculty the.

"the most beautiful spot place in Santilyane - its the first build, magnificent Romanesque , now parish Church; entry in him more precisely just call to the Norman. This majestic arch, which was would miracle in any other country, except Spain - too their here many. First Church built, to accept bones saint intercession of of Julian, which, on legend, was tortured in Bithynia in sixth century. Behind church are opening old kluatry from simple round arches, and each Caps and small caps picked up gothic carving, which thinner and more graceful, than on many more known gothic monuments Spain"(G. Morton).

(Nominee photo layout kolegiaty from local the diocesan Museum).



Built in 12 centuryin classic Romanesque-style, Church mostly survivor until our days in his for the form of, because some inevitable for this time reconstruction wore mostly character external outhouses. For example, atrium 18 century before the main (southern) facade, obramlyonnyy sculptures Lions, datiruemymi (of the statue, not lions, of course!) 16 century. Or money the Fronton 18 century with sculpture considered. Of Julian, popirayuschey demon, over the main we. Ah or same (that discern already quite difficult) - dated to gallery in the upper parts of Wall southern facade. But this, you should agree, already small beer, and lions give carried additional damage.

Over arches chief portal (under "novodelnym" some types) interest represents bas Christ-of the Pantokratorwith with the Book life in drawn, obramlyonnyy angels in means unusual horizontal position. Scientists and historians until now not came to single view, that symbolizes this fallacy of composition: A ghastly Court or the Rapture of Christ. But time create the Fronton more-less defined - 12 age. o.O

Changes interior, naturally, happened more. Chief the altar 17 century, now low, retablo 16 century work masters of from the Province of Burgos, Baroque sculpture considered. Of Julian, gothic Chapel of 15 century. And here is Crusades ceilings ceiling - almost "native", even 4000m2 as well as 13 century. And krestilnaya Font with stock image Daniel between lions of the (one of antiquated the plots) applies to the end of 12 century :unsure:.

In the center of the under mezhdukrestiem is tombthe most considered. Of Julian:



Particularly interesting part of kolegiaty is its domestic courtyard - kluatr. Much his part of created in 12-13 centuries and is the embodiment of classic "romaniki." And only Eastern wing, built significantly later, in 16 century, sharply stands out its massivnostyu and Gothic motives.

And here is non-standart Eastern wing:

Arc kluatra rely on dual or schetveryonnye pillar. Curiously, that recent separate from each other capitals(just their 43) with in bas-relief on different themes: "The biblical", "animal matter", "narrow-vegetable", "the geometrical" and camping on P.

Along galleries kluatra are located tombs, some of them shower, when Kamenyuki centuries.

On confidence (only NO-information-invasion a! :crazy:) Id say, that the entire kluatr was m3, and then again created in 20 century :huh:.



And this kind of from courtyard another Museum (games in Santilyane and to count it is difficult% -)):

Alongside kolegiatoy on Sand Tiananmen (plaza start Arenas) the an unusual the building, resembling fortress. This Palats Velarde...(palacio quo Velarde), built in 16 century for Alonso Velarde... - representative one of local aristocratic monarchies (descendants which were held palace until 20 century).

The building former of the Dominican monastery Regina Coeli("tsarina of Heaven") 17 century on outskirts of (if such the notion of at all applies to village scale Santilyany):

Under their entire "kamennosti" to Santillana leaves impression very be fleshed out and obukhozhennogo cities:

And in this talking on 3 tweaks, tweaks engraver account for even 4000m2 as well as 9 flower pots :disappointed::

In completing the confirming stories with about extraordinary town to Santillana-del the Mar, the most beautiful village Spain even several photo, not vpisavshiesya in thematic branches:




Santander initially not had self-values in courses route. As I already wrote, he nurturing tranzitnuyu function, stykuya lines Kantabriyskogo transport with broad network bus different companies, razezzhayuschikhsya hence across Spain. However, 't deliver perishing fate starved of me here, overlook opportunity modicum in general contact with city I not became. Question was only in how much time deflecting on this pleasure. Densely poizuchav Santander for different sources, I came to conclusion, that realistically here me seems interested (and the relatively) only Cathedral, and because he is not far from bus station, then 1.5 hours me well ?????. So, exactly, and with the only backyards, that in force my premature outcome from Santilyany Santanderu "had" excess half an hour of exercise, which, however, I successfully spent as a child on bus terminal with in anticipation his Airlines Flight until Bilbao.

Here is such a statuesque fallacy of composition fierce me on the train station:

Look in production quite nothing to acquire: This a new city 19 (on style) and 20 (on fact) centuries, several resembling Bilbao, of Gijon (except his historical parts of), Valladolid and many neighborhoods Madrid. Lovers Modernism and edges, of course, with me not will agree - and I very glad for them: Let-them God enjoying Santanderom in accordance with their biases.



As nothing to acquire? - voskliknut some, - and Palats Crastal glass manufacturing? O.o. Yes, Palace, built in the early 20 century in as a year-old residence royal family, is not devoid beauty and grace, and whether he not far from station, I would unkind red line of being able to him (modicum I and not zealot such forms of). But get before him several kilometers on the most cape vytyanutogo peninsula, on which resides Santander, desires not was: '(. And here deal even not in the weather - such a solution is ripe for even before trip on stage formation route.

Of course, in another weather can be was would were walk on La, but I I shall remind, that weather in that day utterly not fostered "26C" on open the air. And if in Santilyane my, warrior need to me and if and not was grifted clouds, then at least, not policymakers rain, then in production they clearly took the day off :crazy:. Perhaps, in opting, that and so just too damn tired (for that them even times huge thank you! :flag:), and, perhaps, feeling its mission concluded caused (and this was close to truth).

In that, in production fully is missing historical center, is to blame conflagration, launching in February 1941, which lasted 2 days and destroyed the entire the old city, much of building which were wooden. The scale of the destruction (enough say, that in a fire died 37 - there is no, not homes, and ULITs! O.o.) proved so great, that on recovery central parts of Santander took as much as 10 years.

As and Bilbao, Santander appears me city, very comfortable for residence :cool:. Big beach with beautiful La, many parks, trade the streets, the good transport infrastructure ("foreign" - accurately, and internal certainly it not trails) - virtually am confident, that local people not have been mistreated by nor Tsentralna, nor comfort. Yes, climate vlazhnovat, but frosts there is no (the most strong cold had here a half-century ago - as much as 5 degrees below zero), yes and a strong fever happens, think, rarely has. But travelers to, except, Podcherknu, "places genre", here clearly very boring.

Frankly, there was an another reason, on which me why something very like prove, let symbolically significant, let very not to stay, in production - capital province, which, as strange this nor seem those who about this not was conceived, enters in so-called Old current spell(: Castilla la Vieja) - my the most a favorite region Spain. Truth, the situation in word "the most" can change already through couple of weeks: After, as I more densely going to get to meet (hope, that increasingly develops a) with another very "my" in spirit Spanish area - Aragonom.

"Fifty miles sea the coast with Santanderom in the center of the represent, ironically, old current spell. This the only the exit Castilla y landlocked: Province vtiskivaetsya between baskskoy area Bizkaia on the east and ancient kingdom of Asturias in the west; but why she is called la montana , I not understand - she better position not more have a mountain landscape with, than other parts of Castilla y, further on south. Kastiltsy from la montana - owners green fields and of overweight cows; they live in homes, similar on chalets, with wooden balkonchikami; they play in pelotu, as baski - sometimes even about wall church. Here you will find many miraculous Romance chapels, sacred, about which you never heard; as in was would get around the this kantabriyskoy border Spain, was surprised by Pankratov small, but massive pelvic, which, like many Greek religious icons, look far older, than there is on fact. On the north Asian-vestgotskaya tradition construction lasted still in X 13 century. This the Beautiful and majestic area - and, as said one Spaniard, describing its, very European ; his remark triggered I have his smile, but this truth, because precisely here European Christianity intended with forces for long struggle with Islam." That OK, during his travel I might be certain in cause G. Morton's: Readers remember, as I repeatedly likened the local past three decades and homes with French, German, Swiss (from towns these especially most prominently Comillas, Cantabria). And even saw, as local Katerina indeed "stukali" ball about-made ecclesiastical Wall - and heaven over them not razverzalis, and not in sight was angry marauding of Gods of (nor one of the mouthpiece of the Triple but we), brings about an on their heads thunders, and and electric storm.

That concerns the most Santander, then me like 38044 (under the entire conventions this) to community, the communion, albeit indirectly, to important events and the turning deliberately medieval Spain - then Castilla y. Here had landed Karl V, arrived from and municipality, to accept the lady be over Spain from behalf of his mother Juana's classes are Crazy - one of daughters Katolicheskikh kings, but not turned "on piecework", deciding entire completeness power and proclaiming themselves king Castilla y and, aragon. And here same arrived the Raggedy after storm Fleet, caused in Spain the young Margarita cocktail Austrian, that on Bank met its the bridegroom Juan- asturiyskiy Prince, the only son Katolicheskikh kings Isabella's and Fernando, chief scion Spanish crown. This a marriage for could become one of the most lucky royal marriage in world history, and political future Spain - quite other. But. Just through six months Juan suddenly died from disease, and Margarita through few years returned in Netherlands, where some time was ruler Habsburg the Netherlands and everybody's mentor and virtually mother his nephew -" as whimsically tasuetsya deck "! :glasses: - moreover the most Karl V - future King Castilla y and, aragon.

Church couldSantander 's a weakling - as superficially, so and internally. Impression taints already his angled fill the silhouette, as if vytesannyy stone several strikes an axe :x.

Although the cathedral officially is considered intensified, his cannot be even to compare with real masterpieces this-style from the Province of Burgos and of Leon, Toledo and Segovia, as well as and many other. Incidentally, to be sure, that, despite numerous destruction (to already ? a fire needs add consequences fittest explosion in 1893 year on of Gascony a ship Cape Machichako , stoyavshem in port Santander and parts on board particularly sulfuric acid and 51 ton dynamite is being accumulated throughout), restorers mostly retained initial ethos Cathedral.

Internacional de Santander Cathedral consists of the upper parts of with pristroennym kluatrom and the lower. The most interesting, on my view, is the lower part of - a crypt, built in 13 century and-called Church Christ (users with the language Cristo):



Interiors the upper parts of predominantly New print (philately), because "originals" have suffered under a fire 1941. Moreover, Cathedral broadened already in 20 century, that, too, several changed his initial domestic ethos.

And here is courtyard - kluatr14 century - suffered less just. Except, perhaps, orange day-care services, which grew here once.


Trip finished. I sat in cathedral Santander and enjoyed domestic silence and appeasement :blush:. To rush was have nowhere: Increasingly, that should was occur, take place, and first time over the past 5 days I already nor from what not kept, and above all - from unpredictable northern weather, and because worry and worry was not about than. Chief "catch" any travel - the impression in psyche and take pictures in a camera really seated every on his place and created fine mood "aftereffect of" trip, which me brings sometimes even more pleasure (at least - significantly longer on time), than himself process. Ah and in this time they (and process, and posledeystvie) were on-good deserving each other :cool:.

Until departure my bus the sky even more less kept, but not typically recognized we Myslivny beyond Santander, began such. O.o. Razverzshiesya celestial the abyss been watered so, that on distance 40-50 meters from roads increasingly to lose in one dull-gray mists :rain:. It is difficult even to hand, as I was pleased, that such a weather accompanies me, not faced - unlike those who only that had flown here, and I genuinely had much sympathy for people with suitcases, podsazhivayuschimsya to us in "nizkobyudzhetnom" santanderskom airport, far team bus British on path. Of course, ahead their expected not only rains, but when you are arriving in vacation or start journey, and you immediately same on my arrival faced SUCH - it is difficult maintain calm and optimism :suspicious:.

Ah and further was already familiar Bilbao (truth, from-for rain not took place short on evening church city along rivers), the same unerringly "San Mames Stadium (", which I podbroniroval already in the process travel, rejecting thought save and conduct night in anticipation frank Airlines Flight in airport - as I already wrote, adjustment proved arkhiudachnoy, because I not knew, that local airport is closed on night, about fix I already wrote in really the early confirming stories with. I said goodbye to Mr. with Spain for moreover, to very soon - just through 11 days - again to return here, but already quite in the other region - on warm coast Valensiany. Narrative about this lounging sand trip, too, will, but later. And already tomorrow early on the morning we dodamies in new journey, and here is narrative about offense I and imbabers immediately after the return of - weeks through mucus. Until the emergency meeting, friends! :flag:



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fine mood "aftereffect of" trip

:yep: How well, that and us-a-nic!

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