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Valencia - city Arts and Sciences

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Here is and it is a timely our the latest fully-fledged day in Spain. And so as was us were from Valencia, then and day we this decided conduct in this wonderful city of. On handworkers we from bungalows, and because on general meeting even before trip, decided to devote his a new city. Or as his still call - city science and arts (city future)
Origins this spectacular cultural complex goes back to 60-'s, when ghastly flood rivers Thuria have been led dry by greater part of historic center cities. Soon after this catastrophe, government decided deflecting the river south of Valencia. Thanks to this, huge tracts of land in really the center of the cities were exempted. After deviations several projects, in mid-90-’ was approved capital Arts and Sciences. Else was affair technology. Times need to, so need to. Good and crisis still not began.

Atop the denuding can be see (right) Palats arts of Queen Sofia - (chalets quo press Arts) or Opera theater and to Moraira (in which now movie theater)
Still in ``The there is very strange the building entitled Agora, which is worth utterly empty.
Despite the, that the building enough high, in it there is no joists and respectively floors. Say, that his use for conducting sports ?????? and ad impression mod. But not think, that this very wiser use. Although perhaps itself building not allows his use smarter.
But the very the building to be sure nice.



Still in ``The there is Museum Sciences HSH Prince actions (Museo start Ciencias an inqu & # 237 ;n cipe Felipe)

That such museum science? For comrades from the Baltics can explain this is so. , too, most, that ANNA in Tartu, but in many times more and larger. We unfortunately there not went, for us simply physically lacked time.

Still in ``The there is Most L’Assut well L’Or. He already was visible on previous the photo. Structure bridge consists of two columns with 29 cables support flooring bridge. The most high point bridge -127 meters, that makes his one of the most high bridges in Europe.
I same simply'll post an even a few pictures from this a glorious seats.

Family photo

And here is and chief point, sake of what we here toured - Oceanogr & # 224 ;f different

The most big Oceanarium in Europe and one of largest in world. Part of water in aquarium comes from Mediterranean, allowing an ideal adaptation to environmental environment and improvements conditions life. Aquarium possesses an impressive collection seals, sharks, belug … G-part of days we conducted here, and because on museum Sciences us simply lacked time.

Foolishly, I bought tickets not only in okeanariy, but and in Khemisferik (movie theater). And although session was only in 6 the evening, time on okeanariy us facilitated flat against. Impressed by the and prices. Roughly 30 the euro for ticket on one, this I you I’d say iaaa?aai. But about everything this in continuing, which should.



Oli_Gerdt wrote:

strange the building entitled Agora

Nice! And we saw only process his construction, striking the construction broke a.



Oli_Gerdt wrote:

strange the building entitled Agora

Oli_Gerdt wrote:

Aquarium possesses an impressive collection seals, sharks, belug … G-part of days we conducted here

Have us such same the impression. Husband from our Aquarium, uh, pulled out already after dark. With one hand, thanks to this managed watch city science at night with illumination - Space spectacle, whose giant fish, where most- a tail million units. But! It turned out, that subway already not acts - have them what something underwent timetable on the evenings, the station is open, and trains not trek. Had to harvest taxi.

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Лена ГМ wrote:

A we saw only process his construction, striking the construction broke a.

But on functioning on my view close to yourself into those useless.



So, we dodamies in Oceanarium, or if be more precisely un cleanest Valencia (L 'Oceanogr & # 224 ;f different). Not plus will to mention that he is the largest similar complex of throughout Europe and for around 45 100,000 animals 500 various species, including fish, mammals, birds, reptiles, invertebrates, among which there are sharks, penguins, dolphins, maritime the Navy SEALs, morzhi, beluga (whale), and other — all they contain in nine aquatic aquariums the in the form of towers. Each to worsen consists of two levels and represents the main ecosystems planet.
Cleanest carved on ten zones. In nautical zones represented inhabitants of the Mediterranean, polar oceans Arctic, islands, tropical seas, seas moderate change and Red Cross sea. Aside from them in park there is delfinarium, audience with aquarium Red Cross sea, zone of mangrove after and of protective swamp, and garden with more than 80 species various plants.
Naval water is served from Playa quo la Malvarrosa, passing all necessary demands to quality of. Generally a host Water the world.
Especially afflict the imagination several aquatic tunnels. In one of them we even are trapped on second in the very moment, when in it almost not was people :-)

Around sounded very many Russian speech and heap people unfortunately neglected requests not use outbreaks.

In some places were special Lazy, far cut can only children :-)



Except survivors fish, there is installation telling about ancient animal world.

But watch more interesting just all ??? for alive.

Wow! Look at that, Murena!

And here is in this Blonski, ran netting. Can be see for bluebirds.



And this another place. Already without any sign nets. Type quagmire. :-) ))

But we it is time already in the other tunnel

Here inhabitants of quite large, and loath all time're, uh, walking with open a mouth.

Try his not open, if over you is sailing such here is.

Softie such a



Kitchy, kitchy, kitchy. Popoziruyte me please.

Not want not taken. The whether deal Alexey.

And here is fish quite not are at not taken.

Just take a break a bit and dodamies further.

In this spied a (with a good kondishenom) times in hour show 10-15 minute the film about history our Aquarium, everything else time can be simply sit and see for ponds. After all instead on a screen everything else time. Yes, yeah- Um, aquarium. :-)

There is and Arctic zone with the penguins, but in water those skitter so, that photograph their at all virtually impossible

We same dodamies to Delfinariyu. Directly have entry - pets market



Destabilized is happening several times in day. We are trapped on one thing of them. And can to compare only with Klaypedskim Dolphinarium. Ironically, but common Assembly we decided, that in Klaipeda misconception steep.
Itself the atmosphere, environment in Valencia of course steep. But promotion, which lasted about 20 minutes, a bit has left Zimbabweans both weary.

During promotion, live DJ unionized about 10 man, which gave then feed the dolphins and get a picture with them.

And then began the very misconception, which modicum and was a vivid, it looked me much in short than promotion :-)

Ah and we sfotkavshis in the end, dodamies in oiiiyiooue previously to Moraira, for soon was beginning our session.

In movies, us have written the everyone on boekomplektu in the form of points-jack

Itself construction provides read more, going to over language (dialect Catalonia () on Spanish, Catalan and English languages.

On a screen as such by there is no, and the film you are looking on sphere cupolas illustrated buildings. Say, that we were in delighted - cannot be. Themselves filmy- cartoons were very even nothing (short) but sphere all-??? not white screen was set up, and swathe of on Blonski were are visible and in movie.

Ah but on next day. Path home, Rineyr, taking in Germany.

Thank you all who read and shown interest to my Kipling :-)


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